Cathia Chapter 1-3: Supreme treasure sword

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T.N: I love Falcom.


Cathia Chapter 1-3: Supreme treasure sword

I decided to start preparing for the trip even I was still upset by the confusing situation.

I look around my simple private room with a bed, a small chest of drawers, and several books.

Since I have lived a life centered on swordsmanship, there are few things and it’s a dreary place.

The books are also magical instruction books.

Because my room is in this condition, I don’t have anything to bring out.

「I wonder if I only need to bring some clothes…」(Cathia)

I muttered alone to adjust my feelings.

To some extent, my departure will be prepared in the village.

The Village at the foot of the mountain… Kaisa village
Instead of undertaking the extermination of monsters, I would be given food, etc. for traveling.

There are many kind people, so I can somewhat be at ease when I leave.

A set of leather equipment and broad sword that I always use to exterminate monsters,
Then I put the Main Gauche on my waist and return to Jii-sama.

「Jii-sama, I’m ready」(Cathia)

I returned to the living room and called out.
Jii-sama also came out of his room almost instantly.
He has the unfamiliar sword in his hand.

「Oh, Here you are Cathy.
I will give you this one before you leave」(Tim)

While saying, he gives me a sword with an unusual decoration at first glance.

「What is this? A sword which was built like a “Tachi”」(Cathia)

(T.N: “Tachi” is Sen Kiseki Rean’s main weapon. Thank Aidios-sama that Keseki series content became a thing that I can use the word “Tachi”, I wouldn’t know how to translate it otherwise)

英雄伝説 軌跡シリーズ」愛すべきキャラランキングTOP10【神ゲー】 – Bright Sevengames

While receiving it, he said with a slightly exaggerated reaction.

「This is a sword given by the predecessor King Spike when I received the title.
The inscription might have been lost but there’s no doubt that it’s a kind of treasure sword because it was in the royal treasure vault.」(Tim)

It wasn’t exaggerated at all.

No matter how you look at it.

It’s a royal sword!

…But, passing it at this timing–

「Maybe it’s a substitute for my status Proof?」(Cathia)

Maybe he doesn’t me to go to the royal castle and look like a country bumpkin?

「No, it’s not.
The sword has the crest of the royal family on it. And since I still exchange letters with Spike in the first place, I also tell him Cathy’s appearance.
Besides, if you meet and talk with him, he will know immediately if you’re the person.」(Tim)

So that means–

「It’s a practical product. it’s second to none」(Tim)

My Jii-sama urges me to pull it out, so
I slowly pull out of the sheath.

――A shining black sword blade.

The blade length is about 80 cm, which is longer than the broad sword I have been using and a little shorter than the bastard sword.

It has the texture of metal that I have seen for the first time.

「According to the castle scholars, it seems that there is a high possibility that it is Orichalcum.
But because it’s a lost metal, there is no way to confirm it.」(Tim)

Isn’t it the king of fantasy metal?

I was so surprised and tired…

Well, let’s take a look a second time…

「Thank you, Jii-sama.
I will try not to be called a practitioner that doesn’t fit my weapon and mentor」(Cathia)

Rather than making yourself suit the sword.
You should keep using the sword how you see fit」(Tim)

I have a lot to say to the grandfather’s boldness of handing such a treasure sword, but I received it with gratitude.

「Even so, Jii-sama has never used this sword. Why?」(Cathia)

I asked because it contradicts the previous statement.

「Well, if I swing such a prominent sword and someone sees me, my identity will be busted in one shot.
It was during the ceremony that this sword was given.
I want to stay away from the annoying idiot aristocrats, I want to retire.」(Tim)


It seems that Jii-sama as a close aide of the king was hated by aristocrats other than the members of the Knights of the Guard, despite the fact that he “was” a commoner.

He was talking about it before.
It seemed to be terrible, especially since he was allowed to have a family name.

In this country, aristocrats are basically the only people who have a family name.

Maybe the same thing will happen if I go to the front stage?
I thought so, but it is highly possible that it was included in the content that he said that he would talk while descending the mountain, so I will keep silent for now.


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