Taru Novel Chapter 62: Lolita and sister ★

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T.N: Yes, Taru is still the best. Even Taru is the hardest to translate.


Taru Novel Chapter 62: Lolita and sister ★

「Taru, do you know them?」(Shin)

I nod to my sister’s question that I am affirmative.
Then she turns to them …

「Um…they are… like friends… at Clan-Clan」(Taru)

「I see」(Shin)

Apart from me, who was surprised with the sudden encounter, Shizuku-chan and Yurachi were excited.

「Behind Taru-chan is…」(Shizuku)

An amazing beauty!
I wonder if she is her guardian!」(Yurachi)

「But isn’t she kind of too young for a guardian?」(Shizuku)

「Her Onee-san, perhaps?
But Taru-chan is a foreigner …」(Yurachi)

But somehow I wonder?
I think I’ve seen her somewhere」(Shizuku)

「That’s right!
She looks somewhat familiar like we have met somewhere!」(Yurachi)


If I don’t say anything, we will continue to be swept away at their pace
After the experience of “human waste” confessing, I’m not sweet/naive anymore.

Quickly recover from a momentary surprise and keep track of the points we want to talk about quickly.

「Shizu-chan, Yurachi.
Nice to meet you (Hajimemashite/first time meeting/how do you do) in reality」(Taru)

「That’s right! Nice to meet you (Hajimemashite)」(Shizuku)

「Once again, Nice to meet you (Aratamete, Hajimemashite)」(Yurachi)

「You said “meeting offline”, but are Yuu and Kou together?」(Taru)

I must know about this, absolutely.
If they are together, we have to leave immediately …

「Ah, we don’t go out with them!
I’ve been with Shizu many times!」(Yurachi)

「I haven’t been able to “take the plunge (keep calm)” yet …」(Shizuku)

Shizu-chan was somewhat reluctant and Yurachi denies it.

「I mean, do we really need to be with them?
Oh, in the case of Shizu, only with him」(Yurachi)

「Geez, Stop it!」(Shizuku)

I don’t know what it is, but the two of us are excited about it.
In that gap, I look at my big sister.

「…So did you tell them?」(Shin)

My big sister is quick…
I look like this exotic silver-haired girl now but the fact that I “was” a high school boy,
She asked if I have told the two in front of her.

「Not yet, Aneki is the only one」(Taru)

「I see… so your first time/partner is me?」(Shin)

My big sister after confirming that, carelessly strokes my hair and stares at Shizuku-chan and Yurachi-chan by her side.

Actually, this is also a habit when my big sister is in a good mood, but I don’t understand why she felt better with the current exchange.

「The ladies over there (Ojo-san-tachi), my name is Mayo*」(Shin)

(T.N: can read both as Shinsei/ true world or Mayo)

With a smile on her face, my big sister spoke to them.

「Taru is my relative.
You two seem to be Taru’s friends.
Thank you for always playing with this child」(Shin)

「No, no.
Likewise, I always get help from Taru-chan」(Yurachi)

At first, you treated Taru-chan like a nuisance.」(Shizuku)

「He… hey Shizu!
Don’t say that now!」(Yurachi)

「Fufu… It’s the return of the last time.」(Shizuku)

When I saw the two girls playing with each other, I thought that they must have been really good friends.



There is a flow.

For example, the water flowing through a river.
The small fish that live in the river doesn’t go against the flow of water,
On the contrary, it makes use of the flow to swim and live.

It’s easy to see that it’s a normal and efficient way to consume energy in our lives.

So allow me to say it for my current situation.

It’s a natural consequence that I had no choice but to sit face-to-face with Shizu-chan and Yurachi with me, my big sister, and have a chat while eating ice cream.

「As expected, Taru-chan is an elementary school student!」(Shizuku?)


「Ah, I wonder if that’s strange」(Taru)

I’m a high school student.

Elementary, junior high, and high schools are called the same as students. And there should be no big difference within a large framework.
I wonder what is strange!

「Are you about the third grade?」(Shizuku?)


「It’s a little higher」(Taru)

I’m a first-year high school student.

「I see, I see」(Yurachi?)

「Taru-chan must be in the 4th grade of elementary school, right?」(Shizuku)

「Before this, Kou and Yuu treated her like classmates, doesn’t Shizu thought what they said was a little weird?」(Yurachi)

Yurachi ate ice cream with peach and banana mixed flavor, then she throws/drops a shocking question.

「I mean, Taru-chan is right in front of me, so I don’t need to check it.」(Shizuku)

「Yuu said, “Taru is my old best friend”(Yurachi)

In this way, I gave a bland answer to the two who laughed and giggled.
And gradually, the center of the conversation between them shifted from me to my big sister.

「Then, Mayo-san, are you like… Taru-chan’s onee-san?」(Shizuku)

「There’s no mistake」(Shin)

「Then, as expected, did you come to shop together today?」(Yurachi)

「That’s right」(Shin)

While responding coolly to the two questions, my big sister put ice cream into her mouth.

As for me, I’m tasting the acclaimed strawberry cheesecake.

「Did you come to buy Taru-chan’s clothes?」(Shizuku)

「We have that purpose in mind as well」(Shin)

By all means… if it’s not a bother, please let me choose Taru-chan’s clothes together」(Shizuku)

「I want to go with you as well!」(Yurachi)


I was surprised that Yurachi got on Shizu-chan’s suggestion with all her might.
Some of the ice creams had been spilled over my mouth.

My big sister quickly wipes it off with a hand towel and wipes my mouth with the handkerchief she brought with her.

It’s over… overprotection! (T.N: 😛 Not 9000)
I couldn’t complain in front of these two people so I could only say to her “thank you”.

My big sister looked at me in a strange and interesting way and turned to Shizu-chan.

「Of course, I’m happy/glad」(Shin)

With the consent of my big sister, the two shook hands with each other to express their joy with their whole body and made a lot of noise.

I want you to give me a break (spare me) already…



「Taru-chan, I think it suits you no matter what clothes you wear!」(Shizuku)

「That’s right.
I was thinking of buying something simple and cute today」(Shin)

「I see (Naruhodo~desu)ー」(Yurachi)

By the time I finished eating the second-tier ice cream and orange sour flavor, the girls’ interest was focused on what I was wearing.
I was wondering why girls could keep talking all the time… but for now, I was impressed and enjoyed the ice cream at my own pace with a feeling of innocence.

「But Onee-san」(Shizuku)

「What’s it?」(Shin)

At last, when I started to stretch the spoon to the taste of “Uji matcha milk”.

A ridiculous word spoke out by Yurachi and Shizu-chan.

「As expected, this is Taru-chan’s special quality!」(Yurachi)

「I think lolita clothes are good」(Shizuku)

I Involuntarily listen to their remarks.

「Lolita clothes!?」(Taru)

When I heard my cry, Yurachi frowned a little for some reason.
Then, Shizu puts her index finger on her lips in a hurry and poses for “shhh”.

(T.N: “Shhh” for be quiet)

Oops, was I a nuisance to the customers around me …
But this time around, I don’t think I’m the only one.

For my first year of high school, becoming a pervert and wearing Lolita clothes should be rare/disgusting.

Normal is the best. Let’s go normally.

「Taru-chan… a little bit is still fine, right?」(Yurachi)

「Is it okay to educate Taru-chan a little?」(Shizuku)

Yurachi’s face flickered, she appealed to me for her earnest wishes and Shizu-chan was getting some permission from my big sister.

The spirit that came from the two of them had an indescribable weight, so I couldn’t do anything.

I glanced at my big sister and asked for help, but she smiled a little and nodded to Shizu-chan.

「Then Taru-chan. Listen carefully to what we say!」(Shizuku)

「That’s right… a demon will come to the child who doesn’t listen-」(Yurachi)

Weren’t the demons someone like these two approaching me right now?



Loli or Lolita.

It seems that it must be so.

When pronounced or written as Lolita, there seems to be an image that the meaning of sexual preference is excessively included.

「I don’t want you to go with that Stupid Aniki’s hobby!」(Yurachi)

According to Yurachi.

Is Glen a lolicon?

「Lolita is fashion.
The distinction is important.」(Shizuku)

So Shizu-chan says.

There are very few high school boys who can understand the difference between Loli and Lolita, and I think it doesn’t matter which one.
There is no way I can make such a rude real statement in front of the two who speak seriously.
I just nodded many times.

「I say it can be even more dangerous for Taru-chan.」(Yurachi)

「Because Taru-chan is cute, the boys will look at her with strange eyes」(Shizuku)

They looked at my whole body, a few moments later I cut off that sticky glaze.

「Besides, there are many types of Lolita!」(Yurachi)

「Mainly those:
Claloli (Classic lolita), Gothic Lolita, Sweet Lolita, Japanese Lolita, right?」(Shizuku)

「There are also black loli and white loli」(Yurachi)

「Hana (flower) Loli is also nice, isn’t it?」(Shizuku)

Loli Loli …….

「Because Taru-chan has all Lori attributes!
I envy you!」(Shizuku)

What are all loli attributes …
I’m not so happy even if I know the attribute certification that conveys the invincibility of Loli.

「Absolutely, you look good no matter how many you wear.
I wonder if I’m going to make Taru-chan’s Lolita clothes next time.」(Shizuku)

「Right right, Shizu can sew Lolita clothes herself!」(Yurachi)

「I still can’t make it as well as I envisioned.」(Shizuku)

「Lolita clothes are very expensive……」(Yurachi)

「It’s the last thing to buy, same rank with New Year’s gifts!」(Shizuku)

「That’s why I’m knitting small items and lace parts while having Shizu teach me.」(Yurachi)

「Taru-chan, how about doing together?」(Shizuku)

「Eh! That’s nice!
How about it, Taru-chan?」(Yurachi)

… I want to decline it.
Or rather, do these two wear Loli and Lolita clothes?

I’m very intrigued by their appearance but when it comes to wearing it myself, the story changes.

「Hmm, is it sewing based on Taru?
And Lolita… that may be nice」(Shin)

My sister puts her hand on her chin and slightly grins.


Why was my big sister in the mood as well?

「Onee-san, you understand!」(Shizuku)

「As expected of Taru-chan’s Onee-sama」(Yurachi)

Eh, wait, you are joking, right?



To be honest, anything was fine as long as the clothes I wore weren’t unnatural.

Yes, if it was normal, it didn’t matter.

「But Lolita isn’t sold in ordinary malls, isn’t it?」(Yurachi)

「Hmm… I wonder if we should go to “Yokohama’s Bibure”.」(Shizuku)

I guess Shizu was a citizen from Kanagawa prefecture, and Yurachi muttered a little evil likely expression of punishment.
Shizu-chan aside, but today Yurachi join in here as well?

She was having a mysterious conversation without a care.

「If it’s somewhere around here… hm… it’s a little far but Harajuku or Shinjuku?」(Yurachi)

Yurachi blushed after Shizu-chan’s words, then she seemed to be feeling better and put her hands together to declare the name of the big city.

「… The mall here, “Aku*zfam” was in there, right?」(Shin)

(T.N: it was censored, I don’t know)

My big sister kept the momentum that these two tended to lead.
When my big sister mentioned a brand name somewhere, the two began to convince themselves.

「”Aku*zfam”, isn’t it?
Certainly, their Lolita clothing is the best」(Shizuku)

「So, there is a named design close by!」(Yurachi)

Yes, normal was the best.

However. Nevertheless.

For some reason, Yurachi, Shizuku-chan, and my big sister hit it off and took me to the fitting hell like a dress-up doll.



「As expected, Taru-chan looks good on anything!
Ah, how regrettable!
But she is cute, geez!
Yes, next time!」(Shizuku)

With a sigh of breath, Yurachi handed Shizuku-chan a genuine Harajuku-style outfit based on black and red.

It’s a Gothic Lolita outfit, so to speak.

「Hi~i! Gothic Lolita!?」(Taru)

「No that’s wrong, Taru-chan」(Yurachi)

Yurachi shakes her finger.

「Goth Lolita… Gothic Lolita certainly has a lot of black lines!」(Shizuku)

「There is also a cool atmosphere with a slightly spiky design.」(Yurachi)

「Bewitching and dark feeling!
And ephemeral!」(Shizuku)

「It creates a mysterious atmosphere.」(Yurachi)


「If anything, this is a Claloli」(Yurachi)

「Classical Lolita…
It’s a slightly sweetened version of the first-class fashion style designed for an innocent and intelligent lady.
The frills and lace are modest, and it’s a wonderful outfit that you can enjoy the graceful and sophisticated feeling of a young lady.」(Shizuku)

Uwa, Shizu-chan’s tongue twister was a little scary.

Or rather, these two.

Loli… they really like Lolita clothes…

「But Taru-chan, who has a small devilish aura, looks good in that too!」(Yurachi)

「I want to dress up sweet loli with plenty of girl ingredients.」(Shizuku)

I’m sure Taru-chan’s bright silver hair looks great in the dark color system.」(Yurachi)

Yurachi gives out a set in the front with a face full of joy.

I was grabbed from behind, it was my good-humored big sister who I rarely see in recent years
“Yeah, this kind of style may be good. You will wear this next.”
She decided on her own and closed the curtains in the dressing room.

「Taru, take it off quickly.
The clothes are hard to get off but this one is also good」(Shin)

My big sister seriously examines the clothes of Yurachi Choice with a resolute attitude that it’s natural to be in the fitting room together.

「Aneki… As I said earlier, I can wear it alone. So, get out」(Taru)

In response to her brother’s legitimate plea, my big sister sighs lightly.

「You may still not be accustomed to that body.
These clothes are… the details of the clothes we wear are delicate.
If you put it on incorrectly or take it off roughly, it will be damaged.」(Shin)

With that said, my big sister started to help me take off my clothes, her hands seem familiar with these kinds of work. (Magazine Model)

Well, it’s true that there are some clothes that are hard to put on, such as those with buttons on the back and those that tie the waist with a string.

I wanted her to realize that I was at the peak of shame right now, such as exposing my underwear in front of my big sister.

「Fu…. fu……」(Taru)

I’m skeptical when I see my sister staring at my T-shirt and trunks with a loose smile.

This reaction… why did you look so happy?



「Hee~e, this is… the church that Taru-chan goes to.」(Yurachi)

「Even if I say “I go to”, it’s been since last week」(Taru)

Today is Thursday. When I told my sister that I was going to the church where Michelle was, we decided to go together.

Claloli… in a classical Lolita outfit.

In the end, the clothes had a refreshing design, with a blue jumper skirt and a white blouse as the main theme.

To be honest, I wasn’t shy about walking around suddenly in a skirt.

However, there is no way I can handle the things that the three people have chosen seriously and hard.
Furthermore, there is also the fact that I could not refuse the unanimous wish to wear it immediately.

However, it is still difficult to walk.

Even so, it seems that original Lolita clothes are supposed to wear panniers and drawers underneath to hold the skirt softly (like a medieval ball dress), so the current state is probably better.

As I hold those thoughts, I don’t feel like I was educated by the two of them in a good way.

「Taru-chan, are you a (church) sister?」(Shizuku)

「I’m not a sister.
I just listen to people’s confession with a real Nun standing near by」(Taru)

While Yurachi and Shizuku were asking me questions, my big sister was observing the appearance of the church with a mysterious look.

「This structure … Isn’t everyone familiar with it somewhere?」(Shin)

She asked us that question, putting her finger on her chin and making a thinking gesture.

「Hmm, I’m not very familiar with religion」(Yurachi)

「I think it’s a common church design that you often see」(Shizuku)

Yurachi and Shizu give opposite replies to each other.

My big sister frowned at them to the extent that she only noticed her younger brother.

「It seems that people believe in the “rainbow-colored goddess” here.」(Shin)

「Is that so?
I didn’t know such a religion」(Yurachi)

「I knew it.
Certainly, it is also adopted in Clan-Clan, isn’t it?
It’s amazing that even existing religious groups are used as motifs.」(Shin)

「Hmm. Is that okay? Isn’t it a big religion?」(Yurachi)

My big sister answers Yurachi’s question with a slightly stronger tone.

「If I remember correctly, there was no such denomination in a large religious group.」(Shin)

「Eh, is that so?
I thought it was a really famous religion」(Shizuku)

Shizu-chan’s words give a slight shadow to my big sister’s expression.

My sister’s mysterious attitude was a little worrisome, but we immediately greeted Sister Rean.

「…… Oh, Young Lady (Ojou-chan). It’s been a week」(Rean)

Sister Rean welcomed us with the same cheerful smile as before, with her motherhood fully open.

「This is also the rainbow-colored goddess’s calling.
Please let me pray for gratitude for meeting you.」(Rean)

In the example, Sister Rean with her right hand drew a circle in front of his chest, closed her eyes, and prayed.

I was supposed to go to the confession room, so for the time being, I will follow suit and pray to the goddess and others.

After praying, I glanced at my big sister next to me and she had a delicate face.

「Then, young lady.
Will you listen to the stories of the lost lamb in the confession room today?」(Rean)


Because when I told everyone that I did something like Sister’s imitation, Yurachi and Shizu-chan said that I would like us to do it, so we came here.

That’s right.

I had everyone wait, changed into a monastic outfit according to Sister’s instructions, and immediately waited for everyone in the confession room.

I wonder what kind of confession they will tell me.

Even though the structures make us cannot see each other’s faces, we are still tense.

However, this tension changed to something else compared to when I changed my clothes.
The sacred and quiet atmosphere of the church reminds me of my first visit here.

At that time, I was very worried about my Human waste confession, becoming a girl, and it was an unstable step with no tomorrow.
The words Sister Rean gave me back then have saved me.

Also, there was a strange boy who came here and confided his troubles.
I wondered if he would come today.


The experience of a week ago prepares me to be in a position to listen to everyone in the name of the goddess.

By the time I settled down on the chair in the confession room, I was completely white in my heart.



「Oh lost lamb.
I will hear your confession here in the name of the rainbow-colored goddess」(Taru)

「Uhm, I have a stupid big brother ……」(Yurachi)

Apparently, Yurachi is always in a fight with her big brother, Glen, and sometimes she hits him too hard.

She seemed to care about it all over the place.

Listening to Yurachi, I remember having a fight with my big sister once in a while.
Think about how I made up, I feel that one of them should apologize clearly.
It’s a mystery that when one side obediently apologized, the other side also wanted to compromise.

「I think it’s best to express your feelings for your brother in a straightforward manner.」(Taru)

「But … I don’t want to do that.」(Yurachi)

「Then why not apologize only when you overdo it?」(Taru)

「In that case, it might be done …」(Yurachi)

Did she have a hard time?

But, Yurachi. You had apologized to me after making a fool of my alchemy.

「You are a pure-hearted person who can apologize for what you despise.
I was very pleased with your actions.
Why don’t you try it when you feel like to apologize to your brother, as you did for me?」(Taru)

「Ta… Taru-chan, thank you」(Yurachi)

“I’ll do my best!”
Yurachi enthusiastically went out of the confession room, thanking me.



「Uhm … I have a favorite person …」(Shizuku)

Apparently, Shizuku-chan seems to have a favorite person, and he seems to have a crush on him.
The other party is a carefree person, a wonderful person whose hobby is helping people.
While he is always kind to Shizuku-chan, she seems to feel that he is treating her like one of many people.

Somehow, the person in Shizuku-chan’s thought has something in common with Yuuki.
It’s better to rely firmly on such a person than to refrain from it.
And if he’s in trouble, all she has to do is using her body to help him back.

(T.N: Taru, there is something wrong with that thought. 身 = body)

「Offer that body」(Taru)


「Dedicate your body and mind to that person.」(Taru)

「Uhm… what…」(Shizuku)

「Trust and entrust yourself to him.
And instead of immersing yourself in his asylum, you should form your asylum together.」(Taru)

「uhm, in other words…
Lower and spoil him?
And make a world of two people?」(Shizuku)

“It looks like it fits, it doesn’t seem to fit…”

Somehow, Shizu-chan muttered awkwardly but she said that she was convinced of something “It’s definitely true because Taru-chan, who has a long relationship with him, says so” and thanked me one-sidedly.

Shizu-chan left the confession room.



「Recently, I sometimes lose confidence in what I see and remember.」(Shin)

Apparently, my big sister is worried that the buildings at the university have changed before she knew it.
Her confusion cannot be hidden, from the talk about her friends Tom and Jerry and the things she remembered, and she seems unconvinced.

「You have a family」(Taru)

Well, even I have things to keep secret from my family.

However, my big sister accepted me like this, and she is working on various things today so that I can get used to being a little girl.

So if my big sister is worried and suffering.
Imply her to tell those things to this younger brother, who is her family member, I will help.

「Do you mean what you say?」(Shin)

The voice of my big sister with a bitter smile echoes.

「I just learned it from my important family member the other day」(Taru)

My big sister kept silent for a while after hearing my words.

「What a thing to say, Esteemed younger brother (Otouto-dono)」(Shin)

A radiant voice echoed in the confession room.

After listening to everyone’s story, I went to the chapel.
My big sister and Shizu, were waiting there.

「Eh? What about Yurachi?」(Taru)

「Yurachi has returned earlier!」(Shizuku)

Shizu-chan answers my question with an ambiguous expression.

Eh? Why?

Did she really not like my response to her confession?!

「Somehow, Yurachi’s onii-san was visiting the church here.
Yurachi discovered and had an amazing threatening attitude.
Anyway, it seems like she dragged him to get back home together.」(Shizuku)

Did Glen come here?

「He~e, is that so?
I see, Glen-kun also comes to the church here」(Taru)

When I say something I thought, Shizu-chan had a bitter smile.

I don’t know why he was here but Glen-kun seemed to be pulled back by Yurachi.

「In this situation, it seems that Yurachi’s concern was hit.」(Shizuku)

I’m not sure about it, but anyway, our shopping is over.

Now that I think about it, this was the first day of my life to spend a holiday with girls.
I went shopping with two girls of the same age and went to church, and although I was accompanied by my big sister, it seems that it was a great achievement for me, who has no history = age (T.N: the equal symbol is in the raw 歴=年).

And at a later date.

A friend chat came from Yurachi to me who was in Clan-Clan.

『Is Taru-chan a “Friend” of my stupid brother (Baka-aniki)?』(Yurachi)

『Hmm? Glen-kun, huh? I’m not a “Friend”』(Taru)

『I knew it…
That stupid brother thought he was a friend of Taru-chan …
I’m sorry for my stalker idiot brother…
I’ll definitely do something about it!』(Yurachi)

It was a strangely enthusiastic friend chat that came. Then again, another talk (別の話)


Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.
Regarding Lolita, I referred to the words of my friends.

Did I inadvertently spill my rant many times at that time?
I was jealous of my friends who are always careful about their clothes, so I thought I would take an apprenticeship.

挿絵(By みてみん)

“Poyocha” gave me an illustration of Taru’s classical Lolita-like clothes.

It’s marvelous. Thank you very much.


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