Taru Novel Chapter 75.5: Lily’s chasing

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Taru Novel Chapter 75.5: Lily’s chasing

Author’s Note:

This time is Lily’s point of view.

It’s short.

Translator’s Note:

Yes, yes. Let the hate/curiosity flow through you. Lily.

And join the Loli harem.


I can’t believe it (Shinji raremasen~wa)…

Who on Earth is that girl ~desu~no?

(T.N: Lily has a unique talking way of a Tsundere Loli Ojou-sama)

I (Watakuchi), Liliana von Licolis, muttered in my heart from surprises that I lost count of how many times today.

I happened to see her with her friends and I happened to be free, so with my “secret” skill and “stealth/concealment magic” skill, I follow the so-called Angel girl and her gang…

It was an eye-opening, insane “on-parade” (EN).

I’m so curious… *Ahem*.
When I saw the said Angel girl talking to the void, I was convinced that she was an air-head funny girl.

But then, that is.. what on Earth is that…

When I had such thoughts about her, she got glowed violently…

Suddenly mourning at the end of the world, the cursed voice with a grudge was buzzing from the grave.
The “Shallow Dreaming Graveyard” is moving. And following that, they have arrived at the innermost part.
As if everything was creating a way for her to move forward.

The appearance of the beautiful angel-like girl triumphantly walking through an eerie graveyard full of skeletons
That seemed terribly mysterious… she even moves the dungeon like her own limbs.

More than that, more than anything (~desu~wa~yo).

The monsters she encountered on the road she created did not seem to attack at all…

Even the boss-class monster “Giant Els Knight” in “Shallow Dreaming Graveyard” didn’t make a move in front of them.

Is her alchemy skills so great?
No, but I’ve heard that the alchemy skills are ridiculously useless industrial waste.
I’m sure some of those party members must be so good and carry the party.

Or, I wanted to think so…

Immediately after she gave off a dazzling light, the huge stone monument in the back broke.

And what appeared was the entrance to the basement that I had never heard of.

I haven’t heard that there was such a hidden dungeon in “Shallow Dreaming Graveyard”.

How far can she do more than I expected?

From beginning to end in that plain battle, that angel girl went ahead of me and even helped me out.
Instead of looking at me with a sneaky look like many male mercenary players.
Instead of looking at me with jealousy and disgust like some female mercenary players.

At the end, she even gave me a terrible gentlemanly response, which is really nice…

What is wrong with me?

That girl, what kind of feeling did I have for her?

This won’t do (Ikemasen ~wa).

I also pay close attention to her in order to find out if she behaves innocently to deceive everyone around her.
But because we are the same sex isn’t it strange that she cares for me as well?

Anyway, to peel off the mask of that cute little angel.

Let’s literally follow her from behind.

I grab the “Alice’s Black Bow” on my back and hold the arrow.

Then, I go down to the suspicious stairs leading to the basement where they went ahead.


Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.


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  1. So you comeback for a little over 3 weeks claim back Taru, translated a few chapters then disappear over a month again… shocker shocker.

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  2. I made a thread on the Novel Updates forum asking for someone to pick this up so lets all hope someone does and can give up the love it deserves instead of the bullshit it has gotten here

    Liked by 2 people

    • The translator got engaged(iirc) so he’ll be busy. He already announced that he might be gone for a while. No need to be that angry.

      Liked by 1 person

      • If he didn’t have time to keep translating this he should have let the other person keep TLing it instead of taking this back only to abandon it once again.

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