Taru Novel Chapter 76: Hidden City Jorn (1)

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T.N: Yes, Taru is still the best. Even Taru is the hardest to translate.


Taru Novel Chapter 76: Hidden City Jorn (1)

「It’s dark…」(Yuuki)

The darkness opened its mouth, the stairs that stretched down like a tongue as if waiting to swallow us.

「If we have a bad field of view like this …
We might be late in response 」(Kouya)

In response to Yuuki’s leading impression, Kouya gives a straightforward combat opinion.

「But it’s not like we can’t deal with it」(Yuuki)

Looking back, a tiny amount of light is leaking from the entrance of the underground stairs, illuminated the stars on the ground.

The fact that we can see the exit means that we didn’t go down the stairs that deep.

Still, Yuuki might want everyone to pay attention when saying “dark”.

「Eh? But I wonder if it’s just me…
Or the destination is really getting brighter?」(Yurachi)

Yurachi put one hand on her forehead as if looking forward and said what she saw.

Maybe she is about to enter the battle position as she brings out the crimson two-handed sword.

「Be careful, there might be an ambush.」(Yuuki)

The width of the stairs isn’t narrow, but the ceiling isn’t high either.
We are now in two rows on this small tunnel-like staircase, and we suddenly went out into a large area. And we were worried that the monsters would be waiting there to attack us, so we readied ourselves.

As for our formation to go down the stairs:
Yuuki, who has the strongest defense, is placed in the front row,
followed by Kouya, who has the highest mobility,
and Yurachi, who has the highest attack power.
And Anon-san, who can respond flexibly by utilizing the reach of her Naginata,
and Yuji (RF4-you), I’m not sure what he can do.
The rearguard consists of Mina, who is good at long-range magic attacks,
and me, who can provide overall support with items.

「I’m ready for any situation*」(RF4-you)

Yuji, RF4-you dyed his whole body black with his “camouflage” skill and blended in with the surrounding colors, holds a dagger, and walks beside Anon-san like a ninja.

「We will be there soon, Tenshi-sama ……」(Mina)

As we approached the end of the stairs, it became slightly brighter, as Yurachi said.

Since it’s made like a cave, we can’t see the end of the stairs yet, but we can predict that it will be at least wider than here.

Naturally, everyone will be cautious.

「This… this is…」(Yuuki)

Yuuki talks in admiration when he reaches the end of the stairs and steps into the next area with his shield in front of him.

「What up?」(Kouya)

Immediately, Kouya asks about the situation while walking.

Yurachi, after deciding that there was no danger, let go of the handle of her two-handed sword and followed.

Look like we get out of the dark hole as we proceed below the stairs.

Then, the scenery jumped into my eyes.

There was another area in the basement, the space was so large that it made me agape.
And a decaying city that stands quietly far below.

「It’s like an underground empire …」(Yuuki?)

「If we fall from this height, isn’t that bad?」(Yurachi)

Yurachi whispers while looking down.

The entrance where we came out is around the middle of the cliff.

The stairs that we walk down are sticking out of a wall from a high place with an altitude of 200 meters or more toward the ruins.

Kouya answers Yurachi with his eyes fixed on the city.

「Previous talk, you will die instantly due to falling damage.」(Kouya)

The city of Jorn, which sinks in the darkness.

“The capital of the human slaves and the titans” was robbed by dragons during the tumultuous times and now disappears underground with darkness.

「It’s beautiful, but …」(Yuuki)

「It’s somewhat creepy」(Kouya)

My best friends had such an impression.

「It’s too quiet」(Mina)

「Must stay alert」(RF4-you)

Mina and Yuji had a tense attitude.

「Is this the home of the Titans?」(Taru)

「Probably, there’s no doubt」(Anon)

Then, I and Anon-san start thinking.

「There are signs that it seems to be destroyed in this situation」(Yuuki)

「There is also a grave on the top …
Undead festival …?」(Kouya?)

「Was it Giga Makina Jorn, the eastern Titan kingdom?」(Taru)

「That’s right」(Kouya?)

Because I was busy observing the city that I finally found in detail
I give a simple reply to everyone at “Hundreds of knights of the night”

「I wonder what is that light …」(Taru?)

A number of rugged and angular buildings lined up,
Around it, small white light bodies shimmered in places, quietly breathtaking.

The fluffy wandering light is like a human soul, and its unreliable light reflects a part of the empty building group.

As we can see from a distance, each illuminated house is large.

There’s no doubt that it was a living quarter for the Titans.

「The building which looks like a very big temple in the back is also amazing.」(Mina)

As Mina points out, in the deepest part of the city, we can see a huge structure that can reach the ceiling of this underground space.

「Is this a dungeon?
If anything, it feels like a city or a field instead.」(Anon)

I nod to Anon-san’s opinion.

However, it was obvious that it was not an ordinary field.

As expected, I worried about the object like the human soul that I was observing earlier, but there is something more noticeable than that.

It was a glowing jellyfish that floated in the upper part of the city, sprinkling those floating human souls around.

Is it some kind of monster?

「It’s like a ruin in the deep sea」(Taru)

And, above such a strange jellyfish, several fish literally swam in the air.

「That is bad news, isn’t it?」()

Is that an animal more than 30 meters in diameter?

A huge body that seems to be larger than the pool of an elementary school
As if to say that there is nothing strange, the creature swims slowly over the city with a face-like part.

Every time it moves the fin, its large round body moves quietly in the air.
There were a lot of scale-like things growing and it was creepy that each one fluttered in the water.
On the face-like part, there are two large recessed eyes, a tail-like thing grows from the forehead, and at the tip, there is something that looks like a light bulb with many times the light power of a jellyfish or a human soul.

「Such a huge Himantolophus (footballfish)… it’s the first time I saw something like this」(Yuuki?)

「No, me too.」(Kouya?)

「Moreover, it is floating in the air」(Yurachi)

I was more horrified to see it open its mouth without any difficulty.

I felt like the big darkness was looking into me.

「I don’t want to fight it」(Yuuki)

「Yeah, I don’t want to be devoured.」(Kouya)

「Or rather, it’s dangerous for us to continue walking on the stairs with good visibility, right?」(Taru)

It’s like asking that Himantolophus (footballfish) eat us. Going down the stairs with a full view from the surroundings and even it has nothing to do with suicide.

「Indeed, that’s true.」(Yurachi)

「But there’s nowhere to hide, right?」(Yuuki)

「In a field of this size, I don’t think there is anything waiting below」(Kouya)

And then Kouya says something even more ominous.
But he doesn’t miss the main point.

「If we are sniped all at once from below, we will be done for (beehive)」(Kouya)

「Surely, we will be a good target/fodder」(Yuuki)

Kouya and Yuuki happily talk about the dangers that may await.

「In the first place, that light…?
The fluffy jellyfish is already suspicious enough」(Yurachi)

Yurachi is also a little excited like these two.

「So what are you going to do? Esteemed Alchemist (Renkinjutsu-shi-dono)」(Kouya)

I grinned at Kouya who was talking to me.

Because there is no choice, I will talk as an alchemist, no such as turning back.
There is an unknown hanging in front of me.

I will only move forward.

「Keep going. Let’s go down like this」(Taru)

Everyone nodded to my decision.

「I have something, is it okay to talk?」(RF4-you)

As soon as our move was decided, RF4-you, the black Yuji, raises his hand.

「You have permission, Sergeant」(Kouya)

Then Kouya gives permission like an officer.

Well then, I have one suggestion for the Jorn landing operation that I will carry out.」(RF4-you)

「Say it」(Kouya)

First of all, how about I’m going ahead of the team?
As you can see, I’m all black.
In this darkness, even if I step into the enemy’s search range, it’s still difficult for them to notice and capture.」(RF4-you)

「…And you will report the situation to us via PT chat?」(Yuuki)

In other words, Yuji plays a role that is easy to be targeted at the very beginning.

We experimentally let Yuji go first and see how the other party member will descend in the future.

「That’s what I mean」(RF4-you)

Yuuki and Kouya were silent to Yuji.

Everyone else is wondering what happened.

Yuji chooses the most dangerous role but there’s a good chance that we will lose one party member in the early stages.

However, from the perspective of giving time to prepare for the other members to fight at the expense of one person, it’s a strategy that produces more results.
It’s true that Yuji’s offer is also the most effective tactic we have at the moment.

「RF4-you, will you be all right?」(Taru)

I check with Yuji.

Yuji was taken back for a moment then looked at Anon-san, Mina, Yurachi, and me.

「If I can help the beautiful girls, I will be happy to carry out the mission.」(RF4-you)

Then he has a mysterious look and salutes.

「And … what I can do now is only this much」(RF4-you)

Somehow, I feel that I can understand the feelings of Yuji, who has the lowest Lv among us.

I was new to Clan-Clan before but I also wanted to help Yuuki and Kouya even a little so I rushed in the forest of Misora.

「RF4-you, that’s a great help」(Taru)

I told my classmates so and decided to let him go ahead.



「Somehow, it was kind of easy」(Yuuki?)

「I heard that anglerfish have bad eyesight, but it may be the same with Clan-Clan.」(Kouya)

With Yuji’s lead, we were able to easily walk down the long stairs and into the city.
Unexpectedly, we weren’t attacked from below and weren’t noticed by jellyfish or Himantolophus either.

「The house is enormous」(Taru)

Perhaps it was a Titan’s house, no building is smaller than a two-story apartment.

The houses made of piled stones had the scent of civilization, that I couldn’t believe, were built by the giants.
The cityscape has a cubic appearance and is relatively uniform.
Perhaps the human slaves had built them together.

Fortunately, we could hide in the shadows between the buildings.

「Tenshi-sama, is what you said earlier true?」(Mina)

「Ah, surely I saw it with my eyes」(Taru)

I confirm Mina’s question.

On the way down the stairs, I was observing the city with a telescope in one hand, and I was seeing a Titan-like creature wandering between the buildings.
It was dark and I couldn’t see the whole picture, but it wasn’t a bone-filled creature like the one in the graveyard above.
It is thick and fleshed.

I explained that to Kouya’s group, but Mina seemed a little uneasy.

「Is it a Titan lurking in the darkness …」(Kouya)

Occasionally, we could hear the sizzling footsteps, which are proof of their existence.

「Finally, It’s a dungeon crawl time.」(Yuuki)

「It will find/see us in a large area, so why don’t we go inside the building for the time being?」(Kouya)

「But it’s so dark… Isn’t it dangerous to go inside a building where we don’t know what’s going on?」(Yuuki)

The moment Yuuki was reluctant to Kouya’s proposal, a pale light approached from the street next to us.

Immediately, Yuuki puts his index finger on his mouth and everyone on the spot keeps quiet.

Then, in order to identify the unknown thing that gradually brightened the road, we wait for the light source to pass the corner in front of us.

「That is…
The human soul that we saw from the stairs」(Yuuki)

「What on earth is that light?」(Kouya)

「Is it a monster?」(Yurachi)

Without answering our questions, the human soul began to wander around our heads.

「We’re still not doing anything yet」(Yuuki)


Everyone looks up at the human soul and stares at the pale light.

「Is that an enemy?」(Yuuki)

「I don’t know. Do you know what it is?」(Kouya)

「I don’t know. What is it, I wonder… something, Kou…」(Taru)

I felt like I could see something in the light, and I thought about using the telescope to see more details.
With such faint light, it’s unlikely that I will be blind when I look at it through a telescope. But it’s too risky to bet the penalty of losing sight in this unknown area.
However, I want to extract the information that can be obtained.

In that case, I should use “that”–
So, I brought the “Antique Camera” and pressed the shutter for the human soul.

I took a picture.

『False soul of the moon (Luna Homunculus* EN)』【Photo】

【Homunculus, an artificial life form, created by Ritchie Damond, the alchemist of destruction and rebirth.
He diverted the Dark Moon Contract and succeeded in releasing the homunculus, an artificial life form that can only survive in a flask, into the night sky.
Hidden in the pale light, it’s difficult to see, but the artificial life form Homunculus looks like a lovely child of Inchling.
However, the light that closely resembles the moonlight, that it emits, actually contains components that constraints the undeath.】

  • The soul of Luna Homunculus can be extracted
  • If you defeat the Luna Homunculus that you took picture of, “Solo White” will be in the picture.

The artificial life form, Homunculus! ??

Creation of life, one of the greatest alchemy.
In the Ancient days, there was a record that a human child could produce it by adding human semen and blood for months and keeping it in a flask.

No way, to think I can find traces of such great alchemy in such a place.

I heard from Misora-san, “The Alchemist of Genesis, Noah World”

And the ghost told me about “New Age Saint-Germain, the alchemist of the gods”

In addition, “Ritchie Damond, the alchemist of destruction and rebirth”, creator of the pseudo-living, homunculus.

Many great achievements left by my predecessors.

Every time I see it, the excitement kept boiling in my heart.

「Maybe there is an alchemist here」(Taru)

I stare at “Luna Homunculus, the fake soul of the moon” and mutter so to suppress my loud beating heartbeat.
Now there are seven party members.
I can’t blunt your judgment and endanger my peers.

「What? Are there other mercenary players?」(Kouya)

Kouya asks immediately, but I shake my head.

「No, it’s obviously a different dimension of alchemy from me…
Probably the same type of powerful NPC as the Sage Misora-san」(Taru)

Yes, I will calmly state my consideration.

A city of alchemists and perished Titans.
I never dreamed that the two would be connected.



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