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Table of Contents

Vampire’s Nap

Volume 1

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Chapter 1 – I Died in My Sleep

Chapter 2 –  Will Your Order Be the Status Settings?

Chapter 3 –  Re・Verse

Chapter 4 – The Adorable Bandit-San

Chapter 5 – Silver Discovery

Chapter 6 – Port Town Alrescha

Chapter 7 – SHOUDOU

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Chapter 8: No Hell, Yes Boobs Edited (Editor: Zukaku717) 

Chapter 9: What I really wanted Edited (Editor: Robert Wang)

Chapter 10: A Vampire must work even when they turn their eyes from reality. Edited (Editor: Robert Wang)

Chapter 11: People’s rumors are spread with light speed Edited (Editor: Jae)

Chapter 12:  Strange colleague Edited (Editor: shortykilz)

Chapter 13: Erotic Mushroom. Edited (Editor: Snowanew)

Chapter 14: Thoughts of love Edited (Editor: Jae)

Chapter 15: My hand is too small. Edited (Editor: m33b00)

Chapter 16: It was a demon you saw a lot in movies Edited (Editor: Exkalamity)

Chapter 17: Big tentacles and small vampire Edited (Editor: m33b00)

Chapter 18: Vampire does not work. Edited (Editor: m33b00)

Chapter 19: The Hardship of Women Loving Edited (Editor: m33b00)

Chapter 20: The shrine maiden at the boundary will close it. Edited (Editor: m33b00)

Chapter 21: The vampire has a dream Edited (Editor: m33b00)

Chapter 21.5: Character info: Argento, Felnote, Miko. Unedited

Volume 2


Chapter 22: I want to sleep a little more. Edited (Editor: m33b00)

Chapter 23: Weak type Edited (Editor: m33b00 & Jae)

Chapter 24: Horse horse time Edited (Editor: m33b00)

Chapter 25: Vampire does not like chase Edited (Editor: m33b00)

Chapter 26: I will go, have a talk even I’m sleepy. Edited (Editor: m33b00)

Chapter 27: Guardian of the forest Edited (Editor: m33b00 & Jae)

Chapter 28: Didn’t you boast too much about speed ? Edited (Editor: m33b00)

Chapter 29: Beyond the Restless Play Edited (Editor: m33b00)

Chapter 30: Story of vampear’s first time. Edited (Editor: m33b00)

Chapter 31: Go through the forest Edited (Editor: Nyururin)

Chapter 32: Former knight resentes. Edited (Editor: Eric)

Chapter 33: A Vampire Princess is chasing. Edited (Editor: Jae)

Chapter 33.5: Characters info: Oswald, Chrome, Neguseo. Unedited

Chapter 34 (Prologue): Convenience on legs Edited (Editor: Jae)

Chapter 35: The Determined Flame (Misunderstanding) Edited (Editor: Jae)

Chapter 36: The fox’s repayment. Edited (Editor: Jae)

Extra Edition: Vampire and Merry Christmas Unedited

Chapter 37: Fox and dinner Edited (Editor: Jae)

Chapter 38: A Vampire goes out for a walk in the evening. Edited (Editor: Jae)

Chapter 39: Mother in the basement Edited (Editor: Jae)

Chapter 40: Ruts’s ambition Edited (Editor: Jae)

Chapter 41: A teardrop. Edited (Editor: Jae)

Chapter 42: Ceremonial bonfire Edited (Editor: Jae)

Chapter 43: First friend Edited (Editor: DeathDrayanD)

Chapter 43.5: Characters’s Info: Kuzuha, Ruts Unedited

Volume 3


Chapter 44: The boy’s feeling. Edited (Editor: DeathDrayanD)

Chapter 45: High tension girl. Edited, mostly (Editor: Reaper)

Chapter 46: I don’t desperate enough to prepare in 40 seconds Unedited

Chapter 47: A narrow world, a wide mountain Unedited

Chapter 48: Welcome, Terrier Bandit Troupe Unedited

Chapter 49: Together with the banbit Unedited

Chapter 50: Hiding Place Unedited

Chaper 51: Advance in the night Edited (Editor: shortykilz)

Chapter 52: Shadow in the dark Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 53: Rematch, Terrier Bandit Trio  Unedited

Chapter 54: Bandits who didn’t learn their lesson. Edited (Editor: shortykilz)

Chapter 55: Fox loli’s desire Edited (Editor: Reaper)

Chapter 56: Flower surrounded Town Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 57: Big one Unedited

Chapter 58: The Coffin carrier, Satsuki-chan Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 59: Withered canals Unedited

Chapter 60: Reason Hakune Block waterway. Unedited

Chapter 61: Vampire I should remember. Unedited

Chapter 62: The source of the curse Unedited

Chapter 63: The identity of the coffin Unedited

Chapter 64: What the blood produces | Chapter 65: Soaking in hot spring Unedited

Chapter 66: To the Capital Unedited

Chapter 67: Former knight and merchant’s journey Unedited

Chapter 68: Guardian of the forest get annoyed Edited (Editor: Yuri_is_pure) (SP: Lowe)

Chapter 69: Flowers and cages Edited (Editor: Yuri_is_pure)

Chapter 70: To the Capital city of flowers Edited (Editor: Ophis)

Chapter 71: Hawthorn May Cafe Edited (Editor: ZanaHorowa)

Chapter 72: A single destination Edited (Editor: ZanaHorowa)

Chapter 73: Commercial Guild Edited (Editor: Zanahorowa)

Chapter 74: Incident occurrence Edited (Editor: Zanahorowa and Lowe)

Chapter 75: Rock wall, sound of water, splendid horn Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 76: Yotsuba Council Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 77: Honey Village Rencia Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 78: During the day of pest control Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 79: Late at night Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 80: Senpai is entangled with Sake Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 80.5: Character introduction: Satsuki, Iris Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 81: Visitor’s request Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 82: Golden color Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 83: Late-night marriage Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 84: Gold and silver Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 85: To suck blood Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 86: Former knight’s heart + Chapter 87: To confront Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 88: Silver and gold Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 89: A merchant and a fox lolita Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 90: A great man is troublesome Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 91: I will not give up as blood princess Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 91.5: Character introduction: Argento, Zeno, Elsee Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Volume 4

Vol 4

Chapter 92: Like a flowing dream Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 93: From now on Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 94: To return grace Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 95: Lady’s meal Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 96: With the smell of cherry blossoms Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 97: Leisure break  Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 98: Journey ahead, Harahachibunme. Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 99: Girl’s free preparing time Edited (Editor: Lowe, eteruna)

Chapter 100: Brown comet Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 101: Cyril big box Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 102: You look like me Edited (Editor: eteruna)

Chapter 103: And who is there Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 104: Milady is a free man Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 105: The recipient of memories Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 106: Things that unwind to hot water Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 107: Things that are deep down Edited (Editor: Lowe)

Chapter 108: Cyril Note

Chapter 109: Manager of the large safe

Chapter 110: To the direction of feelings

Chapter 111: One line of strategy conference

Chapter 112: Late night, only for two people

Chapter 113: Sweet and filled

Chapter 114: Promised destinations

Chapter 115: The former knight frustrated

Chapter 116: A place of mistake

Chapter 117: call my name

Chapter 118: The cutting edge of losers

Chapter 119: Nice to meet you

Chapter 120: See you

Chapter 121: Memories and future

Chapter 122: To the ocean

Chapter 123: A journey with the vampire and the sea

Chapter 124: The ocean is big and wide

Chapter 125: To the bottom of the ocean

Chapter 126: Vampire and the sorry queen

Chapter 127: A tour under the ocean

Chapter 128: Relaxing at the underwater city

Chapter 129: Fox girl is swimming

Chapter 130: Merchant and Vampire

Chapter 131: What the queen wants

Chapter 132: Place of Hope

Chapter 133: The Woman Lover and the King …

Chapter 134: Waiting for dreams

Chapter 135: Pisces, going through the sky

Chapter 136: The Lord of the Crimson Sky

Arge Chapter 137: The Lord of Front-line

Arge Novel Chapter 138: To the Place where Dark Elves live

Arge Novel Chapter 139: Heal the tiredness of travel

Arge Chapter 140: Vampires will enjoy gastronomy

Arge Chapter 141: Relaxing with my friend

Arge 142: How to handle important thing

Arge Chapter 143: What can be dedicated

Arge Chapter 144: For the burning heart

Arge Chapter 145: The Pitfall of life design

Arge Chapter 146: The truth is always

Arge Chapter 147: Two Silver

Arge Chapter 148: The Memory of Kuon Household

Arge Manga Chapter 149: Shaking Silver

Arge Chapter 150: The supposed furthest thing, yet the closest thing

Arge Chapter 151: Silver Color raised to the sky and fallen

Arge Chapter 152: Yet so close, Yet an extremely far away place

Arge Chapter 153: Restart

Arge Chapter 154: My precious friend

Arge Chapter 155.5: Character Introduction

Arge Chapter 155: Dancing with the Sea Breeze

Arge Chapter 156: Connection

Arge Chapter 157: The idea at the last minute

Arge Chapter 158: Guide destination

Arge Chapter 159: Too expensive

Arge Chapter 160: What cannot be done by just letting it flow in hot water

Arge Chapter 161: What sinks in hot water

Arge Chapter 162: Something I don’t see for a long time.

Arge Chapter 163: Hatred comes from the sky

Arge Chapter 164: The sky of the night has ended

Arge Chapter 165: The Living and the Living.

Arge Chapter 166: The city of Sakura flower again

Arge Chapter 167: Satsuki Storm

Arge 168: Midnight Gathering

Arge Chapter 169: The Goal of the Promise

Arge Chapter 170: The Vampire doesn’t want to work at all

Arge Chapter 171: Working Time

Arge Chapter 172: Family’s Introduction

Arge Chapter 173: Late Night’s Secret Story

Arge Chapter 174: Break time after closing

Arge Chapter 175: Where the Smoke rises

Arge Chapter 176: In a slumber with you

Arge Chapter 177: Crazy Heart

Arge Chapter 178: Daily Career

Arge Chapter 179: The destruction of daily life

Arge Chapter 180: Daily life’s Guardian

Arge Chapter 181: Encore Dance (EN)

Arge Chapter 182: The Disaster Bringer

Arge Chapter 183: Something must not be lost

Arge Chapter 184: Black Earl

Arge Chapter 185: Void

Arge Chapter 186: Will of Iron and Blood

Arge Chapter 187: Tear of Awakening

Arge Chapter 188: Non-overlap Holding Hands.

Arge Chapter 189: Promise, Once again

Arge Chapter 190: To the destination of the promise

Arge Chapter 191: Wake up with a nostalgic voice

Arge Chapter 192: Resume after meeting

Arge Chapter 193: Things that are tied even if they are separated

Arge Chapter 194: Towards the empire

Arge Chapter 195-199

Arge Chapter 200-202

Arge Chapter 203-207    (Dark Site)

Arge Chapter 208-212     .(Dark Site)

Arge Chapter 213

Arge Chapter 214

Arge Chapter 215: Fox Loli training ground