Chapter 33 (epilogue): Vampire Princess is chasing

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Edited by: Jae

A wild vampire princess appear!

Translator Note: moaning have a lot of meaning less word, so I only translate what make sense, the rest I will keep as romanji.

By the way, I swear that was NU bot fault, not my fault. I don’t even “add release” for vampire afternoon nap yet.


Chapter 33: A Vampire Princess is chasing.

Vampire Nap - Elsee

“Oh no!”

Shadows. Shadows stuck to her.  (T.N: Reminder: this girl is one of poachers that escape, not Chrome)
My pretty shadows reach out and grab her with with a wave of my little fingers.
All of her companions are rolling around miserably at her feet. So, she’s the only one left.

“Please… have mercy! Next time, next time… will be a… success!” She struggles to say.
“It’s okay… it’s good enough, I’ve already made up my mind.”

I told them that,’I would like to eat Minotaur meat’. A very simple request, but they couldn’t even grant that. They’re so disappointing.

My stomachs tired of waiting, and my mood’s changed. I’m not interested in Minotaur meat now…

When I touch her trembling cheeks, I feel something wet. 

Cute, She’s crying.

I run my finger across her neck, leaving shallow lines, ‘poke’. 

“‘Ara’…?”  (T.N: mean like “oh my”)


I hear a vulgar sound like tea pouring on the ground.
I look down, and see a pool of water slowly spreading in the dirt.


“Have you leaked out, FU FU FU, aren’t you a little too afraid of me? I’ll give you SOOO MUCH MOREEE …♪.” I trill at her.
“Oh no, no, no, no, no! Please forgive me…!”
“‘Ara’, do you want to be caught in the neck, like that vulgar boy rolling over there?”
“Hii~ …”  (T.N: voice when scared)
“Oh yeah, won’t you behave like a good little girl? Though, it won’t save you.”

From the beginning I planned to deal with all of you. I thought, ‘you have failed me for the last time, poacher’.

“Now, do you me to kill you before I get some Minotaur meat, or after?” 
Right after she heard my words, her small green eyes spread apart. Her trembling lips try to open to speak, but she can’t.


Whether it is a begging or a screeching, I’d rather not her dirty words before my meal. So I silenced her with magic.

She is a cute merchant, I don’t even know her name, but she’s very pretty. Since she’s a girl, she must have had quite a hard time living as a black merchant.
The green colored eyes are very beautiful. Though, her red hair is slightly damaged and unworthy of me. Either way, she is still a beautiful person who hides behind the scenes.

More than anything, her fear is very cute.

It is a pity I can’t see her facial expressions, which have been muted with my enchantment magic, but since I’m going to enjoy something pleasant soon, it’s okay.

“Drown for me…”

I set my fang against her neck and graze it.

It is always pleasant to penetrate a girl’s soft skin. The vulgar body of a man is uncomfortable to pierce. I brush the warm red liquid with my tongue. A very sweet taste that numbs the brain.

It’s wonderful.

“A gi, a ~a~a~a~a!?”

The effect of enchantment ends the moment I bit in. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy her reactions. I held her down with my magic shadow and continued sucking her blood. Of course, she only resisted for a few seconds. After that, she abandoned any thoughts of escape.

“A, hi…ah…a ufu, fufufu…… hi ~a, hii~”

As I drink her blood, making it mine, she began to leak meaningless words.
The feeling that the blood as it entered my stomach, through the throat, the feeling as it flows throughout my whole body is addictive. Something I will never grow tried of, no matter how many times I enjoy it. For a vampire, blood sucking is the best pleasure one could hope for. Even blood from this useless girl, who couldn’t finish my request.

Though men are garbage.

“A, a~a, n …… a wa, a hi ~ya……”
“N fu ~u… you okay, I’ll suck it all out … chi ~yuru, n~ “ I chirp.
“Hihi hi…… a wa wa wa…… n ~a, an~ ku fu, hihi “

…This girl starts laughing. 

After a child’s mind breaks from pleasure, I’ve notice three sorts of expression, which I broadly call, the smiling child, the crying child, or the ecstatic child. This girl seems to be a smiling type.

Every child is so cute, I want to take it slowly, and thoroughly drink them in.

I’ll give you pleasure, all the way until the end of your life, I’ll destroy you with all my love.

“Aha, ahahaha …ah…. this feeling… fu a a…”
“…Do you feel better?” I say, pulling a little away from her neck.
“I want more! I feels so good, please more!”
“Oh no… but you’ll die if I keep sucking like this, that’s no good, isn’t it?”
“Good, that’s okay! I’m not scared of anything anymore! The world is beautiful! It’s beautiful! More! I can handle it! Such a beautiful world would be fine, even if I’m gone!”
“Ufufu… and you are also pretty… Good child, then, can you say that you, love me?”
“I love you… Elsee-sama!”  [Elsee as a girls’ name is of Hebrew origin, and Elsee means “God is my oath”, Elsee is a variant form of Elizabeth (Hebrew).] (this time the name is easy to guess, thank you google search)
“Thank you… I love you too.” I whisper in her ear.

I caress that delicate body of hers that clings to me, and do as she wants. Since shes throw away her life and given me everything, I must take care of her until the last moment. Touching her body with an open hand, I get a sweet reaction every time, she is very cute. I drip back into her neck, I can only hear chirping sounds, her laugh, and my own breath. 

“A, wa ~u~u~u”
“Fu fu… it’s okay, you can moan as much as you want, lets get drunk in pleasure like this, until the end…”
“Wa, n ~a a ah…… wa, ~ii……”
“Han… n, chi ~yu~u…”

Like a loving couple, we indulge in our act. As she dedicates her everything to me, I will love her all, if only for this little sweet deed. Little by little, energy comes out of her body, her delicate body is growing cold in my hands. Her heart beat weakening tells us that the end is near, that the pleasure is almost over. She choose to give me her own life, not living for the rest of it. I hear her whispering my name till the end, over and over she said ‘I love you’. I have such an unbearable feeling as I has sucked all of her away. I made her everything beat forever as mine.

“Fuu… she was completely dried out… okay, you really are beautiful…”

I stopped talking, kiss her cheek, and then I let her go. I then close my eyes and use my power, ‘blood-reading’, a special force that a vampire have. While my ‘blood-reading’ skills’ low level, it’s enough to dig out memories, at least a few days worth. 

…I am interested in why they failed.

How could they fail to get some Minotaur meat?
If a vulgar man was in the way of getting the meat, he had to pay, I’ll tear him up properly… right?

“ARA…… ARA, ARARA ! WHAT… THIS… GIRL!” (T.N: Ara mean “Oh my”)

In this girl memory, she was watching a child with the teleport ion like magic.
Silver hair, sparking through the evening sun. Pure white skin. Sleepy eyes.
Lightly pointed ears and beautiful white fangs, those red eyes are unmistakable, a proof of species.

A silver-hair-vampire – she the special kind thatcan walk under the sun even though she’s a vampire .

“A, ~A~a~a……”

It’s love at first sight.

Her gentle bright red eyes. Their so is cute. Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute, CUTEeeee~ 

Those little fangs. I want to lick them. I feel like I’ll get sick in pleasure if I take a deep breath of that silver hair of hers. I wonder, if I put a fang against that small neck, what will you look like if I suck all of you up? Will you laugh? Cry? Will you feel relieved?

“I am concerned, I am sooooooooooo….CONCERNED!”

I feel my chest, all the way to the back of my heart heat up. My is numb body lets out a feverish breath.

…Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute, CUTEeee~

What a cute child she is! A ‘Legendary Daywalker Vampire’! I have not heard about her, but that cuteness is also legendary!

I want her to be mine. No matter what. No, ABSOLUTELY!

I had finally found what I’ve been looking for.

Her silver hair will surely shine with my blond hair. I wonder, if I sink into a bed with her, how wonderful a scene it would make, such a wonderful painting… 


“Your Order?” My cute little servant says.

This silver-haired child will be my bride!

Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely, absolutely, absolutely, ABSOLUTELY!

There is no reason to fantasize like a love struck child rolling around. She will be mine, forever. My only cute girl.

“Notify all the servants!”

I spread my knowledge to my cute little servants, all connected to me by blood-contract. All about my future bride; I share those memories and burn her figure into the hearts of all my servants.

“Listen, listen, have you heard -did you see? I will make that child my wife! Search, find her, catch her! Oh, that’s right… If you dare taste her, I will tear you into a thousand pieces, got it?”

I wonder what kind of dress you’ll wear to our wedding? I should choose something that will beautifully express my love! I would like to have a big party for my wedding anniversary. I’ll call a lot of customers, and I want to show our affairs to to them. Of course, only a small piece, only I’m allow to see all of you.

Nobody else can see -forbidden.

“Hehe, hehe…hehe….hehe…I am looking forward to it! I can’t wait… ‘Bandersnatch’! Get ready!”

I call out to my dog ​​and shake my dress. I’ll go out and prepare for the pick up.
It will be a lot of fun, and I’ll be busy for a while. (ED: And so ends a chapter that felt like a softcore scene from an adult novel.)

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  1. hmmmm… “ARA” may also means “Oh my” especially in this one i feel like it’s fitting… correct me if i’m wrong this is from just watching too much anime with onee-sama characters


  2. Thanks for the chapter. Another potential parasitic candidate has been arrived. And she is really into yuri and lolicon.


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  4. Just an advice, feel free to use it or ignore this….

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  6. You could change ‘Vampire walking under the sun’ to ‘Daywalker Vampire’. It sounds a bit better that way


    • No, Chrome skills and stats is stronger than Elsee. But if they are really fight, Chrome might lose but Elsee won’t get out un-scrath.
      This is just a black merchant who do bad things like black market,…
      Chrome is a mecenary, she enjoy dangerous to prove her speed.


  7. I stopped talking, I kissed her cheek and I let her go. I close my eyes and use my power. Blood reading, a special force that a vampire have. My blood reading is not so strong but it’s enough to dig out memories, at least a few days worth.

    …They shouldn’t have met her, though? She just met chrome and no one else? Perhaps they caught a glimpse of her when she went out of the forest again or something…

    Is it too much to hope for that this “vampire princess” gets killed off? I don’t really like crazy lunatic characters like her… Tends to be really annoying, but we know that she’s a weak little ant compared to the mc(so we don’t have to worry about the trouble she’s going to cause) since the mc is seriously OP(I think loligramps said something about her being able to bring about the end of that world or something?), a natural born vampire can’t hope to even catch up to her feet, I think? Hm… Well, I guess she won’t die. This is not a novel where annoying characters are introduced because they’re going to get killed later on, I guess I’ll have to read a chinese or korean novel later to get my share of bloody massacres to satisfy that, I think I will need that after reading this fluffy novel to balance things out 😀


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