Chapter 98: Journey ahead, Harahachibunme.

Remi Flandre
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I think this chapter is the Prologue.

Chapter 98: Journey ahead, Harahachibunme.
ED: Lowe

(前途洋々、腹八分目: Zento yō, Harahachibunme) (From what I search in Google Harahachibunme mean: not eat until satiety but keep moderation amount of food intake for good health and longevity.)


“… I wear the long sleeve (coat) again after a long time, but as expected it is warm.” (Arge)

As I wrapped myself in the black robe, I feel satisfied.
It is slightly larger than before, but that is also good.
If I use it like a sleeping bag when taking a nap, the sleeping effect is preeminent.
Unlike before, I pay the money properly this time so I can sleep without needing care about it.

I immediately thought about checking its comfort and I lay down.
Well then, let’s take a nap for a while …


“Arge? Wake up.” (Felnote)

“… 50 more hours …” (Arge) (T: It’s not a mistake of five more minutes, Arge really said 50 more hours) [ED: of course not, it’s Arge after all]

“That’s too long!?” (Felnote)


She replied with her tsukkomi like a scream.
It’s been a long time since I heard it.
When I opened my eyes and look at the voice’s direction,
she was certainly a person I knew.
Side Pony Brown hair with two colored eyes.
And big tits with vigorous intense.

Felnote-san the former knight of the Kingdom.
Felnote-san crosses her hand before her chest as she looking at me.
And then, she starts talking again.


“As usual, if I leave you alone, you will keep sleeping forever” (Felnote)

“He he he, I can sleep forever …” (Arge)

“I did not praise you! I am not praising you at all!” (Felnote)

“By the way do you need something?” (Arge)

“Quick to change of Topic!?
… well … It’s meal time now so I’m calling you over.
Come on, If you don’t come quickly, that Dark Elf and Kuzuha will eat everything.” (Felnote)

“Okay, thank you.” (Arge)


I love taking a nap, but I also love eating.
Beside I can sleep well after eating, so there is no reason to refuse.
As I went outside the carriage, the sunlight of the day shone on mysilver hair, shining brightly.

…It is a good weather.

Originally the vampire can’t come out under the sun, but in my case I got cheating ability point that more than enough to max all tolerance skills when I was incarnating, so the light of the day is nothing.
It was nice to have a nap while sunbathing, so it was nice to take tolerance to the sun’s light.


“Good morning, Arge-san” (Kuzuha)

“Good morning, Kuzuha-chan” (Arge)


It is my friend Kuzuha-chan, who greets me while shaking her fox ears happily.
There are many things that are nostalgic, and thus we are traveling together.
My first friend made in a different world …
or rather, my one and only friend, I have no friends at all even in my former world.

A girl with brown skin sits beside her and politely bows herself to me. 

Her thin golden hair swayed for a while.
Richelieu · Arc · Valeria. Nickname is Richelle.

She is dark elf girl, was helped out by Zeno-kun and Felnote-san.
She seems to be the (lady) lords of the continent over the sea,

and the purpose of our present journey is to send her back to that place.
Richelle-san narrowed her purple eyes (close her eyes) and she gave me a greeting.


“Good morning, Arge-sama” (Richelle)

“Yes, good morning, Richelle-san” (Arge)


The reason why she talks to me is her language.
I have a special skill to translate any words,
and the language that she used is different from Kuzuha-chan’s language.
Kuzuha-chan is a Republican,
and Richelle-san’s language seems to be a difficult language as its an old spiritual language.
In other words, because only what I speak is translated into her language,
so Richelle-san can only communicate with me.
Because of that, this gluttonous dark elf often talks to me.

There is no reason to refuse to talk, and in some cases, I will interpret for everyone.


“Let’s start having a meal.” (Zeno)


As he said that, Zeno-kun is coming over after preparing food for horses.
The carriage on which we are riding is being pulled by three horses. One of them is a horse called Neguseo that I met when I was in the Kingdom.
As usual Neguseo is eating a given bait while swaying the fluffy mane that’s like a fluffy bed.
Apparently he seems to be working well with other horses. Only for horses.
Because the power of language translation extends to animals, I can talk with him. But only me not everyone.

As he seems to be fine for the time being, I leave him alone and receive a bowl that Zeno-kun handed over. The contents were soup with plenty amount of vegetables.


“Thank you, Zeno-kun …. So, uh, what did you want to do in … uhm … tail hair big safe” (尻毛大金庫: Shirige dai kinko) (Arge)

“It’s Cyril big safe” (シリル大金庫: Shiriru dai kinko) (Zeno)

“Ah, that’s it, so how long will it take?” (Arge)

“With this condition, maybe we can reach it before tomorrow lunch” (Zeno)


Yes, let’s have a nap again after I have a meal.
While soaking the dry bread in the soup, I think about that.
In the same way, Kuzuha-chan opened her mouth “wa…” while sinking bread in soup.


“Cyril Big Safe, are they making money there?” (Arge)

“Yeah, it’s a coin-mill, built by a woman named Cyril, that unifies the world’s currencies into one type” (Zeno)

“Munching* … So, She does the unification of money?” (Arge)

“The enchant magic used in Cyril coin can’t be imitated, it’s quite elaborately.
And if you draw out the magical power from Cyril coin with the merchant magic skill,
it will lose the value as money … But …” (Zeno) 


For my doubts, Zeno-kun answers politely.
Zeno-kun said that he used the merchant magic skill when helping Kuzuha-chan in the honey village Rencia.
And that cancel the forgery magic contained in money and you can use its magical power. And by doing that will make the coins lose value as money. For merchants it seems to literally “cut themself down” acts.


“So, you have to deliver the coins that have lost their magical power to the Cyril Big Safe?” (Arge)

“Yes, it is such a rule with a commercial guild, Sorry, I make our journey longer” (Zeno)

“No. Zeno-kun came to help us and I don’t mind a little detour.” (Arge)

“Thank you” (Zeno)


We confirmed the schedule and purpose for the journey, we also finished our meal.
Approximately one person is excluded.


“Munching* ….” (Mogumogu) (Richelle) [ED: should have stayed with the original its cuter]


The Dark Elf girl is still eating.
Richelle-san shook her brown long ears and is chewing dry bread with a good-looking appearance.


“… You are really eating well” (Felnote)


As Felnote-san gets shocked, she (Felnote) sighs but she don’t understand the language to talk, so Richelle-san does not know what she (Richelle) was told.

She only scratched her head while eating.

As I said “Please eat slowly”, She took another bread.


“Will we have enough food ?” (Arge)


I asked again (to Zeno) what I thought over and over.
Richelle-san is still eating. She eats too well. I do not know how she fit all the good in that stomach.
At first I thought that all the dark elves were so, but they seemed to be different.
Richelle-san says that she eats a little more than a normal one.

Yeah, “a little” definition is different for each person. [ED: i do agree arge chan but the same goes to you]


“Thanks to Arge-san, I think we can manage somehow” (Zeno)

“Umm … well, if Zeno-kun says so” (Arge)


It’s just like what a peddler who is used to traveling said.
The skill I have, the Blood Bag is the skill to store goods.
A lot of food is stored in it now.
Even I’m saying that it is crammed up, but actually, there’s no capacity limit because of the maximum skill level.
I store at least ten people portion food for about a month.
Still, if she ate like this for every meal, I will be really worried.


“Thanks for your meal, it was very delicious.” (Richelle)


Despite everyone’s concern, Richelle-san only bows politely and elegantly.

Author’s Note (Not Translator’s Note)

It’s Thanksgiving.
In last chapter I have my little announcement, I have a postcard.

This time, the commissary of the reincarnation vampire has been decided. This is also thanks to everyone’s support.
Please support me in the future as well.

Youmu 4
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  1. 々<< This means that previous kanji repeats itself. Like if you had Hito+々 It would become Hitobito (人々) people, Hi+々 would become Hibi (日々) days, Sama+々 would become Samazama (様々) various…
    Other than that, I'm still spotting a few translations that are off, but still give the right-ish meaning, so I'll leave them be~


      • Hmmm, do you only use google translate? You should use a dictionary like Jwpce or a website that works well, like:
        前途洋々 -> A rosy future /rosy journey ahead /promising future
        腹八分目 -> being moderate in eating
        If I’d translate this liberally, I’d say “A rosy journey, of eating moderately.” Or something. xD
        Play around with the wording as you like. ^_^

        Liked by 2 people

      • kogasa its kinda unusual among my group at school but i do understand cause she is trying so hard to surprise other person is cute. [that group is full of weird people and the one that is normal is like 3 out of 13 and i’m one of the normal one]

        Liked by 1 person

  2. i have been reading alot of manga lately but i haven’t read this chap yet [if i haven’t edited it yet it means i haven’t read it yet].
    btw i think Harahachibunme should be = eat modestly


  3. I thought of Arge-sama as the embodiment of sloth all along but it seems like they’re assembling all the sins lol. Neguseo-sama is pride, Elsee-san is lust, Felnote-sama is envy, Richelle-sama is gluttony obviously. I don’t know about greed and wrath though. Maybe the forest guardian is wrath and Zeno is greed? They don’t really feel like that though.

    Liked by 1 person

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