Mile Chapter 56: Incoming Enemies

Youmu Yuyuko
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There’s no more tragedy, you can read with ease.


By the way, this is a pokan face. Eyes become a white circle.

Noire Pokan Face.png

Tsukkomi: a straight man in Japanese comedy manzai.

Mile Chapter 56: Enemies are Coming

ED: Lowe & Bluegraine & Cyan


“I don’t remember anything after all of 『Red Lightning Bolt』 was killed.
Only the two coachmen witnessed and told me everything …
They were scared of me.
They had been murmuring all the way when they told me everything like 『I will be killed if I lie』
Well, I can’t blame them.
The property of that merchant was forfeited and handed over to the bereaved families of 『Red Lightning Bolt』

The money I got from selling dad’s carriage and goods was also handed over to the bereaved at that time.
It seems rare to wake up to magical talent during a life-threatening crisis.

Well, most people will die in that situation.
So I was also examined thoroughly.

As a result, there were no great powers like what everyone said there would be.
But there were many people who witnessed that fire.
So it seems that my magic was strengthened by my emotions.
I couldn’t control myself back then.
As long as I still had magic power, I would continue shooting fire magic.
I lost consciousness because of magical deficiency, and my memory became hazy.
That’s what the other hunters said after the investigation.
After that, I registered as a hunter, and I was advised to go to the training school for a year and a half when I became rank E” (Rena)

“Fu~in” (Mile)

“…”  (Maevis)

“What? That’s all?” (Rena)


Rena was somewhat dissatisfied by the lack of reaction from everyone.


“So you want us to say something like:
『Is that what you wanted to say?』,
『So you want to kill bandits』or
『You will not get anything from hatred!』,
『 Don’t hate people, hating people is bad for your heart!』…”  (Pauline)

“No, that’s not what I …” (Rena)


Rena’s face became red as Pauline talked to her.

And after thinking for a while, Maevis said to Rena.


“Well, it is good to know why Rena is concerned about bandits, so it is fine to do so.
Regardless of any idea or rejection, it’s personal freedom.
And this isn’t a matter to bring personal emotion to other party or our party’s member behavior.
It’s useless. So…” (Maevis)

“Let’s not practice killing people”  (Mile)

“Huh…?”  (Rena)


Rena was surprised at the words of Mile that followed after Maevis’s words.


“Because at that time, I thought Rena was teaching us the right way to act as a senior hunter! But, isn’t this more like a personal problem?”  (Mile)

“U…” (Rena)


Rena couldn’t say anything in reply to Mile.


“Well, there is always a 『first time』for anyone, I think that there’s no need to forcibly set up a place for that, just prepare yourself for that time properly” (Pauline)

“…”  (Rena)


With Pauline’s words, Rena had no words to return.


“Besides…”  (Pauline)


Pauline continues.


“If you kill them using fire, they only feel pain for a moment, right? I think that drowning them in water is better, we can let them suffer slowly …” (Pauline)


All the good things she just said became horribly messed up.


“Anyway, let’s not forcibly try to kill the other party until the time comes,
but I will not hesitate to kill the enemy if they plan to harm anyone, be it allies or innocent bystanders.
Because human life is always more important than the bandits’ lives.
Even so, our enemies’ lives aren’t so light that we need to kill them after we have already disabled them.
In addition …” (Maevis)


Maevis kept on speaking.


“As I said before, It would be difficult for a hunter to fight with the intention of capturing without killing, even if the hunter were stronger than the bandit.
Unless there’s a huge difference in power…” (Maevis)

“E…” (Rena)


Rena made a pokan face.


“Ar… are you stupid! Such a thing …” (Rena) (Ba, baka janaino! Son’na koto)


However, if you looked at the face of Mile, you couldn’t say anything anymore.

If it was her, she could handle anything with ease, a girl younger than Rena who kept breaking common sense.


“Also, they don’t have to be captured intact, and there is healing magic if they get serious injuries or lose a body part.
There are places where criminal slaves can work besides the mines.
If they get sick, they will die.
It will only prolong their life until 『that time』
It wasn’t necessary to forcibly kill them and there was no need to take the risk of capturing them alive either.” (Mevis)


The ones who got captured alive would become money and they would regret it for a long time.

The basic policy was to capture but without forcing ourselves too much.


“Well, but when you need to get information, it will be a bit different …” (Pauline)


As usual, Pauline is Pauline.

Rena became silent for a while, but she murmured.


“Okay, I get it … “  (Rena) (Wakatta wa yo…)


After a while, the horse-drawn carriage stopped and it was time for lunch.

Merchants and chefs were eating normally, but escorting hunters didn’t eat much.

Everyone had just encountered bandits, so they were preparing for the battle. Other than Mile.


“Hey, you are just …” (Rena) (Anta nē)


Rena was complaining to Mile, who was just eating like normal.


“If you eat so much, your body’s movement will be bad! Well, if you don’t eat, you will be hungry but you can still fight!” (Rena)

“Oh, is that so? But they didn’t teach us that at training school …” (Mile)

“Even a child would know it” (Rena)

“Well … I will digest right away.” (Mile)

“What kind of body do you have!”  (Rena)


Rena who keeps shouting, breathed heavily.


“Rena, aren’t you tired ?” (Mile)

“Whose fault is it!?” (Rena)

“Uhm, are you okay?” (FW member)


Three members of『Flame Wolf』came and talked to Rena, who had gotten tired from repeated tsukkomi-ing. (T.N: Poor Rena, Mile not only doesn’t cheer her up but also force her to become a Tsukkomi) [ED.N: welp every boke is like that]


“When this escort quest is done, how about you come with us …” (FW member)

“Rejected!” (Rena)


She never heard it until the end, Rena rejected it right away.

“Just listen to the last minute! And also the opinions for the other three … ” (FW member)

“Rejected!” (Mile)

“Rejected!” (Maevis)

“Rejected!” (Pauline)


The other three also rejected, and the three members of『Flame Wolf』dejectedly returned to their original positions.

Of course, anyone would want a party with four beautiful girls, even more, when they were really strong and had storage.

But, for them to think these girls would join them was really naive.

If these girls wanted to, any B rank party would welcome them.

These girls didn’t join any party because they didn’t need it.

While listening to their circumstances, the men of 『Dragon Breath』 were looking at them with pitying eyes. But Vera and Jeanne, the women of the party were looking at them with cold eyes.

After finishing a big break during which lunch was also served, everyone got back to traveling again.

The bandits were connected to carriages by rope and they had to walk if they didn’t want to die.

The bandit scout was still free but he didn’t dare to come close.

Perhaps he was trying to confirm the number of carriages and the number of escorts from a distance.

Although the bandits we captured this time weren’t the main objective, if they were left unchecked, they could attack other merchants, and in some cases, escorts and merchants could have been killed.

Considering that the request of the client was the “Annihilation of bandits”, capturing these bandits could also be considered part of the quest.

However, if more bandits were to come, we would not have the leisure to capture more. 

The 『Fishing』 plan by 『Red oath』 was too effective and was canceled.

So right now, everyone in 『Red oath』 sat in their original place on the fourth carriage.

In the horse-drawn carriage, Rena was thinking while holding her knees.

“Bandits are enemies.
They are villains taking advantage of those who are honestly living while robbing their lives.
Like goblins and orcs, they were vermin and existence to be killed.
Even if they were still alive when the fight was over, they shouldn’t be kept alive.
How many people have been killed by them so far and how many families have they dropped down to the depths of despair?
And if they were to escape, the damage would continue to increase.
And they might even try to kill the hunters who caught them after they have escaped.
They may even target hunters’ families and friends as well.
… The danger is too big.
It is best to kill them.
Everyone will be safe, less troublesome, and our mind will be cleared up.
However, regarding what Mile, Maevis and Pauline have told me.
Didn’t the knight that Maevis admire have the mission to kill the bad guy?
Pauline is …, Wasn’t Pauline more of a Haraguro. (T.N: A Haraguro is similar to a Tsundere; but while a Tsundere acts cold or violent to hide their sweeter side, a Haraguro acts innocent to hide their darker side)
I killed humans.
However, my memory at that time is blurry and I don’t remember well.
Why do I not remember?
Kill the enemies who killed my colleagues.
Isn’t it a refreshing and memorable memory?
Why do I not remember it well?
… Did it fade because I don’t want to remember it?
Do I really regret having killed those bandits?
… Stupid. They are enemies of every one of 『Red Lightning Bolt』.
I regret nothing!
But what Pauline said is also true.
『If I kill them, they only feel pain for a moment』 and 『In the mines, they will suffer until death due to an accident or sickness, and continue to regret …』
For the time being, should we kill them or keep them alive and let them suffer more?
I don’t need to mind anything, I will do it freely according to my own way.” (Rena’s thought) [ED: she thinks too much just this thing can fit into 2 or 3 pharagraphs]


As she had thought, Rena was looking at her colleagues.

Maevis was pulling a sword and polishing it.

Pauline was writing something in her notebook while floating an eerie air.

And Mile, she is sleeping with her mouth open and drool on her face.

Looking at her party’s carefree mind, it seemed stupid that Rena was suffering from various things.

However …


“No, no! Because of these people, I must be firm!
Next time, no one will die! Definitely!”  (Rena)


Rena was a strong will little girl.


Biku! (SFX in Mile’s mind, I guess it was beep sound of nanomachine)


Mile was sleeping soundly, but all of sudden she got up.

It happens occasionally when the girls are asleep.

And Mile opened her eyes.


“… Enemies are coming” (Mile)

“As I always ask, how do you know ?” (Rena)


Ignoring Rena shouting, Mile crawled from the back of the carriage and climbed on to the top, where she used her whistle.


Pii~i~i~i ~! (SFX)


The six carriages stopped immediately, with 『Dragon Breath』’s leader running from the first carriage and 『Flame Wolf』’s leader running from the last carriage respectively.

Of course, other people were still alarmed while lurking in carriages.


“What’s wrong, the enemy?” (Bart)

“Yes, about 20 people ahead” (Mile)

“How do you know?” (Brett)


The leader of 『Flame Wolf』 seemed to be not yet used to “Mile’s OP”.


“About twenty people, can you tell me a bit more?” (Bart)


Bart lightly ignored the words of Brett and asked Mile.


“Well, they have 19 people, arrange with 9-9-1.” (Mile)

“So, how do you know!?” (Brett)

“Uhm … what did you say!” (Mile)

“Ignore him!” (Bart)


He was negligible.


“Call everyone, it’s an emergency!” (Bart)


And soon, all of them gathered, and Bart’s explanation began.


“It was a bad thing … according to Mile’s search magic, there seem to be 19 enemies ahead of them, aligned with 9, 9, 1 …” (Bart)

“It’s probably them, I heard that they are over twenty people, but it’s fewer than I thought” (Chuck)


Optimistically said by 『Flame Wolf』’s swordsman Chuck, 『Dragon Breath』’s spearman Fagas shook his head and replied.


“No, it is natural that the report of the number of such requests is considerably different than it actually is.
In places with bad vision such as a forest, it is easy to mistake the number of enemies.” (Fagas)

“What’s wrong?” (FW members)


Members of 『Flame Wolf』 thought it was weird that Bart was still silently thinking, even though he was the leader of this joint escort quest.


“The small number of people is probably because they divided their people to pinch us, which means that the number of enemies will be twice that …” (Bart)


Bart looked around at everyone’s surprised faces and slowly said.

“Bandits don’t work with that formation. It is only knights and soldiers that arrange themselves neatly when ambushing their prey. This means we will fight with an army.” (Bart)

“…” (Everyone)


Bert kept on speaking. (T.N: Help, anyone know military rank ?)


“In many countries, troops organize squads in groups of 9 people.
8 soldiers and 1 sergeant.
8 soldiers will be either divide into 2 fire teams groups of 4 soldiers or 4 fire teams groups of 2 soldiers.
And the sergeant will command them.
4 squads will be organized as 1 platoon.
1 platoon will have 1 commander (指揮官), 1 lieutenant  (副官), 2 corporal (上級下士官)
A total of 40 people.
And this corporal is entrusted with the command of two squads respectively…” (Bart)


Several people swallowed their saliva.


“… That’s right, waiting ahead is another twenty soldiers, including commander and adjutants.
I thought that it was strange.
There’s neither been a disaster nor a war recently, and there have also been no large numbers of bandits in such a place before.” (Bart)

“This is an impossible mission!
Because I thought they were at most 26-27 bandits, and with 12 hunters in our joint party, we can win with 1 hunter taking care of 2 bandits!
But with 40 people who are also soldiers.
There’s no way we can win!” (Brett)


The voice of despair went up from『Flame Wolf』.

That was a natural reaction and it was a justified argument.


“Why is it the army?
Since when has the army become bandits.
It’s so strange, are they also coming to rob and kill us?” (FW’s members)


A miserable moment on a sorrowful cry of 『Flame Wolf』 members.


“… Trade destruction?” (Mile) (T.N: sorry, I can’t guess who talking)


Bart heard it looked surprised.


“Eh? are you an Idiot?” (???) (E? Omae wa bakana n janakatta no ka?)

“Who said such a thing!” (FW’s members) (Dare ga son’na koto o itta no yo)

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  1. Thanks for the chap ~
    “Rena was complaining about Mile, who are just eating like average”

    I think “average” is better be changed to “normal”

    Except if its a part of the joke ofc

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  2. Pauline is hard type S!! And only 19? They are so underestimate them!
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  3. Biku! (SFX in Mile’s mind, I guess it was beep sound of nano machine)
    Mile was sleeping soundly, all of suddenly she get up. It happens occasionally when we are asleep.
    And Mile opened her eyes.
    Very good alarm clock ><


  4. But… Isn’t rena a boke? I mean, she was in on the whole sentai thing… Not to mention that sheonly wanted to go on this mission to kill people… You really can’t go accusing bokes of not being bokes just because they end up next to a boke-hole from which no tsukkomi can escape…

    Also, a few “Lena”s slipped in… It could use a word-replace to “Rena”.


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  6. “(T.N: Help, anyone know military rank ?)”
    If you are asking about the terminology…
    The organization the author uses is a little off for pre-WWI military, but the existence of magic can account for that. And it is strange to say split the leader off from the subgroups at the squad level. But roughly, the 2 or 4 man groups are ‘fire teams’, and the Author’s use of squad and platoon are correct. The leader of the squad would be a sergeant or lance corporal, the other half of the squad would be headed by a corporal and the platoon is headed up by a lieutenant.

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  7. Red Oath: Recruitment attempt, Rejected!
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  8. (ポーリンは、もっと腹黒いのではなかったのか)
    (Wasn’t Pauline more of a Haraguro)
    A Haraguro is similar to a Tsundere; but while a Tsundere acts cold or violent to hide their sweeter side, a Haraguro acts innocent to hide their darker side. For more information look ‘’.
    Alternative translation if you don’t like leaving Haraguro: (Didn’t Pauline want to hide her wickedness)

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  9. I think the last 3 monologues are like this:

    “… Trade destruction?” (Mile) – Because it’s so like Mile to say such a thing on such a situation.
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    “Who said such a thing!” (Mile) – THIS ‘yo’. It sounds kinda girly and it would be the person who said “… Trade destruction?” answering.


  10. Death by fire can be infinitely worse, especially for a bandit with limited access to healing magic (which probably ain’t that great anyway).
    Having sections of your skin burned off is a great way to have a slow and agonizing death.


  11. More localisation and editing, as always feel free to ask about anything.
    bereaved families of {the}->{}『Red Lightning Bolt』
    magical talent during a {crisis of life}→{life threatening crisis}
    most people will die {at that time}→{in that situation}
    So it seems {}->{that} my magic was strengthened by my {emotion}->{emotions}
    and my memory became {uncertain}->{hazy}
    That’s what {}->{the} other hunters said after
    and I was advised to {take a}->{go to the} training school for a year and a half when I {ranked}->{became rank} E
    somewhat dissatisfied {with}->{by} the lack of reaction
    I thought Rena {taught}->{was teaching} us the right way {}->{to act} as a senior hunter! But, isn’t this {just something}->{more} like a personal problem
    Well, there is always a {time called} 『first time』
    just said became {}->{horribly} messed up
    not hesitate {and}->{to} kill the enemy
    be it allies or {irrelevant people}→{innocent bystanders}
    more important than {}→{the} bandits’ lives.
    huge difference in {their fighting}→{} power
    slaves can work besides {}->{the} mines
    {It’s}→{It will} only {prolonging}->{prolong} their life until
    done, how about you {go}→{come} with us
    {which}->{} was too effective {}->{and} was cancelled.
    sat {on}->{in} their original place {in}-{on} the
    advantage of those who are {seriously}->{honestly} living
    However, {}→{my} memory at that time is blurry
    enemies of every one of {the}->{}
    In the {mine}→{mines}, they will suffer
    is considerably {More or Less}->{different} than it
    {we can}→{it is easy to} mistake the number of enemies
    probably because they {divide}-{divided} their
    Bandits don’t work with {the}->{that} formation. {}-{It is} only {the}->{} knights and soldiers that arrange themselves neatly when ambushing {the}->{their} prey. {That}->{This} means, we will fight with {the}->{an} army
    “… Trade destruction?” ({???}->{Mile})

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  12. suggestion:
    “Well, there is always a 『first time』for anyone{, anything}->{}, I think that there’s no need to forcibly set up a place for that, just

    Rena. She was a {hard-hitting}->{strong-will} little girl.

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