Arge Chapter 110: To the direction of feelings

Vol 4
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Translator’s Note:

I’m sorry, last time I read from google translate and my memories was mess up.

This chapter and next chapter aren’t cliff hanger yet.

Please enjoy the two chapters.

Arge Chapter 110: To the direction of feelings

ED: Cyan

Cyril Big Safe
Cyril Big Safe – Library

“… Cyril!” (Igu)


She turns to my direction while smiling.
She is still calling me Cyril as she’s running towards me.


“Cyril! I searched for you everywhere!” (Igu)


She’s coming here while spreading out her hand as she tries to embrace me.
Since I have seen it once, there’s no need to hurry.
I adjusted my breath and move sideway.


“Wa bu~!?” (Igu)


Igu Jisuta is losing her balance and falling.
I saw some copper coins spilled out and her red hair spreading on the floor, and I sigh.


“Are you trying to bury my face in your chest and stop my breathing again?” (Arge)

“Ugu … I’m sorry, Cyril” (Igu)


Igu Jisuta-san rises up while holding her nose with tears in her silver eyes.


“So, Cyril, where did you go?” (Igu)

“Sorry, I’m reading books in the library” (Arge)

“I see. That reminds me, the golems don’t get close to that area” (Igu)

“Looks like it.
By the way, Igu Jisuta-san,
can you tell me a little more about you and me?” (Arge)


I’m not asking about Argento Vampear.
Cyril had told me many times before.
It was about Cyril Arcadia.
But at that time, I just ignore her with a wry smile.


“Ah! That’s right! That’s right!
If you hear lots of memories, it will be easier for you to remember!” (Igu)


Well, I don’t have such intention.
I am not Cyril, I already made sure of it.
Still, I didn’t deny it and decided to listen to her memorable story.
If she is talking about Cyril, it will be the mood to tell her the truth.


“Ah, that’s right, about the library.
Cyril hates to get disturbed so she ordered the golems to not go near the library and toilet” (Igu)

“Oh, really” (Arge)

“Well, I can understand about the toilet.
Even though it’s just golem, I can’t feel calm when I see it in the toilet together with me, too.
But I don’t understand about the library …
And when I ask. Cyril somewhat shyly answers 『I want to read in quiet』” (Igu)

“I see” (Arge)

“And I also know that with Cyril
The time to read a book leisurely was different from fun … but it wasn’t boring.” (Igu)

“…Would you mind telling more about it?” (Arge)

“Of course! I will talk as much as you want!” (Igu)


Igu Jisuta-san smiles joyfully and talks about a lot of things.
About failure, success, happiness, and pain.
Her memories with Cyril. She was really happy when talking about it.
Different from Cyril Note that’s kind of sad when talking about the past, Igu Jisuta is talking like showing off her precious treasure.

Igu Jisuta-san continues to speak.
Not only me but also Kuzuha-chan and Felnote-san were listening to her memories.


“… Yeah … I understand well. Thank you very much, Igu Jisuta-san” (Arge)

“Did you remember anything?” (Igu)

“No, that’s not it, but I’m quite exhausted today, so may I have a nap today?” (Arge)

“Yes, of course, in Cyril ‘s room …” (Igu)

“Well … Because I have something to talk with these people, I’m gonna sleep with them in the same room today.” (Arge)

“… Will you come back to me again tomorrow?” (Igu)

“Yes, see you tomorrow” (Arge)


When she’s waving her hand like that, it looks like a temporary breakup with Igu Jisuta-san.
When I thought that she would return to her room in the back of the corridor,
Igu Jisuta-san suddenly turned around.


“Oh, by the way, didn’t the fox child want to find the bathroom?” (Igu)

“… Kuzuha-chan, you wanted to go to the bathroom?” (Arge)

“Oh, yeah, that’s …” (Kuzuha)

“Is something wrong?” (Igu)

“No, no! That’s not it! Thank you for your guide!” (Kuzuha)

“Well then, Igu Jisuta-san, can you take her there first, we’re only talking a little” (Arge)

“Leave it to me, Cyril!” (Igu)


She seems to be very happy to be asked, rather than by me but Cyril.
Igu Jisuta-san held Kuzuha-chan’s hand and took her to the other side of the corridor.

… Maybe Kuzuha-chan told a lie, didn’t she?
Because I was asking her to buy some time, that might be why.
Even though I was trying to search, I had done bad things to Kuzuha-chan.

As a result, only me and Felnote left in the aisle.
And Felnote-san is the one who asked first.


“Arge, have you found the answer?” (Felnote)

“Yes, thanks to you. Felnote-san. And sorry for the trouble.” (Arge)

“I don’t mind, she has been calling you Cyril over and over again, so I don’t want to hear that name for a while.” (Felnote)


After joking, Felnote-san is smiling and winking at me.
But soon after, she returned to her usual serious face,


“So, what are you going to do with that girl?
Don’t tell me, you plan to let that girl feed you for life?
you will not say something like you gonna stay here, right?” (Felnote)

“Well, that is also an attractive idea, isn’t it?” (Arge)

“Hey … are you planning to make me angry?” (Felnote)

“It’s just a joke” (Arge)


Certainly, Igu Jisuta-san will feed me for life.
This place is protected by the golems, and as long as this world is still using Cyril currency I don’t have to worry about work.

It is safe, food, clothing, the shelter is guaranteed, and additionally, a bath is wide and treatment is good.
If I am the usual, I think I will definitely accept.
But I won’t choose the option to be fed by her.


“Because I’m not Cyril” (Arge)


No matter how good, she treats me.
Whatever she calls me, I will not get lost anymore.
I am Kuon Ginji and Argento Vampear.


“That person is looking for Cyril, I’m not Cyril and I can’t become Cyril.” (Arge)


Igu Jisuta really can give out what I want.
An Eternal favor.
But, the one she should give that to is Cyril and not me.
I should tell the truth that Cyril Note asked me.


“I will leave here, after convincing Igu Jisuta-san, definitely” (Arge)


I already made up my mind. I feel bad for Igu Jisuta-san but she must face the truth.


“Can you help me?” (Arge)

“In any case, you can’t escort that dark elf if you don’t manage this problem somehow … By the way, where did she go?” (Felnote)

“There are books that she wants to read, so I left her in the library for the time being” (Arge)

“How carefree … I wonder if she can even have a bit sense of tension” (Felnote)

“I think that she also has something to think about” (Arge)


It’s true that we can’t understand her personality and circumstance at first glance.
Still, Richelle’s uneasy face when she was talking about her hometown was real.
Richelle-san and Igu Jisuta-san
I wonder if I can help them both.


“Well then, let’s return to Zeno-kun. After Kuzuha-chan and Richelle-san come back. I will tell you about my plan in the future again” (Arge)


I made a word and stepped forward without hesitation.

Felnote Kuzuha
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