Average Potion Maker Goddess Chapter 08: Neighbor Kingdom

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Blue Pot.pngBlue Pot 2  Blue Potion: Instant Heal any wounds or injures

Yellow Pot Yellow Potion: Instant Heal any internal organ damage or bone fracture

Red Pot Red Potion: advanced potion, it can make the body ANEW even from life threatening situation.

Aniue = esteemed brother

Urusai = shut up

Average Potion Maker Goddess Chapter 08: Neighbor Kingdom

ED: Lowe [yes i’m back for real this time but idk that i can be on time.]


*Balmoa Kingdom’s capital, Gurua*

There’s an audience with the Royal family at the royal palace. The Earl family are kneeling before their king.


「Raise your face」(King)


The young king that is still in middle 20 years old, he allows the Earl family to raise their face and speak.
Earl of Adan, Gerard von Adan.
Behind him is his eldest son Hector who is still a child, his eldest daughter Yunis.
And a little further behind is the escort captain Robert, female knight Francette.
During the audience, there are a large number of people, including ministers and senior nobles, are present.


「So, Earl Adan, did you claim that you met the goddess?」(King)


Earl Adan answers in a fearful voice to the king’s words


「Recently, my wife’s mother was sick. I was quite busy so I and my wife can’t visit her.
But both my son and daughter are wanting to meet their sick grandmother at all cost. It was quite dangerous for them to travel alone so I arrange an escort knight team …
More details will be explained by the captain the escort knight, Robert …」(Earl Adan)

「Well, your wife was certainly from a neighboring country. I allow you to speak. Robert please explain」(King)


Robert explains the details of the incident with the permission from the king.


「Well, it’s a bit unbelievable …」(Other noble)


After hearing that, a mock smile leaks from an aristocrat who attends the audience with the king. Robert’s face turned red.


「So, what happened after that?」(King)

「Yes, Hector-sama gave the goddess gift medicine to his grandmother, the moment his grandmother drank it, … she was fully recovered」(Robert)


The surrounding nobles that did not speak at all during the audience became noisy like:


「Do you want to get killed, telling the king such a big lie …」


Anyway, the surrounding nobles are calling the Earl of Adan is a liar and laughing at him.
Suddenly the female knight Francette cried out loud.


「Your majesty, this」(Francette)


She takes out a yellow potion from the pocket.
The king looks at it for a brief moment but he orders immediately.


「Bring it here」(King)


As the king ordered, the yellow potion is handed to the attendant.


「Is this the goddess’s medicine?」(King)

「Yes, for Roland-sama」(Francette)

「What! I see. If this medicine can really cure my aniue, I can give the sit back to my aniue」(King)


The King’s older brother, Roland.
He was a man with bravery and had the talent for political affairs.
He also had the trust from the vassals.
Everyone and even the current king has always believed Roland will be the best king from a long time ago.
However, an unfortunate accident happened, in order to protect his brother Serge, he got a serious injury. His right arm has stopped moving.

Roland gave the succession of the throne to his brother.
And after his father’s death he was supporting Serge who succeeded to the throne.
For the young King Serge, Roland was his most respected person in this world. Therefore he always suffered from the guilt.


「Please stop it!」(Nobles)


A voice rises from among aristocrats.


「Your majesty, you can’t let Roland-sama drinks this dubious thing!」(Nobles)


At that time, Francette quickly pulled out another potion from her bosom and raised it over the head. The potion color is red.


「This is also a goddess medicine! Your majesty, please look!!」(Francette)

(I beg you, my goddess, please work) (Francette)


Francette takes off the lid and drinks it all at once.
At that moment, the female knight is wrapped in light.
And the next moment …



「What, what !!」(Nobles)


There was a figure of the female knight which was smaller than before.
Her equipment and clothes became loose.
She looks like a girl about 15 to 16 years old …
Ignoring the noisy nobles, the King held the yellow medicine bottle in his hand and ran to his older brother Roland.


「Aniue, please drinks this!」(King)

「No, you should keep that for when something happens …」(Roland)


Roland tries to push back his brother’s hand with his left hand, but Serge doesn’t withdraw.


「From the past until now, you are the person I and everyone respected the most! And the goddess told that knight, to give this medicine to the one she chose」(King)


King Serge kept talking with his crying face.


「The one she chose is you, Aniue. And even if she chose me, I will still give it to you」(King)


When he saw that face, Roland knew that his brother was definitely not giving up. And he received the medicine bottle.
He quietly opened the lid and slowly drank it.
Nothing happens. His body doesn’t shine and he doesn’t rejuvenate like Francette.


「…move …」(Roland)


「It moves, my right arm moves, …」(Roland)


The king, Serge carefully watch his elder brother’s arm that can freely move.
After a while Serge embraces Roland. He embraced his older brother Roland and overflowed with tears.
The nobles who were making noises also quieted, they are also crying when watching the King and his brother.


「Aniue, I will hold the coronation ceremony soon. You should be the king」(King)

「I don’t want it.」(Roland)



The King is surprised with his elder brother refusing the king’s seat with a light tone.


「Becoming the King is a troublesome thing, I don’t go for it, don’t go bothering me. Sorry but I will put all that troublesome things to you. I will enjoy my life leisurely, Serge!」(Roland)



The female knight Francette is overjoyed.
A young body! My body isn’t muscular or hard, it is soft and smooth.
Although I’m 27 years old.
But I did tell the goddess that 「I wish to become 15 years old again」.
So right now, my body should be 15 years old!
It is a shame that I lose my physical strength and the muscular which I trained with great effort in a long time.
But I still remember the techniques. It would be easier to train.
And I will be able to use as much time as I want to associate with other people.



「Hey, you make a weird face …」(Robert)

Urusai wa yo!」(Francette)


I poked the shoulder of the captain who interrupted my happiness thought by saying extra things.
Because my body is small, my strength should be weakening.
Yes, it should be.


Ebu~! (SFX)


It’s much faster than I thought, and the power is also much stronger.
The Captain was falling on the floor.




My muscular strength and speed are not weakening at all …
It’s rather stronger than before.


「You are Knight Francette, right」(Roland)



The King’s brother Roland is suddenly talking to her, Francette is surprised.


「Well, I think we never met face to face directly, So why me?」(Roland)


「I mean, why『The one you chose 』is me, but not the King …, you didn’t even meet me yet」(Roland)

「Well, about that …」(Francette)


I can not say it. I longed for him a long time ago.
I longed for that figure that protected his younger brother with his body.
And I aimed to become a royal knight with desperate efforts. Someday I’d like to serve Roland-sama and protect the Royal family, such a dream from a 15 years old girl …


「Oh well, let’s hear it later then」(Roland)



ED:[lowe] ahh what a good bromance! absolutely beautiful! ok now lets stop daydreaming XD

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  1. Ufufufu… The one story that made the Goddess cried will have a happy ending… Well then, how about the Goddess herself? I’m sure her power will become even greater by staying as virgin in her 30… :p


  2. Chappy o arigatai!

    Hmm… Kaoru really gave her a happy ending. I didn’t see that potion didn’t just rejuvenate her, but also raise her strength.


      • edited! yeah good to be back! dimension delivery!! yeah finished the death march of tests, homeworks and projects for this week and next week will be quite lenient! yay now more freedom for novels!

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  3. Kaoru… do you plan on changing hairstyle again? Coz’ that look is already no good!
    What’s your plan now? XD

    I’m still looking forward to what path you will fall into…

    Mile became a C rank average hunter, how about you? Hmmmmm……
    A refugee goddess? Oh, Goddess-sama, won’t you pick up that girl picking flowers? I get the feeling that she’s a cute one… It would make quite the picture, Yunis picking flowers… literally, not that one, ok.


  4. recoverd ->recovered
    So why am I? -> so why me?

    Aniue= dear brother
    Urusai wa yo = shut up / stop talking about it

    With this event Kaoru/ goddess become famous. And the female knight wish is granted with nothing to lose at all. Good for her (the knight)

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  5. From a little angel to a goddess loli, but what a quick rise, huh
    Thanks for translating this novel


  6. Knight loli may you find happiness with ex King who can do whatever he wants from now on. Kingdom management? Supporting from behind?
    Is that edible?

    Cue it’s my life.


  7. No she’s definitely still 27. Her appearance simply changed. Or maybe I’m wrong and she did became young considering her improve strength. But her potions are to heaven defying… she should be careful. She could probably bring back the dead


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    Thank you very much for the chapter.


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