Kaoru Chapter 45: Farewell the Capital, till the day we come again

Kaoru Vol 1
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Kaoru Chapter 45: Farewell the Capital, till the day we come again

ED: Lowe

When I woke up, I was in the capital’s inn.
Yeah, I haven’t drunk any alcohol (only juice), but it seems I was quite tired. I slept really well in the inn’s bed.
Ed and others’ horse were staying at the stables of the inn and we asked the inn’s employees to take care of them after we decided to stay at that inn. 5 horses followed Francette after observing the situation without complaining. It was rather convenient.
But she is a knight-like girl who walks without doing anything (talks or holds the reins), and five horses followed after her in peace.
People saw that was really surprised.


It seems that I was the last one to wake up, the other 4 already changed their clothes and readied themself.
… Please wake me up as well!
And, why were you all looking at my sleeping face, surrounded the bed in a roundabout way!
Is this a maiden’s sleeping face appreciation party?


No, I don’t really mind, though.
When we were camping, we were also sleeping and I also looked at other sleeping if I woke up before them.
But I don’t like this situation one bit. I’m not a spectacle! I will take an appreciation fee!
…Wait, with these people, it’s a bit scary because I feel like they are willing to pay.


For now, let’s eat, prepare, and depart quickly.
There was no strange sign around the inn, so it seems that messenger hasn’t arrived yet.
That’s right, perhaps, that messenger would also need sleep at night as well. Moving through the night is inefficient because it only wears yourself out. Rather than do such a thing, he would rather rest at night, and prepare for the next day, it’s far better like that.
So that means that the difference of time from yesterday evening to the present time isn’t a loss and the difference between the distance is still the same. Then, I wonder if it is okay not to hurry so much. We traveled with Ed and other’s horse and my potions to recover their stamina, even if we proceed normally, our movement speed will be faster than the messenger if he can’t change his horse in each town.
After leaving this country, it will be like real 『traveling around the countries』with adventures, we will either camping outdoor, staying in a town inn or staying at some certain place for a while,…
Yay, I’m getting excited!
Alright, time to escape!


* Evening of the same day *


「Okay, So you found Kaoru-sama at the border! Later, I will give rewards for those at the checkpoint. So when will she arrive at the Capital?」(King)


In the evening, during the royal palace audience.
Received the report from the messenger, the king, first prince Fernand, ministers were overjoyed.
However, it was only for a moment.


「About that, I don’t know for sure…」(Messenger)

「What? But I prepared the horse-drawn carriage at each border checkpoint, if you already knew the departure time, why wouldn’t you know the estimated time of arrival?」(King)

「Well, that was…, Kaoru-sama’s party wasn’t riding the horse-drawn carriage but riding their horses themselves …」(Messenger)


The messenger replied to the King’s question so.


「Well, whatever! Maybe they didn’t want to leave their horses to other people, It can’t be help … Okay then, you were already here so they should be here anytime soon…」(King)

「Actually, as soon as I departed, I was overtaken by them quite early, without encountering them again until now …」(Messenger)


「No no, they couldn’t run all the way to the capital with such speed, their horses will collapse right away. They might take a break somewhere off the highway to rest their horses, I might overtake them somewhere without knowing … that’s why I can’t predict their estimated time of arrival …」(Messenger)

「Ah, I see …」(King)


At that moment, the king heard that was relieved and sat down on the throne.
However, Fernand’s complexion was bad. He asked the messenger from the side.


「Is that guess taking into consideration that Kaoru-sama has a lot of healing and recovery potions?」(Fernand)

「「Ah……」」(King + Messenger)


Both the King and the messenger were now realized.
Yes, over the past 4 years, people realized Kaoru had an『invisible bag』or something like that. It was pointed put by『Researching about Kaoru-sama』organization.
Especially at the time she matched against the Arigo Empire, there were many stories that couldn’t be explained. Many people had witnessed Kaoru-sama took things out of the thin air or she had everything while never held any luggage.


It’s impossible for average people to use the precious Kaoru-sama’s potions for horses.
However, the said person is that 『Kaoru-sama』. She can’t be treat as an『Average』people at all.


「Gather all of the soldiers available! Dispatch the search teams in the royal city, and also dispatch the search teams on the road that Kaoru-sama has passed through and the inland direction. Hurry! Fernand, just to be sure, go to that dining room!」(King)


Everyone who heard it, following the order in a hurry. Fernand also hurried running to the dining room without even replying.


「Ah, that’s right. Kaoru-chan’s big sister certainly came over last night, but Kaoru-chan didn’t」(Shop owner)



A man called Fer that attached to Kaoru would come over to ask if Kaoru had visited the dining room. Because Kaoru was anticipating this to happen and told the owner last night, the owner replied as she was told briefly.
However, there’s one thing Fernand wonder about. The older sister hadn’t met with Kaoru again from that time, she couldn’t aware of this store.

(In that case, is she actually Kaoru …) (Fernand)

「Well, I was really surprised, the customers who happen to come in, and she looks exactly like Kaoru-chan!
I was so happy, so I caught and hugging her in my arms, I was also made big fuss!」(Owner)


「Only after heard her explanation, I knew that she is Kaoru-chan’s big sister. I asked a lot of questions and told her a lot of stories, that girl was also surprised. Her group was happen coming here to have a meal, but as she knew this is the shop where her younger sister worked and lived, she booked the whole shop, invited everyone that knew her sister for a party as she listening to everyone’s stories」(Owner)



Just when he thought that he got some important info, but it disappeared in a blink.
Only if he was there on the spot, he might be able to confirm …
Even he thought so, there was nothing he could do about it.


「Has her sister told you something like her future plans or destinations?」(Fernand)


After hearing Fer’s question, the owner thought for a while and replied.


「She did not say anything about her destination. But when I told that Kaoru-chan seemed to have been injured and was forced to leave the capital, she got angry… Well, that was natural.
And her face was really scary as she muttered『Who the hell is the one who hurt my sister!』and 『I will never forgive him!』… If anyone looked at the face similar to Kaoru when she was angry last night, even a child would start crying. No, forget it!」(Owner)


Fernand was pale when he heard it.
She was already aware of the other opponent is 『a man』. It was already too much …


「Well, Kaoru. No, the sister, where is she now?」(Fernand)


Somewhat trembling voice, Fernand asked so.


「Well … it seems like her group went to an inn, somewhere …」(Owner)


As Fernand heard it, he left the dining room without saying anything.


「As long as you hide the fact that you are the prince. To me, you are just someone stumble upon Kaoru-chan, just a rogue. The bad guy that make her can’t stay in this city anymore. I will never forgive you!」(Owner)


The owner answered according to the model answer taught by Kaoru, surely sniffed that fact out, she said so with the face like wanted to throw up.


Fernand ran to the inn. Even though there were other search teams, but he decided to investigate himself first. And the inns investigated by Fernand were only high-class inns where only aristocrats and large merchants could stay.
No, if it was normal, a major of Kaoru’s party would suggest staying at such an inn. The king’s brother, his fiance, the great hero of the salvation, and the goddess’ best friend.
But that night, Kaoru group couldn’t stay at such an inn. And since everyone already heard what Kaoru told the people in the dining room, Francette and Roland couldn’t choose such an inn.
As a result, Fernand’s actions still end up in vain because he has yet to understand the human being『Kaoru』


「From the report, her group already left early in the morning!」(Captain or Soldier)



The search party in the royal city was still continued, but according to a report from those who finished the inn survey, it seemed that Kaoru-sama’s group already left the capital early in the morning.
According to the information that they got from the inn’s search party, Kaoru’s group had already left the inn. But if her group wanted to continue staying, it was normal to stay as they were. There is also possibility that her group would continue staying in the capital at another inn, but that probability was low.


「How about dispatching another search parties in the highway!」(King)

「We already instructed but it’s already evening, so we made emergency. However, if you let the search parties depart in the dark night without moon, the horses will be injured and it will be impossible to pursue. We have to depart tomorrow when it has become bright …」(Captain or Soldier)

「Well, it will be a whole day’s delay, but it can’t be helped …」(King)


The king seemed not to give up yet.
In order to escape the Capital before the messenger arrived, her group had made an impossible traveling speed with their horses. However, as soon as she achieved her purpose, her group traveling speed will fall down. The King thought so.
However, Fernand who was finished his inn survey, had somehow assumed.
Once again, the girl had slipped through between his fingers.

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  1. After leaving this country, it will be like real 『traveling around the countries』with campaigns, staying in a town inn, staying at some certain for a while,…
    imouto-sama, what does the campaign means? adventure?

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  2. Suggestion:
    Yeah, I haven’t drunk {and}->{any} alcohol (only juice), but it seems I was quite tired.

    it will be like real 『traveling around the countries』{with}->{type of} adventures

    Hurry! Fernand, just to be sure, go to {the}->{} that dining room!」(King)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Why is this price still bothering?

    He’s already gotten the label of a creep… there is no escaping from that.

    Whatever political play he may use she can just destroy by saying no and he can’t do anything about it lest he be known as someone trying to imprison the goddesses friend.


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