Mile Chapter 172: Aura Family 4

Maid Adel Mile
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Mile Chapter 172: Aura family 4


「I would like to invite you all to the aura family’s mansion …」(Dunbine)


After paying double back to the people who lent money, the Baron Aura butler Dubbine invited only the『Red oath』
Well, he didn’t borrow much so he only lost a few gold coins.


「Uhm, about that …I …am not good with aristocrats」(Rena)

「「「Eh……」」」(Pauline + Mile + Maevis)


3 other girls raised their surprised voice to Rena’s words.
And listening to it, Rena realized.
When she thinks about it again, there are aristocrats in the 『Red oath』with ranks that are even higher than the baron.
Plus, they were were hold high esteem even by the Royal family.


「Well… that’s true…」


Nobility background rate average is at 50 percent.
There was no other hunter party with this rate. (T.N: Too average)


「Thanks for inviting us!」(Mile)

「「「Huh?」」」(Pauline + Rena + Maevis)


Even though the girls were a little surprised for Mile’s decision, and they knew Mile doesn’t really want to have a connection with nobles, however Mile agreed to it.
So, Everyone acknowledged it as well.


Even though Baron is a low class aristocrat, but that butler went out with his master’s important order, so of course he came with carriage.
The girls boarded on the carriage and headed to the Aura Baron’s mansion.


Although Dunbine had came here on carriage, but on the way home he let the 『Red oath』sit in the carriage, and he sat next to the driver.
There are only a little space to sit, and he would refrain from riding in the carriage with the guests.
Because half of the members are not aristocrats, he showed consideration for other girls to calm down with each other until they reach the mansion.


「… and what is the purpose?」(Rena)


If there was no reason, Mile would not visit aristocracy, which is troublesome.
Heard Rena’s question in the carriage, Mile replied.


「Oh, I’d like to see the illness of the Baron’s daughter…
That medicine is just herbal medicine, so it maybe used for nourishment only, even if she drinks it, it won’t cure her illness.
And perhaps, with my knowledge in my country, I might know how to treat that illness…」(Mile)

「Yeah, I also thought you’d say that」(Rena)


Maevis and Pauline were also nodding with Rena.


「Mile-chan, then maybe you can use magic treatment …」(Pauline)

「Well, that depends on the circumstances,
but if we do something wrong, we will end up as a murderer instead」(Mile)


Yes, unlike injuries, if you use healing magic on a sick person, poor performance will lead to sudden deterioration, which may lead to death of the patient.

It’s a reason why magic can not be used for illness.

Besides, fever and coughing are the reactions necessary for the body to fight disease.
When your body gets near 40 degrees fever, it’s necessary to lower the heat in order to protect the brain and reproductive function,
But when it’s not serious, suppressing symptoms is unnecessary, sometimes it’s bad instead.


Mile had teached Pauline some basic medical knowledge,
so she must be aware of the way to use it somehow,
and she must know that magic can do some degree of disease treatment.
But this isn’t something that she could use lightly for nobles.
Because failure is un-acceptable, it’s not simply acceptable if the patient doesn’t get better.


「Well, anyway, I will try to do as much as I can…」(Mile)


Mile smiled as she said that.


「Oh, by the way, Pauline-san, why did you do such a troublesome thing?
If it’s about 10 gold coins, we could easily…」(Mile)


Heard Mile’s question, Pauline answered like it’s obvious.


「Oh, that’s no good, because if we were lending money, it wasn’t a deal or a business.
Yes, we have to fight properly as a proper deal, proper business.
in addition…」(Pauline)

「In addition?」(Mile)

「If he can’t pay it, it will be a big loss.
We may lend money to relative or a friend, however I will not lend money to someone I do not know, no matter any circumstances they have!」(Pauline)

(((Uwa……))) (Rena + Mile + Maevis)


Well, Pauline is Pauline after all.



「Please wait for a while」(Dunbine)


After leading the girl to the guestroom and prepared tea and sweets, Dunbine disappear.
Of course, he goes to explain the circumstances to his master and ask for meeting.




Rena tasted the black tea and packed sweets, gave out her impression.


「Yes, delicious…」(Pauline)


Pauline as well.

Even though it was normal for Mile, who had been carefully brought up as a wealthy aristocrat and lived with her family in her previous life, to be eating delicious food.
But for Rena, a daughter of a small pedler, or Pauline daughter of a merchant that lived a simple life, these sweets seemed to be quite luxury.


「If we left things out, it will be rude」(Rena)


Rena tried to eat more than a quarter amount, obviously thought of a reason to explain.


「Ah, please wait!」(Mile)


And, in a hurry, Mile tried to secure some for her as well.
Even though she used to eat delicious things a long time ago, but in recent years she lived even worse than commoners.
Besides, Mile has bad fuel consumption, she was getting hungry really soon.
Although Mile mostly gives foods to other people, this time as well. However she doesn’t mean to give up everything to Rena.


「Hey, wait, that was…mine…」(Rena)

「What are you saying, isn’t this my share…?」(Mile)

「Rena probably ate more than a quarter already!」(Pauline)

「「「Gunuunuu…」」」(Mile + Rena + Pauline)


Pauline also participated in the war, and the mood became rather bad.


「Uhm, if you do not mind, I will bring you a substitute … so …」(Maid)

「「Eh?」」(Mile + Rena)


When Mile and Rena looked back, there was a maid standing with a troubled face.
Yes, a capable servant will not leave important guests alone. Dunbine had arranged the maid properly.


「… I’m sorry, please」(Pauline)


Pauline thought that her part would’t remain the same, shyly asked so.
And Rena was blushing a little.


「I beg you, don’t make me so embarrassed …」(Maevis)


Apparently, it seems that this commontion is something that can’t be tolerated by the child of the nobility, Maevis.
However, for another child of the aristocrat, no, Mile is the exclusive aristocracy, so
It doesn’t seem to be a big problem.



「Thank you for waiting, Baron Aura would like to meet all of you and would like to say thank…」(Dunbine)


After all of the alternative sweets were eaten, the butler Dunbine returned, guided everyone to another room.


「Welcome to the Aura family, I’m Herval von Aura.
I appreciate your help this time.
Thanks to you, we got our reserved herbal medicine for my daughter, Litoria without any problems,
And you also prevent our Aura family from being shamed in front of the merchant.
No, on the contrary, now that we outwited that greedy merchant, the reputation of the Aura family would have been raised.
I’d like to ask you joining us for lunch」(Herval)

「「「With pleasure !!」」」(Rena + Mile + Pauline)


The voices of three girls except Maevis were raised together.
Maevis had a bitter smile.
For Rena and Pauline, this is an opportunity that only happen several times in a lifetime, such as tasting noble food.
And for Miles, authentic aristocratic meals are experienced in 『Integrated Adel’s memory』
But after she remembered her past life and lived as Mile, she never tasted it.
And now is the chance to experience it.
Except for Maevis, she lived as a daughter of an Earl which was spoiled by her family, she had the pride to keep and she also might already tire of eating such foods.


「Ah, that’s right, joining us for lunch isn’t the rewards.
Of course, our Aura family would prepare an appropriate remuneration.
Please be relieved」(Herval)


However, 『Red oath』 weren’t really interested with the Baron’s words.
The baron didn’t notice that and only smiled with the 『Red oath』which were a little interested in the talk of reward, the girls were looking forward to the lunch instead.


「… If so, would you please reward us as appointment request?」(Maevis)

「Oh, of course, are you sure you don’t mind?」(Herval)

「Certainly! please do it so」(Maevis)


Different from the 3 girls, whose heads were full of lunch and reaction was delayed, Maevis asked the baron.


Nomination request from a noble.
Although it is a post-treatment, it’s still count a big point for promotion.
Though passing the guild, part of fee will be taken, but the girls are not in trouble with money.,
And 『Red oath』give priority to promotion rather than money, that wasn’t a big problem. For anyone other than Pauline, who place importance on money rather than promotion.

Baron also knows well about the Hunter Guild, of course.

Therefore, from what Maevis said, he understood that this 『Red oath』party weren’t troubling with money despite being a young girls’ party.


「Well, let’s talk with my family at lunch at lunch time,
it’s an opportunity to hear interesting stories from young female hunter group,
If I’m the only one listening, my family will be angry later
Well, Dunbine, please take care of our guests until then」(Herval)


As Baron Aura said, everyone started going away.


「Hmm, it seems he treated even commoner guests nicely!」(Maevis)

「Yes, he seems like a good noble」(Mile)


Mile nodded with Maevis’s impression, Rena and Pauline also agreed.
And until the lunch time, the butler, Dunbine talked about various things of the Aura family.


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  2. Suggestion:
    there are aristocrats in the 『Red oath』with ranks {}->{that} are even higher than the baron.

    「Well… that’s {ture}->{true}…」

    Nobility {}->{background} rate {is average}->{average is at} 50 percent.
    There was {not such}->{no other} hunter party with this rate. (T.N: Too average)

    「{Thank for invite}->{Thanks for inviting} us!」(Mile)

    but {the butler that}->{that butler} went out with his master’s important order, so of course he came with carriage.

    he let the 『Red oath』sit {on}->{} in the carriage, and he sat next to the driver.

    Because failure is un-acceptable, it’s not {simple just}->{simply acceptable if} the {patitent}->{patient} doesn’t get better.

    or {Paulin}->{Pauline} daughter of a merchant that lived a simple life,

    No, on the contrary, not {}->{only} that we outwited that greedy merchant, the reputation of the Aura family would have been raised.

    And until the lunch time, the {butler’s Bandain}->{butler, Dunbine} talked about various things of the Aura family.

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  3. so adel was adel until she was thrown away and then remembered her past life? I thought it was from the beginning that she remembered and it was strange that she allowed everything with her family actions


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