Mile Chapter 180: Miami Satodelle

Mile Vol 5 Page 09
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T.N: 27 chapters (28-48days) left.

Mile Chapter 180: Miami Satodelle


One day, it was early in the morning, when Reni-chan was sweeping in front of the entrance of the inn, one man called out to her.


『Is there someone named Reni here?』(Man)

『I’m Reni, but …』(Reni)


Right now, both her parents already woke up and prepared in the inn, if anyone have business with the inn, they should go in and talk with the adults instead of having business with Reni-chan, who is just a child.

Although she answerd, Reni-chan stayed caution, holding the broom in a battle position.


『No, I’m not a suspicious person. I just come here to deliver items!』(Man)


In a hurry, the man took out the letter from the bag on his shoulder and handed it over to Reni-chan.


『This is…?』(Reni)

『No, I’m just a delivery man, so I don’t know even if you ask me…
Because the sender already paid in advance, you can just accept it』(Man)


Reni-chan looked over the sealed letter, the inn and her name were really written as the destination.
However, there’s no name of the sender.

Reni-chan couldn’t understand, didn’t people usually write their name outside the sealed letter to be seen by others?


『Who is the sender and where is the sender from?』(Reni)


The man shook his head to Reni-chan.


『I can’t answer it, and actually I don’t know the sender’s name of that letter either.
No, of course I know the name of the staff who told me to deliver it, if I checked back with that staff I would get the information.
but sender’s name isn’t necessarily as long as I knew where the letter was addressed to.
You may find out who is the sender by reading.
It’s the guild’s rule to keep contact information a secret.
So please don’t ask me about it.
And we didn’t ask the sender’s real name or affiliation back then either, but just a contact name.
By doing so, the customer’s secret will be kept』(Man)


When she heard that, the smart Reni-chan understood with a “pin~” sound.
She cut the letter’s seal on the spot and read the first few lines of the letter.
And she immediately put the letter back in the envelope.


『U…uhm, could you please wait until I write the reply letter?
Also, would you please send the letter back the sender?』(Reni)


The man smiled gently after thinking just a little.


『If you write a reply right now, I will wait to pick it up』(Man)

『Please come here!』(Reni)


And then Reni-chan pulled the man’s hand, took him in the pre-opening dining room, and had him sat on the seat, ignoring the owner who felt distubed. She arranged 3 mugs of ale and snack for him, and desperately started writing letter.


『Isn’t it a little time consuming to drink all this …?』(Man)


Drinking 3 mugs of ale early in the morning is contrary to that man’s policy.


『Well, whatever. I can just drink slowly …
To be honest, I have never drunk this much.
Even if I drink at home, there’s no one to complain.
Because It wouldn’t be good for other to see me drinking during work so I’ve never drunk in daytime.
I might drink if I go around the office from the back door, but I didn’t feel like it.
This little girl who seems to be an important person for that person,
I feel bad to make her hurry too much』(Man)


As he thought so, the man slowly touched a first cup.


***After a while***


The man received the letter from Reni-chan, bowed to her as he said thanks and left the inn.
Then he started walking around the streets, where people began to increase.
Sometimes he slipped through the crowd, sometimes ran through a narrow back alley, continuing unreasonable and aggressive move seems to be impossible, just like a shadow and disappeared.


『But she seems to be high alerted with stranger…
Well, I have instruction so I’m willing to protect her anyway.
However, what on earth is that person fighting against…?
Well, I’m used to it, but it won’t be funny to go against sensei’s instruction…』(Man)

(T.N: Guild staff, stop talking while you are drunk, you took me very long time to translate this 1 dialog)

Then the man was devoted to paper work because he couldn’t come out to work with other employees until he sober from 3 mugs of ale.




『Mile, you like reading books, don’t you?
Have you read these yet?』(Rena)


As she said so, Rena offered two entertainment books to Mile.


『Eh? Why does Rena-san have a book! It’s very expensive!』(Mile)


Yes, in this world, books are stupidly expensive.
Even Mile must borrow books from the library without buying books.
And in this world, the number of books for entertainment is really small.
Most of the books are Academic books and Nobility autobiography, etc.
Because the books’ purpose mostly are《Record history, important information, honor great people’s achievement》
There are only a certain number issued, they aren’t profitable.
Apart from whether the content is true or not.


However, entertainment books aren’t so.
1 volume per book in the world where the book culture still isn’t developed yet,
Such work would hardly secure enough money to be profitable,
that’s why it isn’t easy to lower the book price so that took a long time to made by handwritten.
And as for Hunter who live a traveling life, books will become excess baggage and increase the weight and other transporting problems.

Unless, you have even an average item box like Mile. Hunters would never buy books, so it’s unlikely for Mile to expect that Rena would buy books.


『I just borrowed it, if we deposit a gold coin per book in the library, they will lend us the books with price one silver coin for three days for each book.
And in the library, everyone is just silently reading with quite a scary face.
Reading book there is really uncomfortable.
I still need to pay the admission fee when reading at the library anyway.
So, I thought that it wouldn’t change much with borrow fee, so I borrowed it.
And I already paid it with my own money, so it’s okay even if everyone read it together.
This author’s book is really interesting.
I’ve read several copies quite some time before, but now the Author had a new publication, I borrowed 2 volumes together』(Rena)


Because Rena kept insist, Mile took the books and looked at the title.


《Riajuu King》The story of three daughters who really love their father and the popular old King.
Author: Miami Satodelle

《Young Hamster’s trouble》The story of a young man who can’t win against the ferocious cockatrice that settled in his garden.
Author: Miami Satodelle


Mile was trembling as she looked at the two books.


『Well, I… I am fine to be the last people read it…
So, please, give them to Pauline-san and Maevis-san first…』(Mile)

『Well, you could read books really quick anyway.
I will give it to you later, then
Maevis, Pauline, do you want to read this?』(Rena)


Rena moved away from Mile to Maevis and Pauline while saying that.
And Mile seems to be full of sweat.




Late night, after Rena and everyone went to bed.

Just like usual, Mile was staying up late at night, was writing using lighting magic in the light blocking barrier.
And after finished writing, Mile brought out the letter from the item box and read through again.

Yes, there’s one more letter for another person in the same package contained the letter sent from Reni-chan.


《Manuscripts from Miami Satodelle-sensei have been received.
We will immediately transfer it to the writing house to mass-produce it.
The sales of the previous work are good, and some stories might be picked by the theater as well.
The payment for manuscript has already been transferred to your account in the commercial guild.
The letter of your request was also delivered safely.
And it goes without saying. We are waiting for the next manuscript.
Orthus Publishing Mersacks》(Letter)

(T.N: Mile’s inner thought?)

I wanted to spread interesting stories to this world rather than earning money.
I wanted to create a story with my own hands and have everyone enjoy it.
And I wanted to imprint this world so everyone can understand my gags.
It’s too painful and sad if there’s no one who knows about the stories I love.


《Please give me an Anime, Wiseman (please give me an Anime, Kenji Onii-chan)》

(T.N: Kenja mean Wiseman, while Kenji is a name.
and maybe アニメージュを取ってきてちょうだい、賢治おにいちゃん is a quote somewhere that I don’t know)


Miami Satodelle.

It is a mixture of the three names of Misato, Adel, Mile.
The combination of three Mile’s lives.
That was Miami Satodelle.


『I will do it! I will make sure to spread 《Japan Fukashi talk』to this world, no matter what,
《World Fukashi talk》spreading, start!』(Mile)


But unknown to Mile.

Maevis and Pauline who read the book borrowed from Rena noticed that it was like the 《Japanese Fukashi talk》heard from Mile so far.
They came to a mutual understanding that they shouldn’t reveal this secret…

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  1. Lol, secrets ain’t hidden well against yo friends! Unless you’re at the pinnacle of ‘average’.

    Author as a side job heh? Not only that, her writings are well received OMG.

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  2. Hmm… In case the TN last chapter wasn’t clear enough. This is how to make miami satodelle:
    Mi Sato (pre-reincarnation)
    A Del (First post reincarnation)
    Mi Le (second post reincarnation)

    Read up to down then left to right.

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  3. I aim to be an average book author!

    “…and that´s how Miami Satodelle started the moviment know as Renaissance, changing our whole world” (history museum guide)

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  4. Suggestion:
    『{Is}->{Isn’t} it a little time consuming to drink all this …?』(Man)

    To be honest, I have never {drunk}->{drink} this much.

    Then he started walking around the streets, {which}->{where} people began to increase.

    And as for Hunter who live a traveling life, books will become {luguage}->{excess baggage} and increase the weight

    And I wanted to imprint {the ground for}->{this world so} everyone {}->{can} understands my {gageta}->{gags/stories}.

    『I will do{}->{it}! I will make sure to spread 《Japan Fukashi talk』


  5. A man looks for a big breasted loli and claims he is not suspicious.
    Yes he is definitely not suspicious.
    Definitely not when he was ushered in before opening time by a loli and offered 3 mugs of ale.

    A certain doting parent is definitely not in shock grasping at straws over his relationship with daugther loli.

    Mile you make a certain hon-chan proud.

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  8. I like how Mile’s long-term goal is to change the common sense of the world so people can understand her jokes. It’s a very worthwhile goal.


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