Arge 142: How to handle important thing

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As readers suggest, I will speed up Mira translation a little to draw people attention back.

From today, I will translate Mile and Arge daily, (Main-translation-project)

With the time I have left on each day I will use it to translate Mira. (Side-translation-project)

It might take 1 weeks+ for 1 chapter of Mira (because I only use my spare time) but at least we will have Mira on the regular schedule and we won’t be bored with Mile or Arge daily dose.

As more Kaoru and Cathy, maybe I will release their “1 ARC worth chapters” in Late August or September. (Because Mile and Arge will take more than 1 months / about 50 chapters)

Arge 142: How to handle important thing





With breath-taking sound, the arrows are released.
The arrow generated by the magical power scattered the grass and flew exactly to the target.


『As I thought. Hunting at the place where I used to is the best』(Richelle)

『Is that so?』(Arge)

Arge Emo 48

『Because I know about the flow of air, the wind, the movement of prey and topography』(Richelle)


Richelle-san is gently smiling as she explains it to me. The bow she held named《Comet Flow Judgment 》
a Special Magic Artifact with the power to refine the owner’s magical power to arrows.
It has a wonderful design, it’s beautiful enough to draw your eyes in, I also want to touch it a bit.
But of course, asking that will be an obstacle to the hunting, so I leave my curiosity aside.

Richelle-san asked me to help her hunt because Felnote was angry staring at me so she decided to give me a helping hand.
The help is simply storing fruits that everyone gathered in my blood box.
Most work is done by Richelle-san and about 10 dark elves going together with her.

Even today, the prey deer which Richelle-san hunted was dismantled by a few Dark Elf men.
The rest of the dark elves were moving around this hunting area, looking for other prey, harvesting nuts fruits.
While looking at such scenery gently, I have a word with Richelle-san.


『I don’t think you need my help in this situation』(Arge)

Arge 5

『Yeah … that’s right. I only bring Arge-sama along today for my selfishness』(Richelle)

『Haa… selfishness?』(Arge)

Arge Emo 1



With a big smile, Richelle-san’s long ears moved a bit.
She looks kind of happy.
I don’t know what makes her feel glad about this kind of trouble,
but I’m happy that Richelle-san was delighted.

And as we chat with each other, Richelle-san continue to shoot more prey in between.

Perhaps this will accumulate 《outcome》 for the meal today.


『Is this okay …?』(Dark Elf 1)

『No, Milady already came back, we need more』(Dark Elf 2)

『Well so … Should we thank the grace of the forest and continue?』(Dark Elf 3)

『That’s right.
The forest often takes care of the appetite of Milady.
Blessing of the forest …』(Dark Elf 4)


It seems that nearly everyone who was in the hunt agreed. The abnormal appetite was not unique to dark elves but was the character of individual Richelle-san.


『Arge-sama, how are you doing?』(Richelle)

『No, I was thinking a bit about the magnificence of the grace of the forest now』(Arge)

Arge Emo 29

『Was it true?
Certainly, we always have to be thankful every time. Everyone, I and Arge-sama will move to the west a little more.
I’ll leave the rest in your hands』(Richelle)

『Is that okay, Milady?』(Dark Elf)

『Let’s finish earlier. If we can finish early,
it means that everyone’s break time will increase…
There are deep forests around this area.
And even though there are no intruders, but remember always going as group』(Richelle)

『Yes! Milady!』(Dark Elf)


Richelle-san gave the words, and the Dark Elves followed it quickly.
In this way, I realized that Richelle-san was also the lady (lord) of this land.
She is respected by the people.
She is a respectable lord who has overcome several difficulties.
Richelle-san gave out the order with a dignified atmosphere just like when she shot her bow in our journey.
Even she usually has a gentle impression.

It was also fresh to see that she was instructing so many people in this manner.
After confirming that all the members of hunt already away from the sight.
She smiles like usual and turned towards me.


『Well then, Arge-sama, here, please be careful of your feet』(Richelle)

『Thank you, Richelle-san, but is it okay for you and me not helping with disassembling meat at all?』(Arge)

Arge Emo 4

『Yes, we can leave it to everyone. Rather, I would like to have a walk with Arge-sama』(Richelle)


Somehow, Richelle is smiling happily and she goes ahead to guide me.
The forest still has a lot of humidity, and as for me who wears a robe, I sweat a lot.
But it’s not that unpleasant, is it because of this place close to the village?
It’s not hard walking on foot, I can keep doing it in a relaxed way, there’s even a margin to enjoy the scenery.

Time flows slowly.

And as I walked while feeling the scenery in the vicinity, Richelle-san called out to me.


『 Isn’t this forest a nice place. Please don’t mind and do as you like』(Richelle)

『Haa, thank you…』(Arge)

Arge Emo


To be honest, the treatment here is very comfortable
If I was told that I could do it as I like for a long time, I would stay here forever.
So, would Felnote-san make a confusing face again?
… It’s a little troubling.

Felnote-san always has angry faces, but she is basically a serious person.
If I start “playing around”, she will try to stop me.
Of course, I wasn’t able to get over my troublesome personality that easily,
but won’t I make Felnote-san angry a lot for keep doing that way?
That will be a big problem.
Because it seems to be long-talking.




『Arge-sama? You have a difficult face …』(Richelle)

『Oh, I’m sorry …
If I stayed here forever, Felnote-san might be angry,
I wonder if she is going to accept it』(Arge)

Arge Emo 45

『Hehe, you are good friends, aren’t you?』(Richelle)

『… do you think so?』(Arge)

Arge Emo 22

I couldn’t respond immediately to the evaluation that we are on good terms.
I think that it isn’t as if our relationship is bad.
I had lived in the same house for a while with Felnote-san and she was often angry during that time,
but I didn’t hate living in such an environment.
Of course, I was with her because I don’t dislike her.


『I do not think we are on bad terms, but isn’t she getting angry often?』(Arge)

Arge Emo 26

『That’s because Felnote-sama thinks for Arge-sama』(Richelle)

『… Is it something like that?』(Arge)

Arge Emo 23



Richelle-san looked surprised for a moment with my words and she has a gesture like thinking for a while.
It seems like she is looking for words to say.
And after a while, Richelle-san starts talking slowly.


『Arge-sama is the vampire, I mean, you should be an existence that worshiped by the Dark Elf because we have the same characteristics as the Holy Spirit』(Richelle)

『Haa, it seems so』(Arge)

Arge Emo 6

As far as I heard, the vampire of this world seems to have the magical power of the dark attribute.
Igu Jisuta-san also said that I’m the same existence because I have a similar spirit characteristic.
It’s not wrong that Richelle-san’s evaluation that the vampire with the same spirit characteristic.


『Yes. I mean…
Because Arge-sama is an individual being, so you might not understand it.
But human being and dark elves.
They make children, leave behind the character of their race.
Occasionally, even parents were also angry with their child, people might be angry with their important person.
That’s what I want to tell you』(Richelle)

『…Is it something like that?』(Arge)

Arge Emo 10

To be precise, what Richelle-san says is a little mistake.
I was a human being.
In other words, as she says, I was a type of race that makes a child and leave behind the character of my race.

… My house was different.

There was nothing like that at the house of Kuon.
Treasure the excellent talent and discard the ineligible.
And it was common sense for me until now…


『I see… in other words, Felnote-san is angry just because she thinks of me』(Arge)

Arge Emo 52

『Yes, so Felnote-sama really cherish Arge-sama a lot』(Richelle)

『She was always angry, and I thought it was because she was pissed off』(Arge)

Arge Emo 33

『Well, that … perhaps she is also a little bit angry…』(Richelle)


Oh, as expected, she is really angry even it’s just a little bit.


『Ahem… anyway, there are various ways to show love, Arge-sama』(Richelle)

『Well, since my acquaintance also has thirty or forty wives, I understand sort of such things.』(Arge)

Arge emo 36

『… that is probably not a common human being, but a rather special kind of…』(Richelle)

『No, it is a mushroom among humans』(Arge)

Arge Emo 27

『Mushroom among humans ……!?』(Richelle)


Richelle-san had a great face as she shocked and we couldn’t continue if she didn’t say a word.
Richelle-san slowly shook her head after a while.


『No, it’s good, I was a little surprised…
Anyway, Arge-sama, it would be nice if you could understand』(Richelle)

『Yes, I understand.
Thank you, Richelle-san』(Arge)

Arge Emo

I wonder why Richelle-san cared for me of this.
She was relieved to hear my reply, Richelle-san breathed out and nodded.
When I couldn’t remove my line of sight from her smiling face with her golden hair swaying, she took my hand.
I can walk in this forest, there’s no need to hold hand here, is there?
Even I thought so, I don’t mind holding hand with her.


『… By the way, Arge-sama.
From time to time, I personally would like to thank you』(Richelle)

『Thank you? But I think you already did it though…』(Arge)

Arge Emo 40

『That is almost what people in my territory do.
Apart from that, I wonder if anything I can do for you』(Richelle)

『Well, … even if you told me so, I particularly don’t need anything right now.
Rather, I’d say that every day is happy with maintaining the status quo …』(Arge)

Arge Emo 45


Also, Felnote-san is angry, but in fact, I am satisfied with the current situation.
I understand that the Demon Continent is a dangerous place,
but it’s true that the treatment in the Dark Elf territory is terribly cozy and difficult to leave.
Indeed, if this is a peaceful land, I want to settle down like this.


However, Richelle-san seems to be unconvinced by that.
Richelle-san’s brows shifted as she thought for about a few seconds.
And then, she has a bright face again.


『Well then, please take this from me』(Richelle)


“Take”, Naturally.
Richelle-san comes closer to my bosom.
The fragrance comes to my nose just like by being brought near the wine,
Sweet and gentle smell like fruit.



Arge Emo 9

Above all,
I strongly feel the smell that I didn’t normally conscious about because we are at close range now.
As a vampire, it’s what I ask without question. Something I can’t help but seek.
That is… the smell of Richelle-san’s blood.

Arge Vol 5
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  1. Suggestion: just a bit
    With breath-taking {words}->{sound}, the arrows are released.

    With a big smile, Richelle-san’s long {}->{hair/arm/leg} moved a bit.
    She looks kind of happy.

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  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    Do I have to buy/play night of azure 1 before 2? (sorry about off topic)


  3. 『Ahem… anyway, there are various ways to show love, Arge-sama』(Richelle)

    『Well, since my acquaintance also has thirty or forty wives, I understand sort of such things.』(Arge)

    『… that is probably not a common human being, but a rather special kind of…』(Richelle)

    『No, it is a mushroom among humans』(Arge)

    『Mushroom among humans ……!?』(Richelle)


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