Arge Chapter 154: My precious friend

Arge Kuzuha
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T.N: Kuzuha must be born in a wrong series.

She is not only cute BUT ALSO cool like Shounen battle manga main character

Arge Chapter 154: My precious friend





Arge-san flew away flew towards the sea with something dropped from the flying iron mass.
With a serious look that I have never seen before, Arge-san flew away from us.
My silver hair friend went far away, became as small as a point and…




A blank flash appears in the faraway sky where Arge-san is.
It’s as bright as the sun has fallen.
An intense shock and explosion crush my ears as I try to look at the light.




I can’t even hear my voice calling my important friends’ name.

When the light disappears, there was only a sky with no clouds remaining.
It was as if my important friend wasn’t there from the beginning, it was a ridiculous scene.
When my hearing came back, the only thing that echoed was the sound of the wind including the spark.


『No way, it’s a lie, isn’t it …?』(Felnote)

『Oh, ah… aaaaaaaaaaah… Arge-sama… my people, everyone…』(Richelle)


Felnote-san has a stunning voice. Richelle-san cries out.
For a while, I feel like my feet are shaking.
I don’t know what that is.
Is that explosion due to some kind of magic? Or a magic artifact?
It doesn’t matter. Anything is okay.
All I knew was that Arge-san was swallowed by that light and disappeared.


『Arge-san… death…』(Isabella)

『There’s no way it’s true!!!』(Kuzuha)


I denied strongly the words from Isabella-san.
Of course, I have no proof for what I said just now.
I don’t know whether she is alive, safe or dead in the first place.

But he is different.
I’m sure he will understand.
Because he is deeply connected to Arge-san more than any of us.

And his footstep is coming here must be because he knows Arge-san is alive.





Even though only Arge-san can understand his words, but I’m sure he is feeling the same as me.
I jumped on the black horse which came running through the burned field without hesitation and gripped the reins.


『To Arge-san…!』(Kuzuha)


『I’m sorry, Felnote-san! I can’t wait!』(Kuzuha)

I’m sure you can borrow a ship if you go to Mutsuki-san’s place.
There is also a way to let Neguseou-san guide all of us to Arge-san.
But how long will it take to rebuild this territory and prepare the ship?
I don’t think I would like to wait for it.
Because Arge might have been hurt somewhere.
Or perhaps that explosion has blown her to somewhere I don’t know.


『I’m sorry that I don’t have time to wait…
Please, Neguseou-san!!』(Kuzuha)



As I hold steady on the reins, Neguseou-san raises his speed up clearly.
Neguseou-san is linked with Arge-san by soul and body with the skill blood contract.
That tie is so strong that they can understand each other’s state even if they are away.
That’s why he can surely sense Arge-san’s direction.
In other words, Arge-san isn’t dead at least.
If so, that’s fine.

I’m not afraid just because the landscape is flowing so fast, as I know I’m on my way to my important friend.

Beyond the forest, past the hill, pass through the grasslands, and pass the cliffs in front of us.
What lies ahead is the horizontal line.


『 Don’t get in our way…!
Neguseou-san! Please speed up!』(Kuzuha)


Hearing my words, Neguseou-san obeyed and accelerated without stopping, he flew off the cliff.
Of course, we are far from the shore of the main continent.
No matter how excellent he is, it is impossible for Neguseou-san to jump to the far side of the horizon.
Neither I nor Neguseou-san has wings.
We can’t fly like Arge-san.
What I can do is simple.


『Reject anything that hinders our path!
Absolute wind!!』(Kuzuha)


Just as my magical word, the spell certainly demonstrates its power.
I hinder the sinking in the water a little with the force of the wind. That’s it.
However, combined with the speed of Neguseou-san.
He takes the next step before sinking into the sea. As a result, we never sink.
With a rather rough running method, we will consume both physical strength and magical power violently, but in this case, we can cross the sea several times faster than the ship.
I can still afford for now, but will I be able to cross the sea?

… There is no time to think about such a thing!

I don’t even have to think about whether I can cross over.
As my important friend is in the direction we are headed to, we are going to cross it.
I am determined so and lower my position.
It’s to lower the resistance of the wind.
It is the basic attitude of a beast to lower himself and run.
Even as soon as possible, I rushed to my precious friend.
For that, I do whatever I can.


『Never again… I will come late… to my important person!』(Kuzuha)


I grasped the reins firmly, I concentrated to cope with Neguseou-san and using my magical power with full power.
For my irreplaceable friend, who is my important thing in this world.
I can do all I can now do.
This time in order not to lose my important thing again.

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T.N: Dear readers, do you want me to translate the Extra Collab Chapters first or at least translate till the end of the cliff first?

The author really ENDS this Arc at this chapter, I was so frustrated last time and when the Author release chapters again, it was Extra Collab Chapters…

I felt like being trolled so hard.


  1. suggestion:
    With a serious look that I have never seen before, {Alge}->{Arge}-san flew away from us.


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  3. I’m sure the author has his/her own intention when throwing the Collab at this timing.
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  4. I already commented a day ago but I have a question.

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