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Counting changed to March 31st, 2020.

Mile’s turn:  19 chapters.

Cathia’s Arc: 24 chapters

Taru: 3 chapters

Arge: 35 => 32 Chapters (series ends in 70 chapters)

Dark Site


Arge Chapter 200: Reunion after a long time


As expected, the inside of the fort was terrible.

Anyway, after being released from brainwashing and waking up, it’s a mess.

Waking up with incomprehension, they don’t even know who are the people around them.

There’s no counterattack in this situation. It’s just one-sided neutralization taking place inside the fort.


『It’s rather difficult to say not to kill. But in such a domination battle…』(Felnote)

『That’s the situation and the difference in ability … Blood Arm, “Chain”(Arge)


Next to Felnote-san who armed with a light-magic sword, I leisurely walk through the fort, tying up the bandits with my vampire abilities.


『Well, I have to do this.
I’m going to fight the empire anyway』(Arge)

『On the contrary, I think it’s safe …
At least we are not fighting against the whole army, I think we will only fight the elite』(Aoba)

『That’s right.
The empire is long and under the emperor’s dictatorship …
There are rebels in various places,
I think it’s not impossible to get rid of confusion』(Felnote)


We were occupying the fort, talking about our upcoming plans during the war.

…… To be honest, we can afford a lot.

I knew, but recently I was forgotten because the battle was a bit hard.

I have a fairly cheat ability, but all of my travel companions are extraordinarily powerful.


『Well then … Terrier-chan is…』(Arge)

『Arge-san, I smell it from here! 』(Kuzuha)

『Thank you, Kuzuha-chan』(Arge)


The beastkin’s nose is more reliable than me, a vampire.

According to Kuzuha-chan’s guide, while appropriately repelling the bandits,
We eventually descended underground.


『Anyway… Aren’t we told you to wait?』(Aoba)

『As expected, when something like this happens, we don’t care about anything』(Chihuahua)


Chihuahua-chan answers Aoba-san’s question bluntly.

Eventually, the two members of the Terrier Bandit were following us.
We are more than enough to deal with this, but Terrier-chan is an important boss for them. It would be impossible for them to wait.


『 There is also underground in this fort』

『Maybe it’s a Siege castle.
Probably to keep the prisoners.
The top was also wide,
When the Republic was not united, it was a fairly large fort』


The stairs swayed by the light of the lamp fluttered in an old atmosphere, in contrast to artificial brightness.
As we step down further, the darkness engulfed us.
There was no light at the end of the stairs, and it was completely dark.


『… I can still see』(Arge)

『It’s really dark. “Light”(Felnote)


A small glow shines on her fingertips as Felnote-san chanted.

Eventually, the light left her fingertips, drifting in the air fluttering like sparkling snow, illuminating the road.


『Ah…』(Woman Voice)


A feeling similar to the sound hit my ear.

It’s a reverberating voice,
Sounded like a female scream.


『I heard something. Let’s go』(Arge)

『The smell is right there!』(Kuzuha)


If Kuzuha-chan’s nose is responding in the same direction, that would be the case.

Watching for the assault from the shadows, but rushing through, we found our target.



Who the hell allow you to call me with -chan!
This slut!!』(Terrier)

『Uwa, Somehow I feel relieved that he retorts as expected』(Arge)


Terrier-chan baring his fangs and yelling fiercely in front of a woman.

Perhaps this woman is the leader of the bandits Dach-chan and Chihuahua-chan talked about.

The dress was too gorgeous to be a bandit, it’s like a dance party dress. It’s still dazzling in the darkness of the basement, but somehow unbalanced.


『Mugu, mugu~gugu gu~u!』(Woman)

『Ahh? Shut up or I break your neck!』(Terrier)

『U, gu……』(Woman)


The woman in the dress with her mouth held down seems wanting to say something, but when Terrier-chan glances at her, she silently obeys.


『You are safe, entertainer-san!』(Kuzuha)

『Who is an entertainer? Hey! Stop joking with that misunderstand!!』(Terrier)

『Now now, Terrier-chan, calm down』(Arge)

『Whose fault is it?』(Terrier)


Since it’s already the past, it’s troublesome to explain.


Arge Chapter 201: Stray Dog’s Honor


『… Well, we ended of destroying one famous bandit』(Felnote)

『Is she famous? uhm… “Floating dress”-san』(Arge)


『Ah, sorry. Was “Floating princess”-san better? 』(Arge)



She tried to say something but I didn’t know what she wanted to tell because her mouth was blocked.

Felnote-san said something while looking at the woman with some sad eyes, like seeing a fellow victim.


『I’ll tell you for a moment, the bandit’s name is Amano Kuyuri…
She wore the dress-type artifact, which is powerful and famous.
Certainly, she was supposed to attack Cyril Bank recently, I remembered seeing in the newspaper.』(Felnote)

『Eh, at that place?』(Arge)

『Fortunately, she seemed to have turned away.
Recently, he tried to attack again many times, just like when we visited』(Felnote)


The Cyril Bank is where we visited before we went to the Demon Continent.

Exista (イグジスタ: Igu Jisuta), the keeper spirit of the vault mistook me as her esteemed mother (母親: Hahaoya), Cyril. We have stayed there for a while.



『Speaking of which, at that time, I think she said some bandits were attacking or something…』(Arge)


In other words, at that time, the bandit Ig Jista talked about was this bandit group.

It seems that I was involved with a person related to my older sister,
I thought the world was surprisingly small


『…So, why are you here?!』(Terrier)

『Uhm, they asked me to help』(Arge)

『Sorry, I guess!』(Chihuahua)

『We are worried…』(Dach)



Despite his tongue toward me, Terrier-chan meets up with his two men.


『I’m not thanking you. Is that good?』(Terrier)

『No problem. I don’t think it’s bad to help Terrier-chan』(Arge)


To my end, I just wanted to help, even if Terrier-chan didn’t ask for it.

Rather, I wouldn’t want to force him to say thank when he was unwilling.


『Are you injured?』(Arge)

『No injuries. I was almost brainwashed… but that must be your work』(Terrier)

『Yes. Healing magic has lifted all curses in the fort.』(Arge)

『Tch… You are still messing around, slut…』(Terrier)

『As I said, I’m not a slut』(Arge)


I tried to correct it, but Terrier-chan just sighed, didn’t pursue further.


『Mister (-san) Entertainer, it’s been a long time!』(Kuzuha)

『As I said! I’m not an entertainer!』(Terrier)

『Yes, you look like a bandit. This time, for Arge’s sake, I will act like I don’t see anything』(Felnote)

『… What is Odd-Eyes Great (-sama) Holy Knight doing here?』(Terrier)

『Please don’t ask… because it’s hard to explain myself』(Felnote)


At first glance, Terrier-chan seems to have identified Felnote-san.

Indeed, he was a leader, he must have better knowledge than his men.


『I’m sorry, I have a little bit of history with them…
I mean, could you give us some time alone?』(Arge)

『Is that okay, Arge-san?』(Aoba)

『Because they are the oldest acquaintance after I was born in this world』(Arge)


Zeno-kun might have been attacked, but everyone doesn’t know the encounter between me and the bandits.

The adult pair Aoba-san and Felnote-san showed some disappointment, but ultimately let them go.

After seeing everyone leaving, I turned again to Terrier-chan,


『Well then…』(Arge)

『…what is it, slut?』(Terrier)

『No, I just want to ask.
…About the Kuon, I guess—』(Arge)


—Before I finished, the silver flashed.

Gently catching the knife aiming for my neck and holding it in a little distance.

I know he isn’t serious. I just responded reflexively.


『…I guess it’s really there (with your reaction)』(Arge)

『Why did you know about that? Are you a pursuer?』(Terrier)


Terrier-chan is clearly in a cautious atmosphere.

As expected, they were really related to Kuon, and on top of that, they aren’t any more now.


『No. However, I’m also a person involved in Kuon… I’m not “that” ‘s ally』(Arge)

… something like the (Oyaji) old man’s experiment?』(Terrier)

『…Something like that』(Arge)


It’s actually different, but if I want to explain it properly, I will have to talk about reincarnation, so let’s talk appropriately.

In the sense of Kuon’s failure, the term experimental body is probably not so wrong.


『…Haa~. The world is small. That edge at that time would be connected like this』(Terrier)

『Yes. I’m surprised too』(Arge)

『…… Did you come to see him?』(Terrier)

『Well, that’s the case, but simply… letting go of your acquaintance would make it difficult to wake up during a nap.』(Arge)


When I told him the honest reason, the opponent lost his guard. As expected, each of their reaction is entertaining and interesting.

Terrier-chan seemed to be serious, even though he looked a little stunned. He looked at me in the first half and spun his words.


『… We are a combat unit created by our (Oyaji) old man. Hound dog unit』(Terrier)

『Yes. I heard from the so-called Shiba-san』(Arge)

『Shiba… so he is still alive』(Terrier)


It was only for a moment that his eyes narrowed like nostalgia.

In a blink of time, Terrier-chan returns to his usual, somewhat grumpy face.


『I don’t want to be kept like a dog』(Terrier)


The strong words spoke, suggesting that Terrier-chan is serious.

Dach-chan and Chihuahua-chan also have an atmosphere that they can clearly remember something bad.

Not a good memory for them. That’s what it is.


『Stray dogs are better. Our lives won’t get thrown away for someone’s sake. We can use our own life. Our lives are ours』(Terrier)

『……Is that so』(Arge)


For some reason. When I met them, I was relieved to see them.

Even now. Knowing their circumstances, their connection with Kuon, nevertheless, I look at them and I’m relieved somewhere.

The appearance that clearly communicates his intentions while interacting with the place called Kuon seems somewhat dazzling.


『I understand. Okay then, I will be going now!』(Arge)

『… what are you going to do?』(Terrier)

『Go to the Empire. I want to go and settle once and for all.』(Arge)


The words that had been lost until now came out of my mouth naturally.

I don’t need to know the reason, I have to go, that’s not the end.

I have to meet that person, Kurogane-san and decide on a place called Kuon.

I said it aloud something in my heart more than I expected.

I’m convinced that there’s nothing more. I could hear what I needed to hear.


『Then Terrier-chan, Dach-chan, Chihuahua-chan. I’ll go.』(Arge)


『? What’s happening?』(Arge)

『…The empire soldiers wander about here.
If you go into the territory and go deep, you will be fine to some extent, but the border…
No, there are many battles near the “former” border』(Terrier)

『Haa~, is that right?』(Arge)


With the war beginning, borders are no longer meaningful.

Nevertheless, this area is the border. Inevitably, the number of regions where the Republic and the empire are in conflict will increase.

We planned to avoid it as much as possible and headed for the empire.


『I’ll do it with minimum conflict, but I’ll do something if I get caught』(Arge)

『In other words, you don’t have a plan. Can’t be helped (Shikatanē na)』(Terrier)


『Hey, you two』(Terrier)

『Hei! I guess!!』(Chihuahua)

『Oi! I guess!!』(Dach)


From there, it was a familiar flow.


“Kusarigama” user, Chihuahua!』(Chihuahua)

『Bomb Dach!』(Dach)

『Throwing knife Terrier!』(Terrier)

『『『The three of us, Terrier bandits!!』』』(Terrier bandit)

『Entertainers as usual…!』(Arge)

『『『Hey, who are the entertainers?!!!』』』(Terrier bandit)


I feel like this is always the flow. The three of them posed and tsukkomi at the same time. They are really Nakamas.

Terrier-chan glared at me, had a big sigh, and turned his back on me.


『Just go. We will work around here from now』(Terrier)

『 Um, is that… you tried to earn time for us?』(Arge)

『 Don’t get me wrong.
This woman who was tied and rolling here is also a criminal in the empire.
If we rampaged here, the empire or the republic will notice and catch her.
And we originally wanted to do something evil here.
Get it, don’t get me wrong』(Terrier)

『Remind me twice… such a tsundere entertainer…』(Arge)

『You are really such a pain, can you be good for once…
Anyways, that’s how it is.
If you want to go to the empire, go on your own! Got it?』 (Terrier)

『… Thank you, Terrier-chan』(Arge)

And the sword you have. As you may know, there is a sister sword.
One of them is in the empire as far as I know.
You’d better be careful』(Terrier)

『Yes, thank you. Please take care of yourself as well, Terrier-chan’s trio』(Arge)

『Tch… Let’s go, you guys』(Terrier)


He doesn’t show to be grateful, Terrier-chan turns around with a grumpy mood. He has nothing else to talk about, that’s it.

Dach-chan and Chihuahua-chan walked towards me and bowed deeply before parting.


『…Slut. Thank.』(Dach)

『Thank you for helping us, Slut』(Chihuahua)

『 Don’t worry about it.
I just didn’t want to leave you alone.
And I’m not a slut.
… My name is Argent Vampyr.
I have nothing to do with Kuon, just a vampire』(Arge)


I don’t know how many times it will be, but maybe they won’t call my name.

To them, I am a slut and to me they are entertainers. It doesn’t matter if I’m involved with the Kuon or not. I think so.


I sighed looking at Terrier bandits leaving while dragging the female bandit.


『Will we meet somewhere?』(Arge?)


At that time, everything is over and can we talk a little more leisurely?


『I can’t say more about that,
I hope at that time, I can get someone to feed me three meals, giving me snacks, bloodsucking, and I can take a nap anytime』(Arge)

『You still don’t give up on that』(Felnote)

『Ah, Felnote-san』(Arge)


Probably she pretended to be away and watching us nearby.

Felnote-san looked at me with a slightly stunned face but it seemed like she didn’t hear much about Terrier-chan.


『…Are you done talking, Arge?』(Felnote)

『Yes. Enough. Let’s go, Felnote-san.
It seems they will attract the eyes of the empire a little bit from now on』(Arge)

『…The Terrier Bandit is a skillful bandit group who is making a lot of noise around the world with just three people』(Felnote)

『That is an entertainer group with such a setting』(Arge)

『After seeing those pose, I think I can agree with that…』(Felnote)


While Felnote-san still has a subtle face, we return to the carriage.

It looks like the future is going to be a long way but from here it seems a bit easier.



Arge Chapter 202: Inside the Empire




When I opened my eyes, the cold air told me it’s night-time.

Immediately after parting with Terrier-chan, I fell asleep in the carriage.

If there’s anything, everyone will take me up, even without me, we can break into the territory of the Empire without any problems.

No carriage shaking. In other words, is it a free day today?


When I got up, I saw everyone except Aoba-san sleeping on a blanket.


『…so, Aoba-san is having the night-shift now』(Arge)


When I got off the carriage, I found someone I expected.


『Oh, Gin… Arge-san. Good morning』(Aoba)

『You must be tired, Aoba-san. So, Neguseou was also awake.』(Arge)

『Ah, we were talking』(Aoba)

『…Aoba-san, do you understand Neguseou’s words?』(Arge)

『I also have a language translation that can speak with animals.
I wouldn’t be able to become the forest queen without it, you know?』(Aoba)


That’s true.

In other words, for Neguseou, is Aoba-san the person who speaks his language other than me?


『What were you talking about?』(Arge)

『It’s your hardship story』(Aoba)

『Mine……? 』(Arge)

『Yes. Arge-san’s story』(Aoba)

『Haa, I don’t understand, but if you have fun then it’s good』(Arge)


It’s good to have a common topic. Both of us seemed to be having some fun, so we stopped prying.

I somehow sat down beside them, breathing the smell of the plants that became cold at night. Neguseou and Aoba-san didn’t say anything, so we lined up naturally.


『Aoba-san doesn’t sleep? 』(Arge)

『Actually Alraune never sleeps』(Aoba)



I was surprised.

Until now I had traveled with Aoba-san, she had always prepared a bed of grass and a space with a roof at night.

If Alraune didn’t sleep, she did all that for me alone.


『Maybe all the time, you made bedding or something… Is it for me alone?』(Arge)

『Hey, that’s how it is.
You are kind but insensitive.
Did you finally notice it?』(Aoba)

『Yes, Arge. I think you should pay a bit more attention to it』(Neguseou)

『U ……』(Arge)


Somehow, I can’t say anything back to them.


『Well, that’s how it is.
Just like that, I always take the night shift.
Or rather, you didn’t notice it until today,
Every night, you were sleeping soundly, Arge-san』(Aoba)

『Um, sorry …』(Arge)


I apologized because I thought it was too late to notice. Aoba-san smiles with a feeling that she doesn’t mind.


『Thank you rather than apologize. A thank you is better』(Aoba)

『……Thank you』(Arge)

『Yes, you’re welcome』(Aoba)


I’m not sure, but Aoba-san looks happy.

Neguseou, next to her, nodded and exhaled satisfactorily. Aoba-san and Neguseou seemed to be getting along before I knew it.


『Well, I’m relaxing with another horse, so please call me if you need anything』(Neguseou)

『Are you going already?』(Arge)

『…Aoba, are you okay? This one is pretty insensitive.』(Neguseou)

『Well, these are weaknesses …』(Aoba)

『Weakness……? 』(Arge)

『Nothing. I hope you can talk casually』(Neguseou)


He breathed out of his nose and Neguseou left.


『… Did I miss something?』(Arge)

『Ah… no, it’s just as usual』(Aoba)

『Sure, I’m always stupid, just sleeping, and like a useless figurine.』(Arge)

『I haven’t said that!?』(Aoba)


Aoba-san deliberately coughed and she looked at me again.

Apparently, she is going to change the topic.


『But it was surprisingly easy to come to the empire.
If we have come back here, it seemed unlikely that we will be attacked by imperial soldiers.』(Aoba)

『Thanks to Terrier-chan’s Trio』(Arge)


We entered the territory without any problems because of the help of the Terrier bandits.

Of course, they didn’t help me directly, but they caught the attention of the Imperial soldiers, so we could get in without fighting.


『It’s not how we know.
They don’t control people with numbers, It’s ambiguous to have or not have an ID』(Aoba)

『That’s right… I’m glad it ’s like this』(Arge)


This would not have happened if personal information had been properly managed, as in our world.

The area is still under development, or the technology brought by Kurogane-san is probably leaning towards something that can be used for war.


『At Kuon’s house, he seems to be strong in military knowledge.
I’m not familiar with the name Kurogane,
In the first place, I only remember a few people other than Arge-san』(Aoba)


『That’s because Arge-san is my…
Eh… Uhm, because you are an important person!
Look, you always gave impressions to my live flowers!』(Aoba)

『Haa, is that so?』(Arge)

Aoba-san’s face somehow became red as she tried to explain.

The night air feels cold to me, but it may still be hot for heat-sensitive Alraune.


『Rather than that! Arge-san! According to Felnote-san, we are going to shop in a town of moderate size tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to it!』(Aoba)

『Ah, is that so?』(Arge)

『Yes, she seems to know a lot about the empire’s geography… so, and if you are okay with… well, why don’t we go shopping together?』(Aoba)

『…… I think Kuzuha-chan is more suitable than me for shopping』(Arge)


I may hold a lot of travel luggage, but my blood box can’t hold meats.

There may be other details that we needed while traveling.

It’s Felnote-san, so maybe she is thinking about collecting information.


Either way, I think it would be more advantageous for someone who can do several jobs alone, like Kuzuha-chan.


『Uh, no, it’s… hey, sometimes Arge-san also need to work as well, right?』(Aoba)

『…It ’s hard to say otherwise』(Arge)


In fact, I have been relaxing too much while traveling.

Most of the time I’m just sleeping and I don’t even cook when we travel. I don’t even take a night shift, I’m pretty sloppy.

So honestly, it’s hard to refuse to work sometimes.


『I get it. Let’s go shopping together tomorrow』(Arge)

『Yatta (Hooray)……! 』(Aoba)

『…… are you so happy? 』(Arge)

『Eh, um, about that…, sometimes, isn’t it good to take a break?
I have been in the forest almost all the time since I was reborn!』(Aoba)

『Ah, I understand that kind of feeling』(Arge)


I think Kuzuha-chan is more suitable, but vampires are also stronger. Carrying luggage would be more than useful.

Anything other than meat, I can store anything in my blood box. It’s not bad to go out sometimes.

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