Mile Chapter 422: Joint Request 1

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Mile Chapter 422: Joint Request 1



「And that’s why we will joint force doing a request!」(Marcella? Rena?)

「What’s with “that’s why”?」(Mile)


Mile’s tsukkomi was ignored by 6 girls.


「For the time being, let’s not talk about each other’s abilities.
I believe you have no objection!」(Marcella)


Monica and Oriana nodded to Marcela’s words.

In this way, the joint order for “Red Oath” and “Wonder Three” was decided…



* * *



「Then, shall we go?」(Marcella? Rena?)

「「「「「「Ooh!!」」」」」」(The rest)


The next morning, after breakfast and a short break,
An extraordinary joint team of “Red Oath” and “Wonder Three” that all 7 people go out together.

It’s not good to do heavy exercise immediately after eating, so if they take their time and then walk slowly, they will be in good shape by the time they arrive at the hunting ground.

They usually go out to the guild branch early or immediately after breakfast, but because there’s no need to choose interesting requests nor time condtion so they can take their time. For this purpose, instead of receiving a specific request, they choose a free collecting materials request, which doesn’t need pre-procedure.

Their destination was the forest, which is used as a hunting ground by low-ranking C-ranked parties.

Since sometimes a wild Ogre might appear, it’s hunting ground that is not recommended for parties like the lower layer of Rank C or upper layer of Rank D.

Even if you can defeat the Ogre, it’s “out(EN) / a big nope” if even one member is seriously injured.

If you return while helping the injured member, you will have little room to carry your prey. Besides, your party’s expense will be hurt for medical expenses, suspension of activities until full recovery, and so on…

Well, if he can be completed healed than it’s good.

Worst case he might be disable and retire or dead.

A party that takes such a risk request will disappear in the first 1-2 months.

Therefore, the subjugation request that suitable for the hunter to receive must be 95% chance that they are all unharmed, and 4.99% chance that only one minor injury occurs.

No matter how powerful you are or how easy the request it may seem to be, there’s no such thing as “100%” or “absolute.”
The remaining 0.01% is the amount of such “unfortunate events”, and how to reduce it is the skill of the party leader, and the true power of the party to act when in crisis.

However, regarding the escort request, since the probability of being attacked and the strength of the attacking enemy are varied. Of course, everyone will be intact if the group didn’t get attacked, but if they fight, the probability of injury or death will be rather high.

So when the hunters thought that they wouldn’t be able to win, they often surrendered from the beginning.

Anyway, it is a sortie for all seven of them, a free constant request.


(7 ladies always ready for requests. Lady Georgie!?) (Mile)


And again, Mile was still thinking about something that no one could understand…


「Got it?
For the time being, we all act like a joint party, but unless there are unexpected enemies and we are in danger, we will fight as separate groups.
It’s dangerous to fight together without knowing each other.」(Rena)


Everyone nodded with Rena.
If people who don’t know each other suddenly fight together, the rearguard magicians might not be able to read the attack pattern of the vanguards, and magician magic might land on the ally (friendly fire).
That feat like “Goddess’s Servant” is a gift that members have continued for years of training and actual battles without replacement, and it’s not so easy to imitate.


「And Mile, unless you got requested by any of us, don’t give any advice or help!
Otherwise, there is no point in comparing power!」(Rena)

「Ah, yes. I understand…」(Mile)


At first, Mile was about to be left behind.
But then Mile asked to join in and everyone agreed, so she had no say in everyone’s decision.


「Now, from this moment, for 3 days and 2 nights, we will start the joint request and completion of “Red Oath” and “Wonder Three”!」(Rena)


Rena said that with a serious face.

When Rena was serious about something she would say “Let’s start” or “we will start”

And five people nodded to Rena.

…Mile isn’t the target, so she just looks around without nodding.

Then 7 people leave the inn and head to the hunting ground in the forest.


(…………) (Mile)


Mile was fidgeting because there were things that she worried as she walked behind the group.

But Rena said it loud and clear that:
“Do not give any guidance or advice regarding mission activities except in an emergency or when Mile was requested! Mile is allowed to talk about things that have nothing to do with the request and ordinary conversations during breaks”

So, Mile couldn’t say what she was worried about to Rena. It was a condition that was issued when Mile asked Rena to accompany them, so it was unavoidable.

So, from the end of the line, Mile quietly looks at “Wonder Three” and “Red Oath” walked in front of her.

The figure of “Wonder Three” carrying their own luggage and a water bottle on their waist, and “Red Oath” that has nothing but a sword and a staff.



* * *



「Let’s have lunch now.
After that, we will start hunting.
It’s okay to collect, except when you find herbs or high-grade ingredients that sell at high prices, right?」(Rena)

「Yes, I’m fine with that (desu wa)」(Marcella)


When everyone got to the hunting ground and went a little further, Rena suggested so and
Marcella agreed.

It’s still a little early at the First Noon Bell, but it’s also inefficient to have lunch right after hunting, so it’s probably better to have lunch now.

Then, the Marcella’s Trio take off their luggage and take out the preserved food from inside.

Although it’s a preserved food, Marcella’s Trio can easily generate hot water and fire with magic, can prepare warm soup and cook easily, so it’s much better for outdoor dining than other parties.

All of them are magicians and because they have good magic efficiency, they don’t need to save much magic power.
If this is a party with only one ordinary magician, such luxury will not allow them to waste precious magic power when they are about to fight.

And then…


「Then we should eat as well…
What should we have? Mile, what do you recommend today?」(Rena)


Although they can create hot water and cook, it’s incomparable to the many dishes Mile cooked over her spare time and put in storage.
Rena said so to Mile, but…


「There’s none.」(Mile)



Rena looks frightened because she doesn’t know what Mile means in her response.


「No, as you said. I’m not allowed to do any tricks or give advice regarding the request, right?
Of course, this is also a major factor for the request of 2 days and 3 nights, which also applies to meals…」(Mile)

「「Ah!」」(Maevis + Pauline)


Mavis and Pauline are appalled to understand the meaning of Mile’s words.

Rena is completely solid.

And Maevis murmured with a blue face.


「Then, the preparation for camp…」(Maevis)


Kokuri. (Gulp SFX)


「「「…………」」」(Red Oath)


Except for weapons and armor, Red Oath is completely empty-handed.

Even though they used to stay at an inn on their travels so far, “Wonder Three” always carries the minimum equipment in case of something like this.


「Ara~, what’s wrong?」(Marcella)


Saying that, Marcella smiles, Monica and Oriana also look happy.

At first the girls didn’t intend to take Mile with them.

Even though Rena was wary of relying too much on Mile and also had tried out requests without Mile.

It was no good.

…It was no good at all.

Normally, “Wonder Three” will give their food if there is a person in need.

However, it’s their “Rival” in the middle of a compatition now.

It’s a place where you can compete for each other’s merits and demerits, and it’s a place where you can’t lose.
Help is only after the game is decided.


「「「………………」」」(Red Oath)


“Red Oath” got a bad start…

FUNA sensei’s Note:

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And this Thursday, the second of web radio “We said make our radio average value!”

Let’s enjoy the Hachihacha broadcast by four seiyuu-san of “Red Oath”!  (^^)/

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  1. Jajaja pobrecitos rena trío, volverán a sentir el terror de no tener a mile, ese terror que ya sintieron una vez, supongo que el grupo de marcella está más preparada para sobrevivir en la interperie mientras que el grupo de rena está más preparada en peleas a gran escala, marcella oriana y Mónica nunca han peleado contra enemigos poderosos que busquen quitarles la vida. Espero que el autor haga el milagro de que el grupo sea de 7 personas.

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  2. The Red Oath girls had much of the day to walk around and talk or observe. So it seems strange there was all that elapsed time and yet nothing about a camp or meals. During their walks, they didn’t drink or have a break for energy snacks or re-pack materials they picked up along the way? At those times, it should have become apparent if the Red Oath girls were able to use Mile’s infinitely average storage or not, or to get drinks or snacks from it or not. But in a story, such things as elapsed time don’t grate on the readers’ senses because it doesn’t take much time for readers to read the chapter, so the sense of time is lost.


    • Well, they “took their time” before going to the training ground.
      Well, I guess they must start walking at 9:00Am or something.

      And then “it’s still early for lunch” part.
      Then maybe it’s before noon.

      It may still be possible that people can walk from 9:00am to before 12:00am without drinking.
      I guess.


  3. About the ads. Sometimes I don’t see any and sometimes only one, and the other one is just a blank space reserved for ad. This probably don’t counts as watching ads, so I thought I should say about it. (I don’t use adblock ofcourse).


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  5. Lol I knew that red oath was just too average. This was discussed in a prior chapter when they tried to go without mile and had to carry their own stuff, ahahahhaah once you go average you can’t go back.
    Thanks for the chapter!!!!!


  6. It feels a bit rude for Mile to not point out that she is not going to take care of the ancillary tasks as well as the primary tasks before heading out. Especially when she can see they are not taking any additional gear or asking her for their gear before heading out.
    I can see the comedic value in it, but still…


    • Well, Remind you, Mile is an average person.
      Her sense of value is average as well.
      You can’t expect her to think with common sense.

      If you read a lot of manga about a “MC with no friend”.
      You will often see they have different thought about how to interact with people.

      Like Komi-san became a goofer, go buying drinks for Najimi because he told he won’t be her friend anymore.


  7. Lol, they forgot about camping necessities. An average mistake…
    Thanks for the chapter! God bless you!


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