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Chapter 51: Turbulent war

When I thought I was successful joining in the three-party venues, it became a challenge test.

I usually like this Battle Royale, but I don’t dare to be on the front line.

Because my Level is low and I might get one-hit-KO.

In other words, an impossible game.

So, for a while, I decided to take Kouya, Yuuki, Mina to the corner of the venue.

「Ah, where are you going?
Hey, what is this?」(George)

George was trying to stop us but was disturbed by a mercenary player attacking from behind so he struck back.


The mercenary who took George’s Tekken fell down easily, but other similar mercenaries rushed in later.

「Iron-blooded George!
If we win here, please discount the prince of your Art for us」(Player)

「If you don’t agree to it, I’ll stick to you until you give up」(Player)

「Deputy leader of “Sadist☆Stick” is in the venue alone, Great opportunity」(Player)

Those mercenaries, who didn’t about the event, came to attack George all at once.

Using the mess when the event started, about 20 people brought up the deal that is close to harassment.

When I thought I should help, Kouya grabbed my arm.

His expression was serious, he tried to tell not to get involved but George is a friend.

He is also my business associate, I can’t ignore him and not helping.

「That person is a real deal (kick-ass). Trust me」(Yuuki)

Yuuki told me in a small voice.

「Like Yuuki said, we would only slow him down」(Kouya)

I’m dissatisfied with what Kouya said but I nodded reluctantly on the advice of my two best friends.

「Against this number of people, even the “Iron-Blood George” must be scared after all, right?」(Player)

The leader of the mercenary group asked with confidence.


George blew off with his nose.

「People like you…」(George)

He smiled and his thick red lips draw an arc.
Both his eyes distorted dark purple eyelashes.

「…got no balls♪」(George)

It was the spooky smile of the Okama.

George took out a bright red whip, with a deeply disdainful smile against his opponents.

At I looked at it, I thought that the tip of the whip resembled an evil snake, lifted up its sickle neck. And before I knew it, it was immediately wrapped around the head of the mercenary.
He squints in a surprise.
Just as he hurriedly scratch (check) his neck, he stretched my hands to the whip, but he couldn’t figure out how it was tightly wrapped.


「Without such guts, it’s useless」(George)

George swung around with his whip still tied up around the mercenary’s neck.
The mercenary who got entangled at the tip becomes a good weight and collided with the enemies with a loud sound.
George swung the mercenary like nothing, the whip with the mercenary was swung around like a Kendama.


「This guy is a real deal after all」(Player)

The figure of the screaming mercenary was swung around made other mercenaries backed down in worry.

As Okama was kicking the enemy away, we approached the table in the corner of the venue as silent as possible.
Then we flipped over the tablecloth and hid beneath it.




Everyone who crouched down there silently looked at each other.
The thing that burns into our mind is the Okama’s (peerless) Musou fight.

 「George is…」(Taru)

No-one said anything so I took the lead.

「For the time being, let’s confirm the battle situation」(Taru)

I lift up the table cloth and peep to understand what is going on inside the venue.

The Ball is as chaotic as a battlefield.

Especially, George’s Musou fight in the center stands out the most.
The player, who was wrapped around the whip and used as a weight, was suddenly replaced by another player, and George fought while jumping around with his Afro. It was exactly the incarnation of Marimo.

On the other hand, unlike me who has poor STATs, the confident Players boldly attacked the Apprentice Deus group (God Soldiers).



Apprentice Deus group, who are the escorts of the king, created a no-gap wall with their large shields.
Is it a so-called dense formation? (Testudo Formation)

They took the players’ attacks head-on and push back with their strong shield. They were like laughing “It’s useless, weaklings”.

The Player couldn’t stand the shock, his body was lifted in the air and was pierced with a spear.

The Apprentice Deus group, who guarding the king, has two types of equipment.

There are around 20 large shields and spear holders who play the role of walls. Furthermore, in the back, there are 20 soldiers with a small shield and a long sword,
Lastly, the samurai is standing beside the king.

「They are only one-third of the Deus but they stay immovable!」(Player)

「However, their attack power isn’t high at all!」(Player)

「Is it possible to push in as we are?」(Player)

While the players shout so, the King just sits still watching. He sits comfortably on a chair prepared on the stage improvised.

Eventually, one Player realized.

「These guys will only counter, they will not attack unless we attack them first!」(Player)

The other players next to him nodded.

「That’s right.
The outer Deus seems to be actively attacking, but those who guard around the king just stay still」(Player)

Suddenly, the expression of the players, who are on the front line, became enthusiastic, they started grinning at the same time.
And then, even it was somewhat late, they noticed the limited number of people who could govern Michael Angelo.

「We will be the one who controls Michael Angelo」(Player)

(A common mistake for beginner players. Skip/Ignore the quest’s content)

Someone yelled so.
Then the Players, who slash the Apprentice Deus at the front, seeing that the King doesn’t seem bothered to lift a finger, they start to fall back.

That line…

Of course, it was a trigger that caused a bad situation.

The Players who attacked the Deus started changing their target to other  Players.

「No, We will be the one who controls Michael Angelo!」(Player)

「I won’t let you do that!」(Player)

As soon as the Players thought that the apprentice Deus group wasn’t a big threat, they started a chaotic melee battle situation called Deus VS Player VS Player on the front line.
Everyone has become aware of the obvious.
Even if they defeat the Deus, only the clan who defeats the King can control Michael Angelo.

It quickly spreads to the whole ball.

It seems that the outer circumference of the venue is the same, the outer Players began to attack the inner Players who desperately fighting the Deus from behind.

「That’s right, they can’t form a cabal with us anyway」(Player)

「Let’s deal with them first」(Player)

「Leave the Deus for now, we will deal with them later」(Player)

「What, you gotta be kidding me」(Player)

「First come first served」(Player)

「I’ll kill them and then I’ll capture Michael Angelo」(Player)

「Bring it on」(Player)

Players formed groups here and there, and players began to slash each other.

「Well then, when should we fight? My Princess.」(Kouya)

Kouya asked me with a fearless smile.
I didn’t like the way he said to hurt me, so I pouted.

「Stop. That way of calling is disgusting」(Taru)

「No no, your gesture is already of a young girl.
Even though it’s a bug, you have always been that character since you logged in.
Isn’t that a female character all the way?」(Kouya)

I was relieved to hear Kouya’s joke.
If they got used to this, they would react less when they heard the fact of sex change, right?

Even though it’s annoying, I’m still wearing the fluttering summer dress that Misora-san gave me.
At first, I was embarrassed, but what am I wearing now?

I don’t want to admit that I have become a woman in the first place, so I didn’t even go to the hospital.
However, on the contradiction, I thought of seeking help to adapt to the feminized body.

Perhaps my true gender was a woman?
Will I be called a genderless boy, or an Ossan girl.
It’s a mysterious time when gender barriers are disappearing.
With insults, screams, and intense fighting sounds in the venue, such incoherent thoughts erode my brain.


Then someone suddenly flipped the table’s cloth and interrupted my thought.

「My princess!
Could you please allow me to help too?」(Glen)

When I looked at him, Glen-kun suddenly was on his knees and lowered his head.
Yukio-san also reluctant followed behind.

Help, isn’t it?

Yuuki’s Clan, “The Hundred Knights of the Night” and Glen-kun’s Clan, “The Hundred Demons of the Night” are in “war”.
If I suggest making a PT of 2 clans that are hostile against each other, won’t they refuse right away?

「Wa~, Idiot!
Don’t go around that fast. They will spot us.」(Taru)

Yuuki pulled the two of them back to under the table.
Because they were pulled suddenly, they lost balance and fell in a manner that rubbed their face against the ground.

「Damn it, don’t touch me!
Only the beautiful one that I admired can touch me.」(Glen)

「Don’t go rampage. It’s no big deal!」(Yuuki)

Yuuki told Glen-kun so when he complained about the rough treatment.

The table we’re in right now is reasonably large, but I can’t see how many people can’t fit together.

「Anyway, it’s a mess.
Hey, Mage who lacks sleep.
Is there any good idea?」(Kouya)

Glen rebukes to Kouya in a rush.

「It’s Glen!
The non-sleeping magician Glen!
If you make a mistake next time, I’ll burn you with the flames of purgatory.」(Glen)

Glen-kun said so while glaring and Kouya quietly whispered.。

「Oh~ Oh~.
Show me then. What a fire it is.
A 100-yen lighter seems to burn better, isn’t it?」(Kouya)

These two of them are heating up, but now isn’t the time for that.

For the time being, I’ll break in between them.

「It’s not the time to play around. Glen-kun, can you calm down?」(Taru)

If you want, I will grab even the stars shining in the night sky with this hand and dedicate it to my princess.
If you are smiling, I have no other wish. It’s arrogant to want more than that… that is greed itself.
That’s a very dirty feeling. Not suitable for me. Isn’t it Yukio?」(Glen)

「I agree. We must remain beautiful」(Yukio)

Yukio nodded as if he was fascinated by Glen-kun.
I was angry at him for his attitude of looking down on others and saying bad things, but his Loyalty may be the real thing.

「First of all, it is important to understand the situation.
So please be quiet everyone」(Mina)

Mina, who is supposed to be the youngest on the scene, silenced Kouya’s group.


「Shouldn’t we just leave it to those fighters?」(Yuuki)

While there are some players who challenge Deus in many places, most of them are fighting each other.
Yuuki murmured at the sight that seemed uncontrollable.。

But I want to join George」(Taru)

「What you said, it’s boring to keep watching」(Kouya)

「However, if we plunge into it now, we will only get worn out.」(Yuuki)

As I heard that, I muttered what I had thought.

「I wonder if everyone can just unite and attack the king together」(Taru)

「Eh. It’s impossible…」(Yuuki)

「Hmm, no, maybe we can」(Kouya)

Cutting Yuuki’s denial, Kouya said so.
His face tells us that there’s some chance of winning.

「Look. We will use “that”.
What Taru used to stop her Aneki.」(Kouya)

As Kouya said that, he squirted his mouth and eyes like an idiot.
Was he trying to imitate my face?
…With a strangely high-pitched voice.

「Eve… everyone, please get along with each other.」(Kouya)

I made a very low-quality voice imitation.
What is that? It’s not me.
I can’t be so stupid.
But when he saw it, Yuuki laughed, holding his stomach.

「Ahaha! Using “that”?
Are you serious?
Certainly, it was a scene at that time.」(Yuuki)

「That’s right.
Even that head-hunter, Shin-san, was defeated that way.
That might be possible!」(Kouya)

You little (Omaera)…

I glared at the two playful people with a tenacious and delicate look.

「Hey, Taru… Don’t look at us like that.」(Kouya)

「That’s right… are you trying to attack us with “Sense of guilt”?」(Yuuki)

「What he said. Look. You’re way too cute now.」(Kouya)

「Look. Mina-san, right? She is glaring at us now.」(Yuuki)

Too cute, isn’t it?
Reflecting on those words, I keep staring at Kouya’s duo with a crisp feeling as much as possible.。

Now, it’s time to do it correctly.

「Hey hey, what is it this time… you can’t look at us with such serious eyes.」(Kouya)

「Taru, that was how a male player behaves, you make a big mistake.」(Yuuki)

Yuuki is glancing at Glen-kun for some reason.

This wasn’t good too?
More like this, rough and cool.

Yup, when I was looking at Kouya, I came up with this.

「What you just said. Was I supposed to do this?」(Taru)

I imitate Kouya and take a pose like fixing my glasses.

「Ahahaha, it looks a little different, but I understand!
Weird glasses (four-eyes) boy!」(Yuuki)

「Hey, hey. Taru, stop it」(Kouya)

On the battlefield, no, under the tablecloth, we laugh and giggle.

Mina was quietly gazing at us.

When I noticed her line of sight, I tried to cough *ahem* to change the topic.

And a crushing sound echoed right above me.

「Princess! Dangerous!」(Glen)

「This is bad! Get out of the table!」(Kouya)

I immediately responded to Glen-kun and Kouya’s warning and rolled outside.

When I looked at it, it’s a Player using a hammer, he probably hit the table with his hammer. Then he smirked as he gazed at Yuuki’s group crawling out.

「Damn it, damn it! I hate hiding! I’ll kill you too!」(Player)

It was an unknown Player, he attacked us by hearing our laughter without any reason.

But his ferocious declaration ended in an instant.

「Pierce, Clear Lance (EN)」(Yukio)

An ice spear suddenly jumped out from under the crunchy table and screwed the Player.
It’s Yukio’s counterattack.

「Gu~u. Not yet. Let me blow off this unpleasant Player.」(Glen)

In addition, Glen-kun activates some kind of flame magic to fry the player who was stuck on the ice skewer like BBQ.

I’m stunned looking at members of “The Hundred Demons of the Night” that killed the enemy in an instant.

「Well then, shall we go, my princess.」(Glen)

「Ye… Yes.」(Taru)

I’m still stunned.
However, other unknown players already started to attack Yuuki and Kouya. It’s not the time to stand around.
When this happens, it’s my decision, but I decide this is the best choice.

「Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu (best regard)!」(Taru)

I quickly bow to Glen-kun and send out the PT invitation.
This PT has 7 people.

A PT can have up to 8 players but this is the first time I join a PT with this many people.

Yuu (Yuuki) Lv 9
Kou (Kouya)  Lv 10
Glen  Lv 12
Yukio  Lv 12
George  Lv 13
Minazuki  Lv 8
Taru  Lv 4
Wind Fairy A
Wind Fairy B
Wind Fairy C

The amount of information is overwhelming.
Isn’t it impossible to fight while grasping the state of all PT members in this fierce battle state?

And something is even more overwhelming, my level is insufficient.

The level difference with George is 9.
In other words, with the specification of 100 STAT points for each level.
Overall, we have 900 STATs differences…

However, Yuuki and George have already lost some HP, it’s not the time to worry over something like that.
Kouya already started covering Glen by attacking other players who aimed at Glen-kun.

「No way, to think there’s a day that I fight together with the Demon」(Kouya)

Kouya talked out loud as if to provoke Glen.

「Show me your essence of the knight so as not to be ashamed in front of the princess!」(Glen)

Glen-kun also responded with the attitude.

「It seems like you can’t even protect yourself despite being a veteran player.」(Kouya)

「Don’t go crying to me when you don’t have enough DPS.」(Glen)

They’re back to back and quarrels, but I wonder about that.
Am I the only one who thinks that they are getting along?

Right next to them, I see Yuuki covered Yukio-kun from other players’ attacks with his shield.

「It would be a problem if the party members were killed so easily.」(Yuuki)

Yuuki talked to Yukio-kun in his own way.

「Aren’t you just afraid that don’t have enough DPS if I’m gone?」(Yukio)

Yukio-kun also responded that way.
But somehow Yuu and Kou, Glen-kun and Yukio-kun were fighting fiercely against other players despite their quarrels.

Players activate their fire and ice skills plus sparks from weapons colliding with each other. Then, dust and particles rise in the venue.

「Faries, you must not leave my side」(Taru)

「Under~Stand (Waka~teru)」(Wind Fairy A)

「Aye Aye Sir (Aiai-sa~)」(Wind Fairy B)

「Hola Hola (Mo~tchi mochi)♪」(Wind Fairy C)

Just in the midst of the battlefield, Mina and I tried to watch over the fairies who sticking on our shoulders.
Naturally, they hold each other’s hands to release the tension.

Was it because I and Mina are so small?
Even though we jumped out, no one was aiming at us.

As expected, they might reluctant to attack small children.
Although there’s a system that prevents players to attack children first, however, our party members Glen-kun’s group, Kouya’s group, and George have already attacked other players, so they should be able to attack us now.

(T.N: In case you forgot, “Lone Wolf” using the tactic of many of 1-person-party)

I don’t think my Aneki’s announcement before is effective because she and her clan members are currently fighting fiercely with other clans.

Even though my Aneki is one of the top clan, it seems that people aren’t going to give up Michael Angelo capture chance to her,
One after another, Players are attacking my Aneki’s group.

「I will protect Tenshi-sama!」(Mina)

Mina changed into the priestess’ clothes, grasped her Mace, watching Kouya and Yuuki struggle, and proudly standing in front of me.


What George is doing during this madness is enjoying himself regardless of the world.

No, I don’t know what he is saying.
I wonder what he means.

He didn’t co-op with the party at all, it feels like he tried to destroy his enemies separately.
So to speak, a role roll like a tricky surprise unit?
He received attacks that Yuuki and Kouya couldn’t cover, flipped back,
crushed, beat down the attacking Player.

Before I knew it, the whip he had in hand was gone and he changed to a style of fighting with bare hands. Now, he turned to a Player using a sword.

What happened to that attack? With a fist, George smoothly lifts the opponent’s body in the air, after making a full rotation, he crushed the Player’s face into the ground.
The player who received all the blows of Okama blew off like a paper prop.

「How naive, weak fellow…」(George)

Was my mind playing a trick on me?
No way, such a cool line was said by George.

「Geo…George, are you okay?」(Taru)

I’m scared when I talk to Okama.

「Ara~an! Tenshi~chu~an.
I’m O~k~a~y. It’s a pity that there’s no good man for a woman (Onna) like me.」(George)

Looking back at me with a sigh, George replied with his usual undertone voice.

「Man fishing, continue」(George)

In the battlefield, a dark-colored Afro-Okama dressed in a Chinese dress was laughing, pointing to heaven with his right hand and pointing to the ground with his left hand.

Yeah, let’s pretend that I don’t see it.

For the time being, I decided to devote myself to the role of a healer, using the “Emerald’s Tear” for the members who has reduced HP, while keeping an eye on the PT member’s HP bar, while being protected by everyone.

After that, it was strangely peaceful for a while but stable offense and defense continued.
So I wonder if I’ve been careless.

Suddenly, a saber suddenly flashes, it was swung at Mina’s face and she couldn’t react in time.

Mina would have taken a direct hit if Kouya didn’t intercept and knocked the attack away with his knuckle.

「Hey hey (Oi Oi), what a coward to aim at a little girl who seems to be weak.」(Kouya)

Kouya said that while fixing his glasses, what was the enemy’s view?

「Hm. Poke at the weak spots of the group is more effective to break it from there」(Wolf)

It was Wolf, the leader of “The Lone Wolf”.

From behind, A big gold rod was swung down violently from above.

Mina, I, and Kouya suddenly turned around and dodge the attack.

「Yoee, Yoee!
You can only run away, after all, you are useless as expected!」(Viking)

In addition, deputy leader Vikin also participated.
The gold rod he swung deep into a gray cobblestone and smashed it into pieces.

Is Wolf checking around while Viking is the decisive factor?

「That two people’s cooperation seems to be troublesome.」(Taru)

「That’s right… Lady Alchemist (Renkinjutsu-shi-dono)」(Kouya)

Kouya agrees with my murmuring.

Mina also silently nods.

In that case, the first thing to do is to understand what other party members are doing.
Yuuki, George, Glen-kun, and Yukio-kun are fighting against other players. We can’t afford to fight them here.


Is there no choice but to attack with the leader and the deputy leader of “One Lone Wolf” with me, Mina, and Kouya alone?

「Hm… the look in your eyes, it’s time for us to attack」(Wolf)

Wolf was observing me as if he could see my insight and ability.
With that attitude, I thought that he might have intentionally attacked aiming at this timing.

What action should I take when Yuuki and other members can’t help?

What kind of fight can we really show?
From the top, depending on how you think about it, it’s a good idea to stall time for now.
I think of options that I can take immediately, I appeal to Mina to stand back.

She looked a little dissatisfied, but she moved her backward anxiously.
She is the key to the attack.
The guys in front of me dare to make fun of Mina. I can’t accept it but if we were killed first, it would be bad.


I quickly approached Kouya and applied “direct coating” to my best friend’s Gaunlet with the [simple_tooltip content=’夢の絵筆_画像‘]“shooting brush”[/simple_tooltip].

The Color I used to paint Kouya’s weapon is “Escaleta” Color that I extracted from the photo of the angry “Ino Butappi”.

When the tip of the “Shooting Brush” touches the knuckle, it emits a faint light pink color.

Added “Piercing-type damage +4%” to Kou’s [simple_tooltip content=’‘]“Iron Gaunlet”[/simple_tooltip] for 2 minutes

The damages of piercing type, that is, the type of abilities that Kouya shoots will be increased by +4%.
It should be a good aid for players with spear and fist skills.

Looking at the assist log, Kouya fixed his glasses.。

「Isn’t this an “Enchantment” skill?
…Because it gives players the ability improvement and addition attribute…」(Kouya)

I am confidently answering to the surprised Kouya.

「Alchemists can add any effect directly to their weapons.」(Taru)

「Well, I was worried because your level is still low but it seemed to be unnecessary.」(Kouya)

Kouya narrowed his eyes, it seemed like he completely trusted in this.

「Hm… took you long enough.」(Wolf)

「No matter how much you prepare, I’ll prove that Useless Brat is Useless.」(Viking)

Wolf and Viking were waiting for us to be ready.

Apparently, they wanted to explore various things in my hands。

Viking’s reluctant remarks show that no matter what kind of resistance or tricks we use, he will beat us up completely.

「Taru! Let’s do it.」(Kouya)

Kouya shouts a cry and points his weapon against Wolf。

Follow him, I also put an “Extreme Candy Ball” in my mouth。

“Extreme Candy Ball” used.
Power increased by 10 for 1 minute.

Then I turned my [simple_tooltip content=’Image result for kodachi‘]“Kodachi: Impure Evening”[/simple_tooltip] toward the tall man, Viking in a low position.

I leave Wolf to Kouya and I’m dealing with Viking.

I’m sure Kouya knows what I’m aiming for. And, Mina too.

I can see the enemy’s names. If I know the battle style that puts their own weapon on the main axis, i can read it with the previous attack pattern.

In other words, it’s a proximity type.

In order to use each other’s abilities for cooperation, we must be close.

This means that we can create a one-on-one situation at the same time.

There is one member, Mina who is superior and also good at long-distance attacks.
I and Kouya should aim to hinder each enemy from the front at the same time。

Comparing the physical difference and STATs difference between Viking and me, this plan seems to be reckless at first glance。


But if my opponent underestimates us, this will be a great opportunity.

It’s his own mistake for misjudging his opponents.

“The source of the sun, shine for me”(Mina)

Mina reacted quickly to my signal and shot her most familiar beginner magic, “Fire (Small Light)” at the middle of Wolf and Viking.

Mina could activate her magic by answering the maths question, that flow should be quick and accurate.

But our enemies didn’t seem to bother that much, they just lightly jumped to avoid.

And with that, we succeed in dividing them.

This will make it difficult for Wolf and Viking to get back together。

「Here we go!」(Taru)


I and Kouya took the first step toward war at exactly the same timing.

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