Taru Novel Chapter 52: Wind Fairy’s Protection.

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Taru Novel Chapter 52: Wind Fairy’s Protection.

When I stepped in with Kouya, I felt a strange feeling.

To be clearer, I was floating.

I rush to grasp the situation of Kouya, who is going ahead, by observing his back with my eyes.

Yes, I have gone and done it now.

I had forgotten the benefit of the dress “Blue Sky Dance Dress” that I received from Misora-san.

Making the wearer’s gravity one-sixth means that the frictional force is reduced, the so-called straddling becomes difficult.
Moreover, it’s easy to float in the sky. At this point, the special ability of the dress becomes difficult to handle (a hindering instead).

「Taru, Go!」(Wind Fairy A)

「Taru Taru, “Dash”」(Wind Fairy B)

「Taru~n, At~tack~♪」(Wind Fairy C)

The fairies cheerfully shout as if they weren’t worried about me at all.
And at the same time, I received a shock as if my back was hit hard.


In response to the mysterious power, I go straight at a rushing speed…

…Toward Viking.

Isn’t it nice to rely on the silver hair Brat?
Useless Mina will stay in the corner?」(Viking)

It’s as expected, I don’t know if people normally dared to use this tactic.
Either way, it can be said that we managed to prevent the two of them from acting together.

Now, Kouya faces Wolf in a little distance.
I will face Viking.

Mina is looking at the midpoint between me and Kouya.

The formation is perfect.

But what should I do?

I’m closing in on Viking at a stretch.

This rush cannot stop.

「This is bad!?」(Taru)

「Taru, ~Right? ~Left?」(Wind Fairy)

In response to my screams, the fairy sticking behind asks a weird question.

「Coming at me head on?! Don’t you look down on!」(Viking)

Viking yelled and swung his gold stick down at me.

Instinctively, I scream “Right” to the Fairies.

Then, from the left, I was shocked and blown to the right.

Thanks to that, we were able to avoid Viking’s attack.

「Just now, don’t tell me?」(Taru)

I pierced my Kodachi into the ground and managed to stay there.

I feel relieved that the ground is close but I immediately confirm with the fairies who hold onto my shoulder.

「Taru, light」(Wind Fairy A)

「We~ are~ Wind~ Fairies~」(Wind Fairy B)

「Taru~n, Riding the wind♪」(Wind Fairy C)

I see.

The wind fairies pushed me with something like a gust.

「Wind fairies, please give me another push again!」(Taru)

Along with my order, a wind that strongly pressed my back suddenly occurred.



「This chibi is running around too much」(Viking)

Viking held his long reach gold rod and swung down from above as if aiming to crush me approaching.

His power is the same as the one I saw earlier and it’s strong.

The floor made of ashes stones breaks into pieces when the gold rod collides and it scatters as a result.

Crushed ground increases the number of small hole marks.

「Ora Ora Ora~a」(Viking)

But he couldn’t hit me.

Now I can fly quite quickly even if it’s only linear movement.
With the dress “Blue Sky Dance Dress” and the wind fairy’s gust assist, I’m flying around the ground.

To be precise, I have been blown away by the gust because my gravity has been reduced to 1/6.

And I somewhat making a turning gear by thrusting my Kodachi in his hand to the ground, turns half-way, turn to the enemy and slash him, etc.

「Aha! Sorry brat, it doesn’t hurt at all」(Viking)

My attack can’t do much damage to Viking.

That is clear.

But this is fine.

Did Viking have blood all over his head? He keeps hitting his gold bars in succession.


Attract all of his attacks and dodge all of them.
There’s no doubt that even a single hit will kill me.
However, this is the best and most appropriate role for me.

「Running around huh? Take this! Take this!」(Viking)

It is important to note that if I fly a little upward, I may expose myself to the air.
Even if it’s near the ground, I can change my direction with my Kodachi.
If I’m thrown into the air, it will difficult to maneuver, I will lose my position and direction.

That is why it’s necessary to keep moving with a forward-leaning posture with my face near the ground.

Holding the Kodachi as a turning gear whenever I stab the blade to the ground.
This prevents my body from floating up due to frictional force and desperately controls the momentum that might cause me to fly somewhere.

Shall we name this tactic as landscaping?

This dress and the support of the fairies tend to make a right-angled movement, and if I make a mistake one step, I will be full of gaps.
Still, this is the only way to get the quickness to fill the level difference and status difference.

「Damn it all! “The eye of the typhoon (Ability name)”!」(Viking)

Perhaps he was boiled down, Viking finally used his abilities.

I think that until now he has only repeated attacks of swinging his gold rod up and down,
Apparently, he made the debris from the field to make sure this ability would hit me with debris flying around.

This time he rotated his gold rod horizontally from the side instead.

So I reluctantly jumped up with all my might, trying to avoid the attack.

Thanks to the effect of the dress, the jumping height can easily exceed 4 meters and I wander in the air.

By the way, I was able to dodge.

「Fairies! Downward!」(Taru)

I command the fairies to return to the surface quickly.

「I was tired」(Wind Fairy A)

「Break ~ Break ~」(Wind Fairy B)

「Chilling, Taru~n♪」(Wind Fairy C)

However, “in a rainy day”, the fairies are out of breath.

Too much of a “pinch”.

I can’t avoid Viking chase attacks in the air.

I somewhat regret Taunting Viking for too long without regard to this. For now, I look down at him while controlling the balance of my floating body.

The Deputy Leader of “Lone Wolf” kept rotating his body like a hammer throw player. He kept swinging the gold bar.

Its destructive power was confirmed. It even involved some mercenary players who were fighting nearby.

But that is… maybe…

A kind of ability that can’t be stopped once activated?

If it’s really so, then this is my chance.


Mina shouts at the right time.

Apparently she might have seen it as an opportunity as well.

It is inevitable that I, who is gradually lowering the altitude as I am will be involved in the storm of attacks that occur beneath.
Then, there’s no choice but to attack Viking, who is the source of the ability.

Send a signal when the time comes.

「Mina! Please release!」(Taru)

Mina can only release beginner magic because she has few MP.

This is because she used most of her level points for Magic Attack and used none for MP.

Therefore, the firepower is high for beginner magic, but after all, it’s still beginner magic.
Mina can only use one pattern of attack, and it won’t be “available” anymore after a few uses.

「Tenshi Sama, please leave it to me (Makasete Kudasai Desu)!」(Mina)

But what if she could temporarily increase the maximum MP value with an item?

Of course, she will also be able to release other things besides beginner magic.

Moreover, since Mina’s magical power is high, it should have great power if activated.

This is one of the preparations for our “Fairy Ball”.

Yes, I succeeded in creating an item that was compatible with the current Mina and gave it to her.

The materials can be found all around Michelangelo and everywhere, [simple_tooltip content=’甘露の実_画像‘]“Miko’s fruit”[/simple_tooltip]

In addition, extracted from slime [simple_tooltip content=’プニプニ玉・青_画像‘]“Puni Blue”.[/simple_tooltip]

And [simple_tooltip content=’ピュアオイル-1_画像‘]“Amber Water, Crystal Tear”[/simple_tooltip] collected from Crystalize, the Jewel-producing forest.

An item made by combining these three, [simple_tooltip content=’エアドロップ_画像‘]”Blue Amber Seed”[/simple_tooltip]


[simple_tooltip content=’甘露の実_画像‘]“Miko’s fruit”[/simple_tooltip]
Fruits with high nutritional value
[simple_tooltip content=’プニプニ玉・青_画像‘]“Puni Blue”.[/simple_tooltip]
The pure blue weakest slime, which is said to be the origin of the monster. Its characteristics are rich in elasticity, and it is said that it sometimes brings out the original power.
[simple_tooltip content=’ジェリージェム_画像‘]”Blue Seed”[/simple_tooltip] was created by combining these two and one more material.
[simple_tooltip content=’ジェリージェム_画像‘]”Blue Seed”[/simple_tooltip”
[Original fruit dyed in blue changed into its original form before it became a fruit and before it became a tree, and regressed into a blue seed]

At that time, I was wondering what this material could be used for, so I tried to combine with “Amber Water” taken from the trees of the jewel-producing forest Crystalize.

[simple_tooltip content=’ピュアオイル-1_画像‘]“Amber Water”
Amber candy-colored sap. Its beauty is related to the magical power of the trees in the jewel-producing forest Crystalize.

As you can see from the number of items that can be created from the materials that can be collected by the jewel-producing forest Crystalize, it’s clear that the trees that grow in that forest have high magical power.

Of course, “Amber Water” is also a resin, it should contain a lot of magical power.
And, “Blue Seed” inherited the characteristics of “Puni Blue” that brought out the original power of “Amber Water”.

In this way, “Amber Water” and “Blue Seed” are mixed, and “Blue Amber Seed” was created.

[simple_tooltip content=’エアドロップ_画像‘]”Blue Amber Seed”[/simple_tooltip]
The seed that is full of the magical power of the jeweled trees and the colors that awaken its origin.
This seed will never bloom into a plant.
However, once put in the body, your magical power limit will be temporarily raised.
You can increase your maximum MP by 30 for 1 minute.

I could do make four of so it has limited uses, but if I don’t use it now then when.

Mina quickly eats the “Blue Amber Seed” and begins chanting.

「”Oh, the flutter wheat wind sound. Be my blade.
Protect my home and defeat my enemy.”」(Mina)

While listening to her chant, I suddenly notice an unnatural situation.

My falling speed is slowing down strangely. Rather close to floating.

While I was wondering why, the below of my falling is a gold rod storm.

Overrunning with that gold stick or Mina’s magic activation,
Which is faster?

「…“Swaying Wind Maiden Blade”!」(Mina)

The answer to that question came from Mina’s confident voice.

The wind blows and the mercenaries around her sway like wheat.

Mina activated by the magic learned with the skill of green magic Lv7.

「It’s the wind (風だ)」(Wind Fairy A)

「It’s the wind (かぜだ)」(Wind Fairy B)

「Taru Taru, the wind blows~♪」(Wind Fairy C)

Then the wind fairies, who were quietly taking a break until now, suddenly started making a noise, they left me before they could call them.
When I was wondering what to do, the fairies flew in the middle of the mercenaries fighting on the surface.

Where they flew to was the position of the Mercenaries destroyed by Mina’s Wind.

The wind generated by Mina’s magic and fairies.

The point where the winds converged was right under me, that is, Viking.

「Taru, this is Bad」(Wind Fairy)


One of Wind Fairies who was left came back and told me with a blue face.

「I can’t support you with me alone」(Wind Fairy)

For a moment I didn’t know what it was, but I realized that I fell to the ground at a faster speed than before.

…Maybe because of the fairies that the fall speed was so slow?

「Don’t worry (Okkochitara), the wind is gently…」(Wind Fairy A)

「It’s okay (Daiji~yobu), the wind is delicious…」(Wind Fairy B)

「I’m back (Tadda~ima~n), Taru~n♪ The wind is gently♪」(Wind Fairy C)

As soon as the other two fairies returned to my shoulders, the speed at which I fell to the ground changed to a gentle one.

「Was this also due to the fairies… Thank you」(Taru)

Or rather, this also gives me more time to expose my enemy’s defenseless figure from the air.

But it is no exaggeration to say that we are no longer floating in the air.

Therefore, I decided that the next magic would be the end before landing, so I looked at the bottom with a sense of security.

「Damn it, damn it all, what’s this power?!」(Viking)

There is a person, who may be the deputy leader of “One Lone Wolf”, cursing/swearing like crazy. (T.N: he can’t stop his ability yet and his HP rapid dropping so he curses)

After all, it seemed that the Vikin was hit with numerous blades of the wind that were invisible from every direction.

His armor bursts, his head, arms, and legs bounce back and forth as if they hit something.

However, attacks from all directions won’t allow him to fall.

When he thought he would get hit from behind, he got hit from the front.

When he tried to protect his head, his body, arm, feet got hit.

「Gu~a, damn it, damn it all!」(Viking)

His movement is bizarre, like a doll manipulated by threads.

Or rather, it’s very powerful.

Actually, I have seen several times when trying to cooperate with this magic from Mina, but it seemed that there was no momentum so far.

Considering the mercenaries were swaying like golden wheat, it can be seen that the effect was amplified.

Originally, “Swaying Wind Maiden Blade” becomes more powerful in a field with many obstacles when the wind passes through.
This time, the mercenary players have somehow become obstacles for Mina’s wind.
In other words, with a lot of mercenary players here and there are naturally many obstacles around the path which the wind blows, the Wind’s power was increasing a lot.

However, the reason why it has high firepower that cannot be explained by itself.

I look at the Wind Fairies who sit naturally on my shoulders and head, they seem to look at the tragic dance of Viking while grinning.

…Maybe, it’s thanks to the help of the wind fairies.

「DAMN IT ALL!」(Viking)

And although Viking could still standing staggering after being damaged by Mina’s magic…

However, the mercenaries who were damaged by Viking’s ability just before went there immediately for retaliation.

「Seriously! This Gold-stick Rascal is magic killed!」(Player)

「Fuo Fuo Fuo… It’s good that young people are fine」(Player)


Pathetic, Viking.
But I have no sympathy for him.
Under attack from his surroundings, he fell on his back.

For some reason, the mercenaries who killed him kept staring at me.

Apparently, they look up.

One of them was a man who had a purple color on the right half of his head and a black color on the left.

The other wears a robe, but his beard is extremely long, and he can be seen as an old man with a good profile.

The last person is an ordinary person who seems to be everywhere.

「Damn it! What’s this?! Paralysis!」(Viking)

Or rather, Viking, who wasn’t killed yet, kept screaming.

Boy-character, the old man, mob-character keep looking at me like asking what I want to do.

「Ah, uhm…」(Taru)

Before I said anything, the trio turned their backs.
And they jumped into the battlefield, where an angry sound resonated.

It was as if they were going to search for the next prey, but the three men’s gait was light.
I wonder if those three had seen me fighting Viking a while ago.

It’s not our style to prey on other people’s prey.

The backs of the three people said so.

I looked at their backs but there was something that I need to do first.

Was that man calling/cursing to me?

He talked on my back.

「I’m still paralyzed! Just how much you have to do with abnormal skills
You poured it in! such an insidious brat!」(Viking)

I stepped lightly on Viking’s belly while he kept cursing and rolling on the ground

「What, damn you, get away!」(Viking)

His HP bar is just a few millimeters.
After confirming it, I look down on him and say.

「All you have is your useless big mouth and body…」(Taru)

Then I stab my Kodachi at him.

「Compared to you, my Mina (Uchi no Mina) is an excellent magician」(Taru)

The HP bar of Deputy Leader of “Lone Wolf” disappearing completely.

And at the same time as the effect that the character of Viking turning into light particles, I look back to my priest.


Mina was smiling with a shy look.

Viking is killed.
2250 Esso and the material “Ice Wolf’s Big Claw” have been dropped

As soon as the kill log displayed, we ran to each other.

「We did it (Yatta desu)!
We really did it (Yatta desu yo)!

「Yes, we did it! Well done, Mina!」(Taru)

And we hug each other without saying.

「it’s all thanks to Tenshi-sama!」(Mina)

「Mina as well.
You solved the problem of magic casting!」(Taru)

「Of course! Tenshi-sama’s life was at stake!」(Mina)

Unintentionally forgetting that it is a battlefield, we frolic.

But that consciousness was immediately returned to combat.

「Ta~ Taru」(Kouya)

It was Kouya’s agony voice.

Looking at the voiced direction, Kouya was lying on the ground.
From there, Wolf stabs him from above with a saber to sew on the ground.

He had a sharp smile, licking his tongue.


Kouya’s HP is about to be killed with 13/270.

I was so absorbed in the battle that I forgot to look at Kouya’s HP bar.

What a big blunder.

Or rather, when I checked the information of PT members, the deputy leader of “The Hundred Demon of the Night” Yukio-kun’s HP bar was also zero.

This is bad.

If Kouya is killed, the number of allies will be reduced to 5.

However, I wonder if Kouya’s HP is left because Wolf doesn’t try to finish him off immediately.

Wolf slowly pressed his blade deeply into Kouya as if to show it to us.

「Hm, I think I can enjoy it a little. Next is you lots」(Wolf)

Wolf stares at us like a cunning wolf.
He didn’t seem to bother to check below when he knew Kouya’s predicament.

With a nasty smile on his mouth, he used his free left hand to fist on Kouya.

I immediately used “Emerald’s Tear +2”, the green effect refreshed Kouya’s HP bar.

「Too bad. Kou can still fight」(Taru)

In addition, I ready a new “Emerald’s Tear” and have a confident look.
I laughed at Wolf challengingly.

Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.
Thank you for your comments and suggestions.

I am saved.

As you pointed out, there were some inconsistencies, so I changed the description of Taru’s battle regarding gravity.

Please forgive me.

T.N: Taru is too long. So tired. 1 Chapter cost me 10 hours in total (that I must divide in 2 days).

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