Chapter 54: Lone army struggle

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Chapter 54: Lone army struggle

Author’s Note:

This time, there are a lot of Wolf’s perspectives.

T.N: I hate this brat but I will still translate his part properly.

Too long, 6000 words this chapter.

There is a girl named Taru who was praised to be an Angel.

She is a young-player under 15 years old like us.
Although she looks like a 10-year-old or so, she can fight on the even-ground with the Leader of “Hundreds Demon of the Night”.

When I first heard those rumors.

Our members’ expectations to recruit have grown considerably.

The complexity and difficulty of this Clan-Clan game make a big difference between children and adults.
Some people use the phrase “freedom” and the difference in power to make take advantage of the child-Player or hunt us down.

Just as there are malicious players in every online game, there are mercenary players who described it as role-playing or pretending to be evil.

In the early days of beta testing when we don’t have the system that forbids to attack players under the age of fifteen yet.

Combat in VR requires a strategy that makes the most of your judgment and abilities.
Players around the age of ten cannot compete with adults about their abilities, thinking, reaction speed.

In the city, in the dungeon, in the field, everywhere.

Relentlessly targeted, hunted, and killed many times. (Free PVP like Log Horizon, only Guard NPC/Deus will punish you in town and this game steal up to 10% of Player’s Eso each kill)

God-soldier Deus is deployed only at key points in each town.

Other than hiding in The Deus’ Shadow, there was no place for us to rest.

Some children are frightened and follow adults like slaves, (T.N: Yes, this brat uses the word “slaves” here)
Some children felt disgusted and stopped playing.

And then, in the middle of the beta test, a system was finally introduced that forbids to attack Players under the age of 15.
Players over the age of 15 can’t attack us unless we attack them first.
By this time, only Viking was the only Young-player of the same age I met in the early days, other children had already quit Clan-Clan.

Why did you neglect to adjust the PVP which is the main subject?

I was only dissatisfied with the operation, still, the charm of this world, that far exceeds the real-life, never faded.

And there’s a reason we were still here.

It’s frustrating to keep losing.

To be honest, I have doubts about this system as well.
However, we will oppose the adults using whatever means we have.
We can’t afford to cling to strange hypocrisy.

After that update in the beta test, young-players have started to return or join in, albeit little by little.

However, even if adults can’t attack us directly, they still hold the absolute superiority in many things, so they ill-treat children everywhere.

Economic negotiations. So to speak, a scam that sells worthless items at a high price. Even if you complain later, you won’t get your money back.

Provoking, angry children will attack the adults and lose their protection.

Hunting ground negotiations.
Even if it’s already the promised time, the adults still won’t give us the hunting ground, some children dissatisfied with that and start to PVP.
Of course, the adults seemed to have predicted that, and all the children were killed.
Perhaps they had no intention of sharing the hunting grounds but just trying to provoke us.

There was no end to such incidents.

Late beta test.

The Clan system was implemented and we established a children-only Clan to compete with adults.

And now.

One week after the Clan-Clan service started.

A girl who is regarded as an angel has appeared, fighting against Elite adult Players over 15 years old on the even-ground.
It’s no wonder that our members are interested in what kind of person she is.
Moreover, Angel doesn’t belong to any Clan. Maybe she will join our Clan.

Our Clan “Lone Wolf” had such thoughts all over the place.

When PvP occurs due to War between Clan,
In order to make sure that all of us can take the first strike, we fight without forming a PT.

This is to make the best use of the non-attack system for players under the age of 15.

Why don’t we form a PT?

The system to protect Players under 15 years old only works until we attack the adult Player, the same goes for when our party members attack the adult Player.

In other words, when we don’t form PT, even if our Clan’s members start attacking, our enemies still can’t attack the rest of us.
We can time our first attack on individuals. (T.N: like gank up on rearguards)

The only way to resist the difference in forces.

This is the reason why we are “Lone Wolf”.

That doesn’t mean our cohesiveness is low like our name implies.

On the contrary, many of our Clan members have a deep bond.

After all, the fact that we can’t form PT in PVP will hinder our Clan’s member HP and MP management.
To make up for it, we need to know more about our peers so that we can work together without forming PT.

What skills we can use, how much MP is consumed, and how many times of that skill that you can activate?
All of that will decide what you need to do during the battle.

Of course, not all of our members are actively participating in PvP with adults.
Only a small part of us can compete with adults on an equal footing.

The more we let those amateur children join in, the more the adults will look down on us later.

Of course, this also applies to our enemies.

We can check if they have force. Armed forces are everything, it’s important in this game.

Also, newbies, low-level players, mentally young children should stay away from “War” as much as possible under our patronage.
I’m trying to make sure they can play Clan-Clan safely.

It seems that there are many small fights among our young members, but I think that’s also a good source of growth.

「Wolf… A player who can compete with adults, we need her to strengthen our strength.
Also, it seems that Akito and his friends were attacked by adults in the bar.」(Viking)

This is a corner of Michael Angelo’s back alley, a hideaway with a rag on the ceiling in a slightly open space.
In the place where orphans often gather, there are some wooden boxes of unknown use.

Viking is sitting on it, nagging.

「To protect players like us, I know that we’ve been fighting in a smart way, but I can’t still forgive those damn adults.」(Viking)

This guy has a rough mouth, but he is kind.

To make the most of my title, “Head of the Flock”, he will always silent form a PT with me at any PvP time.
You can see the essence of this guy.

「Hmm. Abnormal conditions aren’t included as offensive behavior…
To think the activation of the abnormal condition ability was effective even for players under 15 years old.」(Wolf)

Usually, unless we, players under 15 years old, attack first, the adults can’t attack us.
However, it seems different when it comes to abnormal status.
Most of us are still weak and don’t have resistance to abnormal status.

Won’t we be annihilated then?

It seems that a system that is disadvantageous to us has been discovered.

「Those “Head-hunting Drunkards” surely are prickly」(Wolf)

When I made contact with Angel in the forest of Misora, Clan “Head-hunt Drunkards”, which is considered to be the strongest PvP at the moment, suddenly intervened.

Some of us, who were in that ambush, were put to sleep.
I don’t know the details of the female player Shin who is their leader.
However, judging from her mood back then…。

「…No, that woman won’t dare to harm us, after all, she hides Angel the same way as us」(Wolf)

At that time, to check how powerful the rumored Angel is, I dared to provoke and observe how she did.

By chance, I knew that Mina, a former member of our group, has been acting with Angel for a while.
I also wanted to see what kind of decision she would make when I asked for such a deal.

Knowing that she wasn’t interested in us, we launched a surprise attack there.

From what I saw, she lacks the ability to think of rational interests to facilitate negotiations.
So to speak, she is a child as she looks.

I don’t know when adults will deceive her and take advantage of her.

It’s a bit forcible, but I wanted to bring her over to us.

And the way, she got angry for Mina, who she thought as a comrade, is the same as us.

(T.N: in your dream, Wolf brat)

「Hmm … I’m curious about the connection between her strength and the “Head-hunting Drunkard”.」(Wolf)

「Besides, “Iron-Blooded George” that she often acts together,
…The deputy leader of “Sadist Stick”, First-class craftsman Clan, who supports Clan on the front line.」(Viking)

Why does Viking know about them?
He muttered something that I couldn’t understand and pretended to spit.

「Wolf, are you still going to bring Angel in after all?
Honestly, I’m against it.
There are too many anxiety factors around her」(Viking)

The deputy leader of “Lone Wolf” frowns and gives me his opinion.
I close my eyes and ponder once.
What is the best deal for us?

Iron-Blooded George and Head-Hunter Shin?
Both are the dignitaries of their Clan, who are proud of their success, led by adults.」(Wolf)

「Even if you succeeded in bringing her into our group
Won’t her presence be a cause of endangering other members?」(Viking)

「However, I’m sure that it’s still bad as we are.
The adults will form a clique and attack us.
The number of current combat personnel alone is overwhelmingly insufficient.
I want someone useful against the adults here」(Wolf)

That’s it.

Cooperation in how to survive in this world.

Right now, people thought that getting involved with “Lone Wolf” would be troublesome.
And because some of the adults give a little extra money, our members have decreased.
The rest of us have united and bitten dirt thoroughly.

We, the children, have learned how to survive.

「No way, you.
I don’t think I’m going to team up with adults.
Not yet… I still haven’t forgotten what the adults did to us before making this Clan.」(Viking)

Viking begins to make a cold voice, but I tell him what I think.

「I don’t trust them. I just try to make use of them.
If it helps protect our members… Less trouble and More profit, right?」(Wolf)

「 Have you forgotten the days of humiliation we received?」(Viking)

Viking’s eyes when screaming at me were full of hatred and anger.
I look back at such dim eyes from the front.

I understand his feelings.

「Hm… I won’t forget the outrage against adults no matter what.
But we don’t need to forget that hatred, we just prioritize our friends over it.」(Wolf)


I and Viking stared at each other for a while, then he shows his annoyance.
I talk to him as if to remind him.

I and you will be 15 next year. Don’t you want to make this Clan a place where kids can enjoy playing without worrying about adults?」(Wolf)

「Damn it…
I get it, I get it.
We might not have enough time to do that.」(Viking)

As it is now, I understand that I can’t compete with adults.
At first, I didn’t want to make any small sacrifices, and we were overwhelmed.

Maybe because I used such a style that we continued losing in “war”.
We have missed many things.

Gradually, the members around me realized that it wouldn’t work as it was,
If we could make a big profit with a small sacrifice, we should sacrifice it without hesitation.
Children began to voice that we should change Our Clan’s policy as such.
Set absolute priorities in advance and run toward that direction.
Therefore, sacrifice is inherent.

「Hm… We should sacrifice Angel’s will as well (Disregard of Taru’s will)」(Wolf)

(T.N: I’m tired of this brat’s thought, self-playing a tragic hero)

For now, Minazuki, Taru, and Shin of “Head-hunting Drunks” may think bad about us.
But rather than to be indifference about, showing interest is better.

At this moment, I should enter the tiger’s den and draw her into our members.
There should still be room for negotiations somewhere.
Angel can expect a profit that deserves her effort.
In the situation that we could get Angel, Naturally, we can build a good relationship with both Clans “Headhunting Drunk” and “Sadist Stick”.

「And Viking. Are you aware of that too?」(Wolf)

「Tch… I get it. We will participate in the Ball right?」(Viking)

Somewhat unsatisfied, he replies as such.

When I see Viking behaves so, I laugh involuntarily.

「Hmm. Angel never looked at us with contempt」(Wolf)


We are like the hateful adults, trying to take advantage of the existence of Angel.

Even for the safety of our members, I have no choice but to laugh at my actions.
And I can’t wipe out the feeling of guilt that tingles in my heart.

That’s why when she joined “Lone Wolf”.
Even if she uses that useless Alchemy Skill, I won’t treat her unscrupulous.
As one of my important friends, I would like to cooperate with her and enjoy this world together.

(T.N: Kid, you need medical attention)

「Hmm. She was just angry because of our remarks to Mina, has she ever hated us for anything else?」(Wolf)

He is a comrade.

For out Clan “Lone Wolf”.

Because we are lone wolves.
I feel the pain of being alone.
Therefore, if we flock together, we will change our bond to a stronger one and cherish our friends.

That is the policy of the “Lone Wolf” that we advocate.


After finding out that Angel without any backing and the girl we scorned have a carriage. We discussed what to do and our conclusion was to get in touch with her at the Fairy Ball.

Then our members share their Eso so that I and Viking can buy a cheap carriage to enter the venue to meet Angel. Thank the commotion, we find Angel, “Head-Hunting Drunk”, and “Sadist Stick” almost instantly.

As expected, both Clans turned out to be extraordinarily caring about Angel.
Regarding “Saddy Stick”, It’s difficult to judge because only the deputy leader, Iron-Blooded George, is moving.
But it seemed like he joined forces with “Head-hunting Drunk”.

I want to find out more, to what extent harmful actions against Angel are allowed, where is their boiling point.
And what kind of action will they take when they try to protect Angel?
What are the practical benefits of Angel entering “Lone Wolf”?

And the pure fighting ability of Angel herself.

In order to explore these, I attended the “Fairy Ball”, a saucer for adults to satisfy their little vanity.
And if I open the lid.

「Hm. Wet Blankets…」(Wolf)

The fighting abilities of Angel and her enclosures were poor, they don’t have any great skill.

At the first glance, after Mina left our group even though her level is still the same, I’m surprised that she can use strong magic now.
However, it’s still meaningless after.

Viking was killed so easily just because he attacked without pay attention to the unrelated advanced Player nearby. After taking all the trouble to fight Angel when other Elite Players are away.
Viking specializes in combat styles that wouldn’t be possible without me, so that result is pretty clear.


With Angel at the center, the cooperation of “Hundred Knights of the Night” has become too rough.

The tanker seems to be solid but is too slow.

The attacker emphasizes close-range and speed, his movement is reasonably good but he is easy to read when he uses abilities.
He doesn’t seem to know how to fight opponents who are as fast as him.
I quickly grasped his general habits and characteristics of abilities during our one-on-one battle.

If the Clan “Drinking Sake at twilight” doesn’t get in the way, I can incapacitate him even sooner.

When I pinned the Tall Four-eyes on the ground with my saber and felt disappointed, the Tanker came to rescue.

This guy might try to attack me to help the attacker.
However, the role of the tank was supposed to protect allies.
Perhaps he is good at counter battles, but he isn’t good at attacking from himself.

Shield Slam(Yuuki)

Although I feel sorry for the role of the tanker that rushes with his shield, I give a low-kick on his leg and make him roll.

He may be good as a tank that acts as a shield for friends, but following up with allies in interpersonal battles is bad.

It will be better if he has the ability to throw his shield like a boomerang, that should be enough to make me fall back.
Then the attacker can regain his position and join forces with Angel during that gap.
They could bring the battle situation under control in five minutes.

It was probably due to the existence of Angel.
She didn’t understand her role in this PT battle. As a result, every one of them went out to protect Angel.
The situation would be improved right away if Angel stationed near the tanker.
Even though she is the most fragile one, she keeps floating in the air with a lot of gaps in front of me.

「Hmm. You are so wide-open」(Wolf)

It seems that she has a way to increase the movement speed momentarily, but her direction of travel is always straight. It’s easy to read.

I chased Angel who managed to avoid my attack and as expected I got attacked from behind.

「Snowstorm! “Twin Sakura Petals”!」(Kouya)

The attacker suddenly released his ability at me. As I thought, he will always activate his ability at the moment I aim at the angel.

Our speed is pretty much the same, there’s no way he can hit me other than the moment when I’m trying to attack another target.

I jump to avoid the predicted attack, turn around, and add a counter.

Immediately, the tank approaches me with his shining weapon skill.

「Light Sword (EN skill name)!」(Yuuki)

The tanker went out of his way to use “Light Sword”.
This is to protect Angel, who is the luggage, and to separate Angel from me, so he must challenge me in close combat.

This ability is the type that you activate the moment you want to take the initiative to put the enemy in a dazzle, block the enemy’s view with your shield.

However, when you attack with your sword, you will move your glowing shield out of the way. I move along with that movement to the right and slide into his blind spot, and with a small jump, I get behind him.

With his sword already slacked forward, the Tanker looks at me with a stunning look for a moment.

But it’s already late.

With my hand still on the shield as a support, I stab my saber on the other hand diagonally from above between his neck and shoulders.

After that, I just kick the numb tank and have him collide with Angel.

Well then, shall I deal with Angel who is rolling on the ground with the Tanker?

If she keeps fighting the battle like this without understand her role, she won’t improve her skills in PvP and she will regret it later.

For angels and for us.

At this moment, I have no choice but to make her realize her fighting power far inferior to our members the hard way.

「Hmm. Curse your uselessness, Damn Alchemist.」(Wolf)

However, she disappeared instantly after that.

With a lot of smoke.

This smoke blocks my view greatly, but this might work better in her case.
Even though it is useless in PvP, it’s foolish to not be wary of the many unknown alchemy items.

Angel may have the ability to locate me in this smoke or her friends may have similar skills.

First of all, is it best to get out of this smoke first?

They might plan to attack me right when I come out of this smoke, but I don’t think they can get that much cooperation.
After all, they have such low-level fighting abilities that I don’t need to pay heed to other than the magician.

If they can spot where I am and telling their PT members where to go, it’s okay for Mina to use magic.

In the first place, it seems that they have no skill to fire at me from within the range of this smoke in response to my speed.

However, it’s not good that my view is this close.

「Hmm. What will you do now, the rumored Angel?
Don’t let me down more than this.」(Wolf)

It’s not uncommon for a “Lone Wolf” to be a lone wolf.
Rather this is my familiar battle style.

Although it’s a little handicap that Viking isn’t here, I faintly smirk

The light green smoke that fills the area gives me an unknown feeling of exhilaration that makes me feel lighter.
And, strangely enough, it also gives a laid-back feeling which is the opposite of its nature.

「This is…」(Wolf)

And I immediately noticed the change after I actually started moving.

「What is this? It’s hard to step!」(Player)

「My body is too light!?」(Player)

「Uuu, too fluffy!」(Player)

I could hear the upset voice of the Players fighting nearby

「Hmm … it’s hard to move. Is this also an item made by alchemy?」(Wolf)

While the surrounding players are confused, I sprint to face Angel again.
I jumped out of the Smoke in search of light.


(Taru’s POV)

On the way down from the sky.

Fortunately, I was able to spot the gray-haired boy who jumped out of the smoke.
Then I let everyone know Wolf’s whereabouts in PT chat.

“Wolf came out from the other side, near the king!” (PT chat)

Without even noticing that I’m watching him from above, the leader of “Lone Wolf” is watching the situation by pointing the saber around the smoke.

At that time, he was attacked by a stranger Player.
He was parrying it with his saber and counter with amazing speed.
Unlike the movement that he used to fight us earlier, it’s clearly strong.

In a blink of an eye, Wolf killed the attacking Player and wandered around with his saber in hand again.

「 Did he hold back in the fight with us… I wonder if he is was a wait-and-see guy」(Taru)

It’s regrettable that he has such a despised personality, but Wolf responded with a cool face even when he challenged with four of us.
The difference in our ability is the most frustrated.

Alchemy is the only way to make up for that difference.

What can I do in this situation?

Speed, Power, Fighting style, Wolf is far above us in everything we can do.

As I slowly descend to the ground, I take action with the strategy I had in mind.

I asked the Wind Fairies to keep me steady so that I can equip the “Ash transparent shawl” given by Anon-san.
I hurriedly repeat the movement and adjustment so that my position is just above Wolf.
At the same time, I sent a certain instruction to Mina.

By the time our position adjustment is finished, Kouya and Yuuki are discovered by Wolf. They team up in a fierce battle with Wolf.

Kouya takes charge of the attack, parries, and counter. Yuuki will protect Kouya from Wolf’s attack as best as he can.
The two are taking turns, keeping Wolf in check.
By clarifying the offensive, defensive, and mutual responsibilities, they seemed to be in a good match with Wolf.

「Yuu and Kou…
Isn’t it better to fight with only two of them?」(Taru)

I try to find out where Mina is while muttering those words in disappointed.

As instructed, Mina was waiting at a short distance from where the three were fighting.
Besides that, I saw George beating a player in a demon-like motion.

Wolf seems to be aware of Mina’s existence, and sometimes howling like a wolf at Mina to prevent magic from being activated.

… Well, preparations are completed!

The distance between me and Wolf is about 5 meters high.

No matter how much Yuu and Kou are attracting his attention in close quarters, he may still just pretend not to notice.

From the item storage, I take out the items that I thought to be useless this time.

Its name is “The Dead’s Fragrant Bomb”.

This is an item created by synthesizing “Smokeball” and “Skeleton Drak Gray color” extracted from the skeleton.

“The Dead’s Fragrant Bomb”
A bomb kneaded with the ashes of the dead.
With clear gray smoke, disperse the scent of wandering skeletons that lose their will.
If you are within the smoke range, you will not be noticed until you hit an undead monster with Lv4 or less.

I drop two of them directly below.

If it’s only one, the area where smoke is generated is at most around 5 meters.
If I use both, it will be more than 8 meters of smoke range.

「What is it this time?!」(Player)

「It’s not so thick smoke that you can’t see, but it’s clear gray?」(Player)

「Nothing strange happened this time!」(Player)

「What kind of effect it has?」(Player)

During this time, Wolf is trading blows with Yuu and Kou, like the players around him, he is wrapped in clear smoke.
When I confirm it, I send a message to Mina via PT chat.

“Mina, (NOW) / it’s time” (PT chat)

A blonde kimono girl runs toward Wolf.
While chanting.

「Oh Big Fire Ball, scorching everything in big flame」(Mina)

Wolf quickly responded to that voice, activated his howling ability to prevent Mina from activating magic.

As if satisfying, Wolf tried to look back at Yuuki and Kouya with a cool face/smirk.
However, his face turns to Mina again.
No, to be exact, he looks at an item like a toy stick held in Mina’s hand.

Yes, that’s right.

It’s the “Aiming Fireworks (Small)” that I gave Mina.

Wolf has seen how I used that item before the war began.

He should fully understand the power of the item.

How will he deal with this two-stage attack method?

I land quietly right next to Wolf and observing him.
As Mina uses the item, sparks scatter from the stick, a red light ball jumps out in a straight line toward Wolf.

Its speed is quite fast.
The ash-transparent smoke is divided into two as if drawing a red straight line, and that ray of light approaches the leader of “Lone Wolf”, make a large flower bloom.

「Hmm. But you are naive」(Wolf)

However, Wolf crouched down as if he was crawling on the ground, turning his body to the left.
His left hand reached the ground, his right hand brilliantly turned the saber forward, and he managed to avoid the Fireworks with a little gap.

A moment later.

Far behind Wolf, red and green Fireworks were bloomed, confusing a number of Players.
After all, the speed of the item that Wolf saw for the first time still couldn’t match the speed of the leader of “Lone Wolf”.

「Ora (~yo)!」(Kouya)

However, as Wolf was a little out of shape, Kouya immediately kicked him during that gap.
Wolf rolled back to kill the momentum while guarding the sidekick aiming at his head with one hand.

Taking advantage of the Ash smoke and Ash cobblestones, I jump to get closer to Wolf.

One-sixth of gravity makes me float to Wolf.

Meanwhile, Wolf stood up immediately and faced Kouya with his fist.

And he suddenly gave off a sarcasm.

「Hmm. Doesn’t this mean that your movement and cooperation will improve just by reducing that luggage of one person.」(Wolf)

Wolf continues to talk to Kouya as if he were unaware of my existence.

「 Did Angel run away?
Hmm, carry such baggage, you would have had a hard time fighting with me.
That’s a good decision of her」(Wolf)

「…I don’t understand what are you talking about?」(Kouya)

Kouya, on the other hand, raises his glasses and stares at Wolf.

「Hmm. I want to say that you’re obsolete as that coward disappears, but you don’t get it?」(Wolf)

Wolf turns his saber at Kouya and ignores me, who is just behind him.
No, in fact…
The leader of “Lone Wolf” is unaware that I’m behind him.

The floor of the venue is ash stone. That is gray.

And now, the area is covered with the light gray smoke from “The Dead’s Fragrant Bomb”.

From the moment I dropped the “Scented Ball of the Dead” to the ground, I have equipped the “Ash transparent shawl” given by Anon-san and wrapped myself in it.

The special effect of “Ash transparent shawl”.

If you wrap yourself in a shawl, you can layer yourself with gray.

In other words, it works like a transparent cloak on this battlefield full of gray.
There were several scenes where my legs and arms are sticking out a little because of my movement.
However, close-quarter-combat with Yuu and Kou distracted Wolf, making him think that my trump card was Mina’s two-stage attack, and even that trick was a stepping stone to distract Wolf at the moment I landed.

「She is too precious to be called luggage」(Kouya)

Kouya laughs and suddenly releases his stance, making himself defenseless.
Wolf seems to be confused by the gestures full of gaps.

「That’s right, Taru might not know what to do. But we don’t want to carry her as luggage, she is an explosion.」(Kouya)

I took the final step towards Wolf in response to Kouya’s voice.
At this distance.
No matter how quick Wolf is, it’s impossible to avoid.

The veil wrapped in skeleton dark gray peeled off, then I suddenly appeared right behind Wolf and used “Shooting Fireworks (Small)”.

This is checkmate.

The moment I was convinced of the direct hit, a startling voice came from an unexpected direction.

「U, uwaaa!」(Player)

A mercenary, who I had never met before, was right next to me. He was surprised because I suddenly appeared and he attacked me reflexively.
Wolf quickly responded to that voice, turned around.

At that moment, his eyes and mine met.
A blade-attack flashing during the turbulent battle.
However, His sword was flipped away by Wolf’s saber.


Has Wolf tried to save me?
By the time I heard my dumb voice, a bright red bullet was exploding in Wolf’s abdomen.

「Hmm… I will play the rest with you later」(Wolf)

Wolf left a faint laugh and fluttered with fireworks.

The momentum didn’t stop and the leader of “Lone Wolf” ‘s body flew into the air with a light bullet.
The shooting-star-like streak of light passed through a place where there was green smoke that halved the gravity of the player I made before and landed on the battlefield of King’s Apprentice Deus.

Green and red fireworks collided with the ground, scattering colorful sparks.

「U, aa…」(Taru?)

As I’m looking in the direction where Wolf was disappearing.

“Wolf was killed by Lower God Soldier, Apprentice Deus” (Notice)
With the last attack judgment by the mercenary, distribute one-fifth worth of loot to mercenary Taru.
Mercenary Taru got 780 Esos.
The mercenary Wolf’s drop-item was distributed to the lower god soldier Apprentice Deus due to the des-penalty being killed by the lower god soldier Apprentice Deus.
The mercenary Wolf lost one of the equipment to the lower god soldier Apprentice Deus.

「We did it (Yatta desune)! Tenshi-sama!」(Mina)

「We did it, Taru!」(Yuuki)

Wolf’s kill can be confirmed as an assist log for everyone who is also the same PT.

Mina and Yuuki raise their voice in joy.

「Look, Fireworks」(Kouya)

With a refreshing feeling, Koya lifted his glasses and muttered at the fireworks that have fallen with Wolf’s life.

「It’s really dirty fireworks …」(Taru)

I didn’t want to launch such fireworks looking at Wolf, who protected me at the end.

Why did he protect me?
I’m overlooking the battlefield with a question that I can’t find the answer.

Staying with my frolicking friends, I just stare at the battlefield where the players kill each other.

The assist logs I got earlier.

Will the des-penalty of the god soldier Deus be definitely deprived of one piece of equipment?

「Hey, Kou, Yuu, Mina…」(Taru)

Is it okay to let the mercenaries kill each other as they are?
The tragedy of the venue seen from the sky was that the number of players was decreasing.

I still look up at Deus’ group fighting fierce battles with Misora’s dark clouds in the sky.
If this goes on, the player side will be wiped out.

Wolf protected me.
I’ve killed Wolf.
I think it can’t be helped.

Who could have predicted such an overwhelming turnaround?
What was his aim?
There are many things I don’t understand.

But there is only one thing he planted in my heart.
What I got from defeating Wolf was a strong will to cooperate.
Otherwise, there will be no players on this battlefield.



In response to the sudden scream from behind, I turn around.
The Angel was there, I could see only part of her torso, hips, legs, and hands.
Before I knew it, I wasn’t given enough time to wonder how she could be transparent.

I see. This is alchemy.

The tip on the stick held in both hands of Angel was pointed at me and seemed to have already been used.
From this distance, even if I move this body, I will not make it in time.

It can not be helped.
However, it cannot be killed for free.
I am the leader of “Lone Wolf” who carries the children.

Angels are also unlikely to react to accidental attacks by the Player nearby.
I use the bit of my strength to throw the saber in my right hand on the sword that swung down at Angel.

Won’t this be a memorable benefit for Angel?
Even if I slay Angel with a single stroke, I cannot avoid the item attack used by Angel anyway.
Then, it would be better to protect her here.

「Hmm… I will play the rest with you later」(Wolf)

Did this make room for negotiations?

Flying in the air and falling into a dense area of Deus, I was rarely killed in a few moments with no one on my side.

Isn’t it the end of a miserable lone wolf?


Author’s Note:

My sister’sClanThe name has been changed to “Headhunting Drunks”.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Thanks for the chappy!

    this kid’s acting like as if all his friends were killed in a raid by a kingdom’s soldiers and he’s out for revenge or something when its all a game


  2. “This time, there are a lot of Wolf’s perspectives.”

    This kinda took away my will to read the chapter…
    Wolf is such a brat…but at least he is good at fighting.


    • If only we wre not shown this pov. I woulda like wolf tbh, an arrogant(because he’s strong), a 14 y.o that can actually pvp and can fight against adults. He has the making of a good antagonist, but ffs with this chapter all my expectations were drained.


  3. So he wanted to recruit Taru to protect her, but the first thing that came to his mind was ambush and attack her? Moreover the only thing that came out of his mouth was mockery but he still wanted to negotiate?
    Can he just normally approach her and ask gently?

    Dudes… I really want to know how his mother raising him all this time


  4. Thanks for the Chapter, gotta love Taru not too many more chapters before Taru’s Sister finds out the truth


  5. This guy needs medical attention, srly. This reminds me of Orga n Mika n co. But worse, way worse.
    Speaking about Gundam, this guy reminds me of Riddhe, the guy who rode Banshee in UC 96.


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