Taru Novel Chapter 55: Force difference

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Took rather long.

Good news, we fix almost everything, I can release fast again.


Taru Novel Chapter 55: Force difference

「Yuu… Kou, Mina.
What will happen to us if the battle continues like this?」(Taru)

Four of us gathered on the battlefield where the players were confused (from the previous smoke bomb).

They are looking around the battlefield while “watching each other’s back/being on guard”.

「Well, maybe we will be wiped out eventually?
The players here are all strong people.」(Kou)

「For some reason, it seems that there aren’t many people coming out here」(Yuu)

Yuuki and Kouya glanced at me and immediately returned to keep guard.

Mina is holding to her arm, it’s a subtle gesture like she gets scared there.

「I will keep up with Tenshi-sama」(Mina)

Mina smiles innocently, she looks so cute.

The real angel that blooms on the battlefield is no-one but Mina.

「Ah, thank you Mina」(Taru)

But that’s not the case.
My friends look at me with lukewarm eyes.

Even we are in a battlefield, to think there’s a day my classmates might suspect me of being a lolicon.
I shake my head and think about this situation again.

「So what should we do now?
Do you think we should have fun as much as I can before dying?」(Taru)

Yuuki’s group continued with what I said…

「…A deathmatch might be good」(Yuuki)

「Same idea. Some of them are already doing it」(Kouya)

Kouya put his hand on his chin and then points in a certain direction.

Our PT members George and Glen were fighting against a large number of Players in that direction.

George shook something like nunchaku and smashed the player approaching Glen.
Glen gently slips through that gap and seems to be releasing small magic to counter.

The players around me seemed to be pushed back by the wonderful cooperation between the two.
I thought Glenn was using much weaker magic than when he fought us, but I suddenly realized.

Speaking of which, the magician class has a limited MP, so they are difficult to continue a long battle.
It seems that MP recovery items haven’t yet been found except for the “Forest Medicine” that I made.

Although MP recovers naturally, the speed of recovery is too slow.

It recovers 1 MP in about 10 seconds.

Well, people with MP-related abilities may be different, but at least I’m like that.

It seems that magician seems to be quite painful.

Maybe that’s why Yukio-kun has already been killed.

「It seems that those two have quite a lot of enemies.」(Yuuki)

「Same idea. Is it okay for us to mix in?」(Kouya)

Yuuki repositions his shield and Kouya snaps his neck with a fearless smile.
For the time being, is it okay to try helping friends?

「It’s our PT’s member, we should assist them」(Taru)

After I said so, the four of us started running towards Okama and Glen.

But earlier than our arrival, a group appeared to help George’s group.

No, it may be more correct to say “overrun”.

The steps of the players flocking to George’s group staggered. In a blink of an eye, a green effect ran to their neck.

「Wa, amazing…」(Mina?)

Suddenly, the massacre took place in an instant.

The Players who were making noise and attacking George’s group went quiet.

「Hi,~hi~i~i~i (Scared*)」(Player)

「Head Hunting…」(Player)

「This place is “bad news”(Player)

Players were energetically trying to attack before, hurriedly took a distance.

In front of that overwhelming power, a strange space was made.

While Yuuki, Kouya, and Mina are stunned,
The head of the group that covered George’s group turned to me.

And she has a smile of relief.

「My Taru… you are safe」(Shin)

It’s my sister and her friends from Clan “Head-hunting Drunk”.

There were also Tom and Jerry, who took care of me in the Misora Forest the other day.

「Hey… hey, aren’t you a bit too late for the rescue?」(George)

For the group feared to be the worst of PvP,
Okama complained with the group, who feared to be the best of PvP, without any fear.


Glen, in contrast, is unusually silent.

However, only his cloak is fluttering in the wind,
I mean it’s not blurry, it’s cool…
It’s too Chuunibyou. Honestly.

「I didn’t help you guys.
I just came to rescue Taru.
Well, Taru, it’s safe to be near me, come on」(Shin)

My sister is holding out her hand.

So for the time being, I nodded to my PT friends that it was okay and everyone gathered,

「Ane, thank you」(Taru)

「It’s for Taru, no need for gratitude. At ease」(Shin)

My sister strokes my head to reassure me, but I want her to “cut me some slack/go easy on me” in front of my friends.
However, she might be angry if I avoided it. Besides, she just helped George’s group, so I should be a good boy and kept silent.

「Uhm, Ane-san…
That said, we aren’t safe.
I wonder if this situation is a little bad」(Tom)

Even if we are in the battlefield, perhaps because my sister was enjoying the skinship with me, her little sister, my sister’s companion was afraid to interrupt her so he muttered with anxiety.

「Say it, Tom」(Shin?)

「I told you earlier, about pull out the information on “Apprentice Deus” with my analysis ability?」(Tom)

「What about it?」(Shin)

「Their Level was around 20 to 24, and when I analyzed their stats, there was “a multiply of 100” difference in stats compared to us Players.」(Tom)

「In other words, their growth rate is equivalent to Player… Assuming that we all get 100 stats points for each Lv, they are growing according to that number …」(Shin)

「At the moment, the status difference with the highest level-14 player will be over 800」(Tom)

「It’s a middle boss level in the dungeon…」(Jerry)

Jerry is taken aback.

「However, if the players here are capable, they can win with 3 vs 1.」(Shin)

「…Ane-san, yo (look again)」(Tom)

Tom shrugged and spread his hands as if to ask looking around.
I understood what Tom meant.

「Players do not cooperate. If this situation continues, it will be a total annihilation」(Taru)

「Just like Ane-san’s Imouto said」(Jerry)

Jerry concludes so while looking at the players who are still fighting each other at the butoh venue.

I’d like to “tsukkomi” that’s I’m not an Imouto, but now isn’t the time for arguing.
My sister seemed to agree with me, and I looked at her with a bitter face and nodded.

「Do any of the Taru’s PT members have the ability to keep track of the number of players and enemies?」(Shin)

Suddenly, my sister looks at us and asks.
George raised his hand.

「About that much, I guess」(George)

「There are only two people here… Not enough」(Shin)

My sister looks down mysteriously.
What on earth is she trying to do by knowing the number of enemies and players?

「If only Shizuku is here……」(Yuuki)

(In case you forgot, the girl on the left)

Yuuki mutters the name of a member of “Hundreds of Knights of the Night”, who is not here now.

Kouya also wrinkled between his eyebrows and groaned, “What should I do?”

I looked up at my sister asking for an explanation.

「WE need to know the number of enemies and allies.
If three players could defeat an Apprentice Deus, we need three times the numbers of Players compared to the Apprentice Deus…」(Shin)

While thinking about something, my sister put her hand on her chin.
In response, Tom and Jerry with uncle-looking-character Players, play the role of my sister’s left and right wings.

「That said, it’s not realistic to run around this battlefield right now and activate detection abilities in various places.」(Tom?)

「The error-margin will be big in that case.」(Jerry?)

「Even if it can be used as a guideline for strategy planning, it’s the information that we must use so much effort to get.」(Tom?)

「That said, if we don’t show any numbers, we can’t persuade the players around us to follow.
It lacks persuasive power we need to co-op effective…」(Jerry?)

「Without a basis, we can’t easily convince them.」(Tom?)

「I can’t help feeling a sense of crisis」(Jerry?)

「In the first place, we can’t be sure that they will believe what we say」(Tom?)


Tom and Jerry dry-laugh.
It’s virtually impossible for Players to cooperate with each other.

「We have no choice but to try to survive as much as we can ……」(Shin?)

And a bright cheerful voice suddenly called out to us in such a dark time.

「Ara! Ain’t that Taru-chan? Are you in trouble?」(A Female Player from chapter 5)

It was a female player.
She wears tight leather armor and has a dagger in her right hand and a small shield in her left hand.
She looks familiar like I have met somewhere, but I can’t remember who she is.

「Homewrecker… I have warned you the other day not to involve with my Taru.
Do you want me to hunt your neck?」(Shin)

My sister threatens the female player in response.
Perhaps, she is an acquaintance of my sister?

「Shin-san, we aren’t mean any harm.
When we heard what you all just talked, we just wondered if there was anything we could do to help.」(Ikemen-style man)

Another Ikemen-style man I’ve seen somewhere suddenly appeared from the back of the “homewrecker”.

「It has been a week, hasn’t it?」(Ikemen-style man)

He even gives me friendly smile.
Nampa? (T.N: click link)
Is it a “street pick-up” on the battlefield?

Shouldn’t the pick-up line be like『Have we met somewhere before?』?

「You are good at sneaky as usual」(Shin)

Both of them gladly answered the irony of her sister.

「Stealing is my exclusive patent」(A Female Player from chapter 5)

「Let’s steal (eavesdrop) not just the information but Imouto-san’s heart.」(Ikemen-style man)

A blue-vein (anime anger icon) appears in my sister’s forehead.

「Uwa, it’s a thief couple who interacted with Ane-san during the beta test」(Tom)

「They talked? I mean… I can only imagine Ane-san one-sidedly total annihilate the Clan」(Jerry)

Tom and Jerry are chatting in a surprised manner.

「Erina and Yoshio.
What do you mean by “cooperate with us”?」(Shin)


Hearing my sister called the couple’s name finally “ring a bell” to me.

It was the first time I logged in Clan-Clan. I met the Baka-couple, I mean, Yoshio’s couple and they guided me to the meeting place with my sister.

I forgot about this Net-normie-couple.

But my sister was jealous/angry at them, so she never forgot about them.

「But Shin-san.
We can help you find out the number of enemies and the number of players, you know?」(Erina)

Erina-san is strangely confident as she declares so to my sister.

「I’ve been using the detection ability to get this far.
I think the margin error is acceptable.」(Erina)

「Who would trust your words」(Shin)

Erina-san is looking at me while groaning at my sister who cuts her words coldly.

「I just want you to believe in my feelings for Taru-chan.
Taru-san is so cute」()

But I’m sure you just use Taro’s cuteness to prosper the thief business.
From the sneaky thief cat that approached Taru-san’s charm, did you come up with a good calculation to obtain things?」(Shin)

Then Yoshio-san tried to explain in a hurry.

「Shin-san, we don’t want to be in conflict with you right now …
There are no more allies left at this venue …
To be honest, we were barely able to survive this far.」(Yoshio)

「That’s why. Instead of cooperating, shall we work together temporarily?」(Erina)

After Yoshio explained so, Erina approached my sister again for negotiations.

「In other words, we must stretch our bodies to protect you, thieves?
In exchange for providing information that isn’t very important?」(Shin)

「That’s not true.
Let’s protect Taru-chan together」(Erina)

「Tell you what, I don’t trust you」(Shin)

My sister and Erina-san face each other silently.
Erina-san is glaring at the twin swords on my sister’s waist, which might be released at any time.

Even she smiles but her eyes aren’t.

And at that silent moment…

「ORAAAAA! We are “number one(EN)” today」(Player)

「We are the strongest mercenary clan in PvP!」(Player)

「This time, I’ll hunt back that neck!」(Player)

They seem to be the players who were back away from the fear of my sister
Suddenly, they came to attack us when my sister didn’t pay attention.


At the same time my sister clicked her tongue, Tom and Jerry, who were waiting behind started fighting those Players.

My sister seemed to be wondering about what to do.

Maybe she was wondering if it’s okay to leave Yoshio-san and Erina-san alone. Even if we fight here, nothing will change.

The moment that hateful Wolf, who was fighting us, used his last moment to protect me.
He made me feel a certain thing.
If we cooperate, we may survive.

I want to do what I can do without giving up.
I don’t want the fairies to die, and I want to survive this place with my friends and my sister.

So I talk.

「Ah! Geez (Mou~) Ane!
This isn’t the time to hostile against Erina-san’s couple!
We should cooperate even temporarily, shouldn’t we?」(Taru)

「As expected of Taru-chan, you can understand.」(Erina)

Erina-san delights when my sister frowns.

「Ane… please.
At this rate, everyone will be wiped out.」(Taru)

I hope she can trust Erina-san’s group. I pull on my sister’s sleeves and hope she agrees to work together.

No matter what they planned, when I first entered Clan-Clan, I didn’t know right or left.
These two people gave me various lectures and guided me to the church to meet my sister.

「…… Quickly tell me the number」(Shin)

Even she talks in a small voice, my sister listens to my wish.

「Alright (Yoshi) It came (Kita), Ettan (Erina’s nickname)!」(Yoshio)

「Alright (Yoshi) It came (Kita), Yoshi~yuun (Yoshio’s nickname)」(Yoshio)

Erina-san and Yoshio-san immediately raised their right hands up and doing a high-five. They also shouted at the same time.

「「『Connecting Ground Resonance!』」」(Erina+Yoshio)

The two of them put their hands up to heaven on the ground.
And they are closing their eyes for a few seconds.

Apparently, it looks like an enemy-searching-type ability.
Maybe it allows them to know the position of the enemies and players.
It’s a thief-like ability.

「The number of these footsteps …」(Erina?)

「As expected, the God Soldiers are gathered near the royal castle…」(Yoshio?)

The two of them are in a defenseless state, so we and my sister’s group surround and protect them.

「Not yet?」(Shin)

When my sister got impatient sister glared at them, they told.

「Actually, we were at the forefront so we couldn’t afford the time counting everything with this ability.
Everyone is strong」(Erina)

「However, with this, we’ve finally grasped the entire butoh venue.」(Yoshio)

「I know … there is no such ability to detect a wide area at once.
So what’s the result?」(Shin)

「The number of god soldiers (Deus) around the venue is about 50, and about 28 of them stay near the king, I guess?」(Erina)

「The number of Players is probably less than I know.
About 200 people …」(Yoshio)

The number of god soldiers is about 80.
If so, it may require at least three times as many as 240 players to compete, but we only have less than 200.

「There are fewer players than I expected …」(Shin)

Moreover, Apprentice Deus isn’t the only enemy.
Behind them is Kaguya Morpheus, the Ashen King.

To be honest, there is little hope for this war situation.

「At first there were nearly 500 people, right?
Mr. Somebody / Mr. No-name (Dareka-san)?
I wonder if I killed a lot of them」(Shin)

「Well, better not getting involved with Shin-san.
She is scary after」(Yoshio)

「Ye~es. Yoshi~yuun (Yoshio’s nickname)」(Erina)

My sister shook her hand, it seemed that she showed no mercy to those who hindered her.

「Well. The only thing left is for us to run around the battlefield and convey this information.」(Shin)

「Easy said than done」(Tom)

「I know right」(Jerry)

Tom and Jerry also participated in the conversation, wondering if they had killed a lot of attacking Players before this.
All the members of my sister’s mercenary corp(clan) seem to be safe and they are full of courage to go again.

「So, the next battle is?」(Another Member?)

「We still can go at anytime」(Another Member?)

「Let you go to die, no?」(Tom?)


My sister laughed lightly to her members.

「We can live.
Don’t die on me, you guys」(Shin)

「Haha~a. No」(Jerry)

How many people have them been fighting in a row?
I thought it was amazing to keep this fighting spirit.

As expected of a PvP mercenary corp(clan), “Head-hunting Drunk”, who loves fighting.

「Anyway, it was still early, you guys」(Shin?)

「It’s still before breakfast.」(Tom?)

「Well, we can try around!
At this rate, Player will be wiped out!」(Jerry?)

「Anyway, most of these guys here wouldn’t even hear!」(Another Member?)

I take a step towards those who enjoy this situation *Ge~haha*.

「Aneki, that’s it. I have a good idea.」(Taru)


I told my Aneki’s group so, even I’m the weakest status among us.


Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.

Comical [Manga version] Volume 1 will be released on [July 9]!

Relaxed alchemy series.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    “Thief kitten” <- I'm pretty sure she's calling her "homewrecker" (or perhaps "little homewrecker"); japanese use the term "thief/thieving cat" (泥棒猫 dorobou neko) to refer not only to literal cats that steal fish, clothes or whatever, but also to people (usually women) who have affairs with married people, as well as, by extension, to people who try to monopolize a person by stranging them from their loved ones (or people perceived as such by possessive people).

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