Taru Novel Chapter 56: Angel on the battlefield

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Taru Novel Chapter 56: Angel on the battlefield

「Cut through the green smoke?」(Shin)

After I finished telling my strategy, my sister asked back as she was pondering.

「Yes, Aneki.
With Mina’s magic, I will fly over the mercenaries (players) and drop a green smoke.
4 seconds later when the smoke spreads enough, I want you to extinguish the smoke. Can Aneki do it?」(Taru)

Certainly, my sister seemed to be feared as “Wind Hunter Shin” who can freely use green magic, the so-called wind magic skill and twin swords. She should be able to cut through the smoke just like having breakfast. With such expectations, I ask her.

「There’s nothing I can’t do, but… how many times?」(Shin)

Perhaps she is worried about MP?

I silently hand over about 5 “Forest’s Medicine” to my sister.

「This is … Taru, what is this?
Why MP recovery items exist…
And it can be used three times on top of that?」(Shin)

Her jet-black ponytail is shaking with surprise.
Looking at the item given by me, my sister asks me so.

「It’s the item born from my garbage skills」(Taru)

I reply to her with a smile.
It’s a battlefield now.
I don’t have time to talk about alchemy in detail.

「I see…
However, is there no other choice but to go with Taru’s idea …?」(Shin)

Did she guess it from my attitude?
My sister exhaled lightly and shrugged her shoulders.
Her eyes seem to say “she will allow me to do it”.

「Taru, I said I would go home after the “Fairy Ball”.
But this is… Well, I think I need to hear more.」(Shin)

That’s right.
Once the “Fairy Ball” was over, my sister would return home.

It’s nice to talk about alchemy, but it’s hard to talk about changing into a loli…
What’s more, it’s a face-to-face meeting with a mama-like girl (overprotect).

「If Aneki can afford to do it, I will tell you」(Taru)

Yes, she will forget about it like alchemy anyway.

「That won’t do (you are naive), little brother.
Has your Aneki ever had anything she couldn’t afford to do (talk in 3rd POV)?」(Shin)

My sister stretches and puts her right hand on her waist as she says that.

An actress with no fear wherever she goes.
No, this crisp atmosphere is the role of a prince who saves the princess out of the story picture book.


My sister will surely be upset when she sees me becoming a loli…

And her attitude may change.

But I will face her head-on to dismiss the anxiety in my chest.

「When Tom-san and Jerry-san started fighting the enemies, you looked worried and couldn’t afford to do anything.
Also, when you were in 5th grade, you couldn’t afford to eat the chocolate for Valentine’s Day when it broke (accident dropped maybe).」(Taru)

I tease my sister and smile (smirk?) like a bad boy who succeeded in mischief.

People responded quickly to my remarks and came to me with interest.

「「That story is delicious, more please」」(Tom + Jerry)

Tom and Jerry were biting (got interested) on my story.
Then they were beaten by my sister.
Involuntarily, a real smile spilled over such an exchange.

「HEY, Taru. Remember this」(Shin)

I intentionally ignore the Han’nya (Prajñā Buddhism?) voice, and I look back to George, Mina, Kouya, Yuuki, and Glen.

The preparation has been completed.

「Well then, shall we go?」(Taru)

The strategy has also been decided.
All I have to do is make a decision.

「Leave the ground to me, Tenshi~chuyan!」(George)

Taro, pay attention to the arrows. After all, you are standing out in the air(Yuuki)

「Agree (same idea), watch out for all ranged attacks」(Kouya)

「Tenshi-sama, I… I will do it」(Mina)

My princess, please be safe. If anything happens, my flame will protect you. Rest assured(Glen)

I nod deeply to each response.

Ahaha. Then please protect my Aneki, everyone(Taru)

Then, I talk to the wind fairies in the shawl.

「Wind fairies, please」(Taru)

According to my will, the gust of wind from the fairies pushes my back and body into the sky.
I must keep in mind that 3 MP will be consumed as the wind pressure applied all over my body.
It’s important to know how much MP is being consumed for each gust of wind.

I don’t remember agreeing with this operation yet!」(Shin)

I notice as I flew up that my sister shouts from below in a hurry.
But I can’t think of any other good strategy now.
So, I scream back to my sister while trying to correct my flying trajectory to the mercenary players who are fighting near the king.

「I’m counting on you, Aneki!」(Taru)

「Oh well!」(Shin)

I continue to speak out to overlap my sister’s protesting voice.

「Mina, please」(Taru)

「Yes, Tenshin-sama」(Mina)

When I saw Mina drink “Blue amber seed” that raised the maximum MP, I decided where to go.

It’s the round table with gorgeous dishes placed in various places in the butoh venue.

I glide fluffy toward the landing point.

When I reach the round table, it was flipped up to the sky with a height of about 3 meters. Although the altitude was perfect, the timing was also exquisite.

(Nice, Mina!) (Taru)

Inwardly, I gave gratitude to the Priestess who lifted this table and I used that table as a foothold. Step on as it is and jump higher.

Then, I’m aiming directly above the table that Mina will flip next to jump even higher.

The phenomenon that flips the table and makes it floats is due to the magic that Mina is activating.

Ability with green magic skill Lv4, “uplift (step-up)”.

It’s a magic that can make a target within a radius of 8 meters from you to float 2 to 4 meters.
Although this magic only works on objects, it has many uses, suitable for the work of moving heavy rocks in the dungeon.
Since it consumes 9 MP each time, Mina, who had only 15 max MP, can only use it and magic “Small Light (Fire)” once.
Therefore, it seems that she has not used it until now.
However, after I create “Blue Amber Seed” that can temporarily increase the maximum MP, I realized that this magic is compatible with my “Sky Blue Dress”.
Because the gravity effect is reduced to one-sixth, I can easily jump one after another using Mina’s floating objects as footholds.

Now that I have the wind fairies accompany me, it’s good to rely on the power of their gusts to move, but the power of the wind fairies is absolutely necessary to avoid a quick attack in the air. That’s why I must save MP for the time being.

As I fly down (descend) the battlefield, I look down, I saw the mercenary players, who tried to attack my sister, were beaten one after another.
They seemed to give up and sat down on the floor looking at me from distance.

I step strongly on the 4th table, that Mina floats for me, and ask the Wind fairies.

It’s time to use my preserved MP.
Let’s fly further into the sky.

And then I aim.
A point where players fighting among each other, rather than the players who fight with the lower Demi-god soldiers who guard the area around the king.
In other words, the mercenaries vs mercenaries (PVP) area, I dropped three “Fluffy Bomb” to the most intense spots.

“Fluffy Leaf Green” and “Smoke Bomb” are woven together, and the green smoke fills the fierce battlefield in a blink of an eye.

The effect of the smoke, lightening the weight of everything within its range.

The gravity which affects mercenary players is reduced by half.

One of the materials comes from a monster that flutters around the field like cotton, Mofu Usa (Fluffy Rabbit). This item gives you a simulated experience just like that monster.

「What the hell is this?!」(Player)

「I can’t attack!」(Player)

「Tch, don’t run away」(Player)

「You are the one to talk」(Player)

Yes, if suddenly the gravity on them becomes lighter. Naturally, their bodies will float.

Especially when the weapons collide with each other, their feet, which should normally absorb the impact and recoil, make them lose their balance.

Continuous melee attacks aren’t possible.

Even this phenomenon doesn’t affect much to a magician, they will be somewhat upset when they become lighter.

And the green fog covers their field of vision. It’s not strange to be upset.

Maybe because of this green smoke!?(Player)

「Stop joking! Fight me!」(Player)

「Again?! It came out suddenly a while ago, but what is this?(Player)

But it only lasts for a moment.
The awaited person to clear out the green smoke finally acted.
She swung down her twin swords with a cross, the powerful wind from the tip of the sword instantly blew away the confusing smoke.

It’s my sister.

「U~oo… what was it now…?」(Player)

「Hey, isn’t that “headhunting drunkard”?」(Player)

「Did she come back to the front line again…?」(Player)

In that moment of silence before everyone began to make noise again. I breathed all the air into my lungs and shouted.

「Please Fight (Tatakatte kudasai!)」(Taru)

I shouted at the mercenary players below.

While floating above them.

The strangely fluffy smoke spread and the battle was temporarily interrupted. But then the green fog disappeared and a little girl (me) appeared from the sky.

No matter who players they are, this method will surely stand out.

As everyone sees me, they will be wondering for sure.

That’s my aim and it has the greatest effect on communicating information.

「What’s that?! That girl…」(Player)

「(An angel) Tenshi descends from the sky?」(Player)

「Ah, it’s Tenshin-chan (an Angel)」(Player)

「Isn’t she the little girl who was with “Headhunting Drunkard” before?」(Player)

「Eh, then she is a player?
But isn’t something like Kobito (Inchling) flying behind her?」(Player)

Mercenary players looking up at me and uttering doubts.

However, the scream of a mercenary player who would have been fighting with Deus, a Demi-god soldier, echoed.


「Keep fighting (I won’t be going down without a fight)!」(Player)

「Some of the vanguards have been killed because of the smoke!」(Player)

Ignoring that voice, I scream again.

「Please Fight (Tatakatte kudasai!)」(Taru)

The mercenary players scream back at me, who only spits out the same words.

「What on earth is that Tenshin…」(Player)

「Is she an NPC?」(Player)

「Please fight… Even if she doesn’t tell me, I’m still fighting(Player)

「Yes, let’s continue.
I can’t forgive you」(Player)

Once again, before the mercenaries vs mercenaries (PVP) starts moving, I quickly appeal to the mercenaries under my eyes.

「Please fight the Demi-God soldiers, Deus!」(Taru)

Everyone was stunned to look up at me as descend little by little.

“What are you talking about?” Everyone turned to me with that kind of face.

「If you lose to the Demi-god soldier Deus, you will be robbed of one equipment!」(Taru)

“Then you can just switch the equipment”
For equipment that can be changed without problems.
There are people who say so.
Therefore, I will preemptively state what I thought in my head in quick succession.

「Can you a winning your opponent with spare equipment that can be taken without problems?
Are the mercenary players around you the ones you can afford to fight with such equipment?
In the first place, with such low equipment, you can’t even beat the lower Demigod soldiers, let alone the king!」(Taru)

The mercenary players start lowering the weapons they are holding and begin to look at each other in the vicinity.

「Please cooperate and fight the lower Demi-god soldiers!」(Taru)

I keep talking to them with an embarrassed expression, trying to converse all at once.

「There is a considerable difference in status between lower Demi-god soldiers and mercenaries.
Three mercenaries need to work together to defeat one lower Demi-god soldier!」(Taru)

「Middle boss class …」(Player)

「But aren’t those players, who are fighting the Deus near the king, still hold their ground?」(Player)

It is probably because the lower Demi-god soldiers near the king are for defensive tactics that make full use of the large shield (tanker).

But now it’s not the case to point out that in detail.

The mercenaries may lose interest in talking with a little girl from the sky if I keep it too long.

It’s over when they stop listening.

Before that happens, I have to tell them just the main points.

The number of lower Demi-god soldiers is about 80! The number of mercenaries is less than 200! At this rate, we will be wiped out before reaching the king!(Taru)

Give clear numbers and fuel a sense of crisis.

「Is that number really true?」(Player)

「Can we trust her?」(Player)

「Ah… but Tenshi-chan may have counted it from the sky…」(Player)

「I see (Naruhodo)」(Player)

「Then, can all mercenaries (players) just focus to fight the god soldiers?」(Player)

「Hey hey, but the mercenary corps that defeated the king will take control of Michael Angelo?」(Player)

「What will happen to the distribution of rewards even if we cooperate now?」(Player)

The mercenaries seemed to listen to my words for the time being.
However, the basis of this battle is the battle for rewards.
Therefore, mercenaries vs mercenaries continue to break out under the circumstances where the god soldiers are approaching.

If the mercenaries cooperate with each other, what will happen to the rewards beyond that?
What should I do?

Even if one mercenary corp (clan) became the ruler of this city, could other mercenary corps getting any other benefits or could they make a promise for sharing as the condition for cooperation?
There is no guarantee that such a promise will be kept in such a situation.
In the first place, we don’t have time to make such a deal.

Even with the system of control, I don’t know about mercenary corp that actually governs a place, so I can’t talk about it.

It’s completely unknown.

Yes, right now I don’t have enough evidence to convince them at this point.

However, as it stands, all we have left for mercenary players is the path of annihilation.


In this world full of unknowns, we are now fighting for death.

And, despite my weakest status, I was recklessly trying to convey my thoughts and claims in front of so many people, trying to do everything I could.

Why is that?

A myriad of suspicions, confusions, and criticisms pierce me.

I had one emotion.

An interesting one.

Such an experience that I might not have for a lifetime if I hadn’t played Clan-Clan.

So what about the rewards? I answer the question with a smile.

「I don’t know the reward distribution nor the total rewards!」(Taru)

“Too irresponsible and free-spirited”, the mercenary players once again start to make noise.

「It’s Unknown!」(Taru)

“Hey, didn’t you just talk about it?”, Don’t be discouraged by the mercenary players who start shouting here and there. I ask the fairies.

The fairies teamed up with me and slowly blew the wind up to spin around.

「It was Unknown to be able to fly in the sky so close to the fairies!」(Taru)

People are still surprised at this remark and my act of fluttering.

「Is it so much fun to understand everything? (Leak?)
Guarantee the promised profits and challenge the battle.
Is it really an adventure?」(Taru)

Because the destination of my adventure is an unknown area that someone has set foot their before.
It’s a field that I haven’t seen yet.
Because there are items and weapons that I don’t know yet, there are monsters that I haven’t faced yet.

It’s exciting.

「The unknown adventure we have sought is …
Was it just a matter of collecting based on reliable results and information?」(Taru)

A world where information has leaked and is clear. Games that tend to be monotonous games.

However, Clan-Clan focuses on encountering the Unknown, proclaiming it as freedom, and the management is exercising the power technique of closing all capture sites.

I think everyone was attracted to Clan-Clan because the world with a strategy guide isn’t enough.

Because everything is an ant compared to a world that you can breathe and change in a real way.

「If some mercenary corps her wanted to take control of Michelangelo…」(Taru)

Open both hands and smile cheerfully.

「You just have to take it!」(Taru)

I don’t know if there is a system that can take control of the city! I just say out loud that I don’t understand anymore and they know that I’m saying the right thing.

「At this rate … the last remaining person will be a sideshow, that will be stripped of equipment by the lower Demi-god soldiers, Deus!」(Taru)

「Certainly, that’s true!」(Player)

「Should we cooperate here without thinking ahead?」(Player)

「Enjoy now without thinking seriously.
Isn’t it really okay?」(Player)

「We can regain control later. Isn’t it like a mercenary war?(Player)

The battle is over and the next battle is coming. Won’t that be exciting?(Player)

Even with such an old bone, the feeling of exhilaration doesn’t die down. Young people surely will be enthusiastic as well(Aged Player?)

「Even such a little girl is physically doing her best. Let’s call this an alliance(Player)

The voices that agree with my opinion spread to the front line like ripples. Seeing such a situation, a provocative smile naturally comes to me.

「Our enemy is not another mercenary player!」(Taru?)

And when I was convinced that the atmosphere of the place had changed, I firmly put my request into words.

I will say it again. Please fight the Demi-god soldiers, Deus!(Taru)

「I didn’t come here just to have my equipment robbed」(Player)

「The carriage was expensive!」(Player)

「It’s the worst event if something like that happens!」(Player)

U~OOOOooo! Tenshi-sama (the angel) has descended from the sky with the fairies!(Player)

「If it’s Tenshin-chan’s request, I will listen (SIMP) to her!」(Player)

「Tenshi-san, may I know your name?」(Player)

The noise of swords clashing? Shakes the battlefield with angry momentum.

I can feel the fighting spirit (killing intent) with my skin. It seemed to come from the people of “Headhunting Drunkard” and my PT members, especially Mina, who would have been watching.

「The battlefield is wide!
I’m going to tell all the mercenary players about this!
I wish you all the best!
If we make it to the king, let me fight together」(Taru)

When I said that, Mina was in a position to chant magic on a round table a little further away.

「O~Uu! Leave it to me (Makasete oke)」(Player)

Do your best! I’ll also do my best here!(Player)

「I will be waiting, Tenshi-chan」(Player)

Before Tenshi-chan comes back, we have to be careful not to cut off the king’s neck.(Player)

「Isn’t it okay to just do it?」(Player)

With the words of the reliable mercenary players on my back, I soar to Mina’s floating table.

I will ask the rough mercenaries for help in the next place.



「Just as Tenshi-chan says」(Player)

「If it’s 3 vs 1, we can stand toe to toe with the Lower Demi-god soldier!」(Player)

「It’s an alliance! Now we just have to work together to survive!(Player)

The circle of siege by the lower god soldiers was gradually shrunk.

And the mercenaries on the outer circumference of the butoh venue, who had been struggling with the unstoppable mercenaries vs mercenaries (PVP), listened to me relatively easily.

Of course, it wasn’t possible to omit the setup of generating green smoke with “Fluffy Bomb” and temporarily forcibly ending the battle.

Other than the front line, there were few mercenary players who were seriously trying to control Michelangelo.

But rather many mercenaries were standing around to prevent them from being killed by lower Demi-god soldiers and other mercenary players.

「Can we show an embarrassing appearance in front of Tenshi-sama?」(Player)

「We got your back, comrade (of culture)」(Player)

「Be careful not to hit (friendly fire) those who are fighting in close proximity with magic or ranged attacks!」(Player)

「Damn it! They broke through」(Player)

「Follow me!」(Player)

「Don’t let them get close to Tenshi-sama!」(Player)

Before I knew it, I seemed to have become the flagship of the mercenary players on the outer circumference, and many eyes were gathered at me who was unprotected in the sky.

The lower god soldiers had no time to aim at me as they were busy fighting with the mercenary players who had begun to unite and fight.

The lower god soldiers, who originally surrounded the outer circumference, weren’t in a dense formation like the lower god soldiers near the king because they were widely deployed.

In other words, the siege could be easily breached by defeating one Demi-god soldier, Deus.

「Good luck everyone (Minasan, Ganbatte kudasai)!」(Taru)

The voices of the players who respond to my cheers echoed.


To put it bluntly, I wasn’t happy because I just floated over everyone’s head and sent out a cheer.

I also want to go down to the ground and participate in the war or do something that seems to be supporting from the sky.

However, my only long-range attack item “Aiming Fireworks (Small)” only has three left. So I’ve saved it in case of an emergency.

There’s no way I would drop the smoke bombs that may hinder players instead.
In other words, I’m helpless watching everyone’s death fight from the sky.

However, for some reason, I don’t feel like I will greatly affect the morale of the mercenaries, who are fighting fiercely with the lower Demi-god soldiers, so I send support by relay information as well.

「Good luck (Ganbatte kudasai)!
Ah! There is one lower god soldier coming from over there!」(Taru)

I point to it and quickly show where the lower Demi-god soldiers are.

Reading and relay the situation from the sky, this is my role. Tell everyone about the crisis.

Ooouu! Benten group has been killed! We will need to fill the gap!(Player)

Just like that, the scheme of the lower Demi-god soldiers VS mercenary players began with a fierce battle.



「No, not good! I can’t push it any longer!」(Player)

The battle against the Demi-god soldiers, Deus on the outer circumference seemed to be going well, but their strength increased as we came closer to the King.

With all our might to resist, we defeated many lower Demi-god soldiers.

Still, the mercenary side suffers even further damage.

「We won’t let you do this alone」(Yoshio)

Seriously seriously together! Serious help! (Don’t ask me, this baka-couple talk in a funny way)(Erina)

Even though he is young, he doesn’t stand his ground. Pathetic」(Yoshio)

Yoshi-kyun! There are 21 lower god soldiers on the outer circumference!(Erina)

Et-tan! We also have 60 people, Nu~ooo(Yoshio)

The screams of Erina-san and Yoshio-san echo on the battlefield.

It seems that Yoshio-san was killed by a lower Demi-god soldier in the middle of his speech.

I don’t feel good, witnessing that desperate appearance of the Net couple.

The venue where there were so many of us before, the mercenary player side had already reduced 60.

On the other hand, there are about 20 lower god soldiers who attack us from the side where the king is.

Looking at this alone, our number is three times as many, so I can have hoped that we might be able to win.


The place where the Ash King, Kaguya Morpheus sits, the lower god soldiers who guard him are proud of the protection of the iron wall, and the number has hardly decreased.

In other words, there are about 50 lower Demi-god soldiers left in total while the mercenary side is only around 60 people.

This situation was hopeless, we needed three times as many.

Even though the mercenary players had cooperated after I told them.

But this might be the unavoidable result.

「Anyone who has magical skills, give a big blow to that group of Demi-god soldiers!」(Player)

Too few wizards have survived! And we are out of MP!(Player)

I already stop floating in the air and ran around the battlefield with my feet. To reverse MP recovery items for various mercenary players.

There aren’t many of us left, so there’s no need to notify the battle situation report from the sky.

「Please take this MPrecovery item!」(Taru)

「Please take this」(Taru)

I quickly hand over the “Forest Medicine” to a stranger wizard player.

「What on earth… is this… Thank you」(Player)

I can’t stay in the air because I can’t provide Mp for the wind fairies.
Rather than using MP myself, I run desperately with the desire to pass MP to other strong mercenaries.
That’s what I can do now.

「Gu~, someone please heal us」(Player)

A mercenary player, whose HP has entered the red zone, comes here to replace the mercenary player who was waiting behind (natural recover).

We switch in this way and do our best not to reduce our number anymore.

However, before this, the lower Demi-god soldiers were fighting individually, but before we knew it, the Demi-god soldiers became solidified and overwhelmed the mercenary players.

I sprinkle “Emerald’s Tear Potion” on any low HP mercenary even if we have never exchanged words.

「Tenshi-chan, Sankyu (thank you)!
Hey, we are going!」(Player)

「Good luck (Ganbatte kudasai)!」(Taru)

I wipe off the sweat that spills on my forehead and I send a mercenary player to the dead place with a smile.

I don’t know how many times I have exchanged like this.
Because of this, the “Crystal Potion” that can recover multiple people at once is exhausted.
Maybe everyone is getting nervous and tired from the battle, and their movements are getting slower.

However, no one says “No Mora more”.

Somehow, it can be said that the front line is maintained at the last minute.

Because everyone is struggling, I can’t afford to be down here.
I smile cheerfully and keep inspiring the people around me.

「We can still fight!
If you are low on HP or MP, please come to me!
I will recover (fix) you!」(Taru)

Even so, I have to realize that I’m being cornered.

The items I have are running low.

When I was impatient about it Kouya suddenly hit me on the shoulder.

「Good work (Otsukare-san), Alchemist」(Kouya)

「Oh. I step in well here」(Taru)

「Ha~n. You are level 4, it’s obvious that you must be desperate here.」(Kouya)

「Hahaha, it hurts when you told about the level」(Taru)

Kouya fixed his glasses with a smirk to me who wry smiles.
There was a small wrinkle between my best friend’s eyebrows.
Perhaps he noticed from my appearance that the recovery items I had were about to run out.

「I don’t want to say anything that would arouse anxiety in an imminent situation …」(Kouya)

Kouya suddenly stopped and turned his eyes to the sky.

「Taru … Is there such a big black cloud?」(Kouya)

Following Kouya, I also look at the sky.

Next to me, Yuuki and Mina also seemed to look up.

And when I look up at the sky, what I saw was an unbelievably black cloud.
Despite being in a fairly high position, it swelled up and was large enough to cover the sky, closing our view in a matter of seconds.

「Eh, what’s that …
It seems to be dangerous.」(Kouya? Yuuki?)

The moment when I thought that the jet-black mass was tinged with white light.

A loud noise resounded that made me think my eardrum would burst.

Then, the dazzling light dominated the area, and everything I could see was all white. At the same time, a continuous loud sound rang and the ground shook in response.

Involuntarily, I close my eyes with fear and astonishment.

Tinnitus echoed and after a while, the whole area was surrounded by a strange silence.

I thought that the sky had turned black but then the light ran and the explosion shook the ground.

There was no doubt that it was something so powerful that could be considered a natural disaster.

I’m somewhat afraid and slowly open my closed eyes to see what happened.

The first thing I noticed was the mercenary players moaning and falling down.

However, there is no damage to their bodies.

Perhaps he was surprised just like me at the phenomenon and fell down on his foot.

And when I wonder why the lower Demi-God soldier doesn’t such defenseless mercenaries. But I quickly realized the answer.

It’s more correct to say that they couldn’t. Because the lower Demi-god soldiers, who were supposed to be there but they had disappeared.

The ground on which, the lower Demi-God soldier should have stood, has been deeply scooped out, leaving only something like black charcoal.

A trace that seems to have aimed only at the lower god soldiers and at the same time avoiding the mercenary players brilliantly.

By visually recognizing that much, I notice that there is a burning smell somewhere.

「Uu~u… What was it just now?」(Yuuki)

Yuuki, who thrust his sword to the ground to hold the shield protecting us, his hand must be numb.
And then he looks around like I do.

Lightning strike… Did the lightning just strike? That was such a great destruction power…(Yuuki)

Yuuki speaks his guess in awe.

「I see, it was lightning…」()

I turn my gaze to the dark clouds that dominate the battlefield.
I’m sure there is only one person I know who can use such great magic to wipe out the lower Demi-god soldiers.
A magical girl wearing a pointed hat, who dwells in the blue of the sky, the same color as her beautiful hair.

「Aru-re, Are-re? (Different Ara-ara oneesan)
My hand slipped and I have accidentally dropped my “Blue Thunder of Reverse Scale”.」(Misora)

Contrary to my expectation, she never made a flashy appearance from the sky.
She had already set foot on the ground and was walking leisurely in front of me.

Her gait was light and she said as if she came for a short walk.
And she happily kicks the little stones lying around and smiles at me.

「Taru-chan, are you okay? You are still doing fine, right?」(Misora)

The Witch instantly turned the lower Demi-god Soldier, that 200 mercenaries desperately tried to stand against, into charcoal.

The Sage Misora appeared with her cane in one hand.


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