Cathia Chapter 6-5: Purgatory

Cathia Imouto

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Cathia Chapter 6-5: Purgatory

I Pick up the fallen sword with my trembling hand.

It doesn’t seem to be a real space, so I don’t know if I even need to pick it up.

It can be said that it’s simply my habit as a swordsman.

First, put Main Gauche back in the scabbard and put a black sword on it.

「So, which one is it…」(Cathia)

It falls alongside Sieg-san’s sword, so it’s very confusing.

When I pick up both, I should feel a better fit on one side.

This one, perhaps?

I put the one with a familiar feel in the scabbard.

At that moment, the other black sword ignited and burned down.

Apparently, my answer is correct.

As I look at the fallen Sieg, there’s another sign from behind.

I turn back in a hurry.

「Ah~, I lost」(Sieg)

「Eh, Sieg-san!?」(Cathia)

Another Sieg.
What does this mean?!

「Because this is such a space」(Sieg)

The other Sieg snaps his finger.
Then, the fallen Sieg was burnt down.
It’s really something…

「No way, another fight again――」(Cathia)

「No no.
But don’t you think it’s a miscast?
No matter how strong I am, can a king without anything beat an opponent like you?」(Sieg)


Is it really so?
No, but this person seems to really power up depending on the situation.

「Perhaps the spirits wanted to see–
Oops, isn’t it about time?」(Sieg)

Sieg’s body slowly begins to disappear from his feet.
Did he only have a little time to talk?

「Can I ask one question?
It’s the inscription of this black sword.」(Cathia)

I’ve always been interested in it.
If it’s his owner, wouldn’t he know something?

「Inscription of your partner?
Unfortunately, I don’t know.
I used to call him just my partner.
But if I name it …
Landini, that’s it.」(Sieg)

「Landini, right?」(Cathia)

Certainly, it seems that it’s Kuroyuri (Black Lily).
I’m not familiar with flowers.

That name doesn’t suit me but it will be perfect for you.
――Please take good care of (my) your partner」(Sieg)

It’s an honor to be entrusted by the first king.

I feel like I’m under pressure.

The name of the sword seems to be a little strange, but I’d like to thank him.

It would be pitiful to call it the black sword forever.

「Thank you very much.
Of course, I will take good care of it.
… But it’s quite romantic to put the name of a flower on a sword.」(Cathia)

「A hero might also have a nickname with a lot of beautiful women, right?
I can say one or two sweet words.
Some beautiful women just like you–」(Sieg)

Ah! Ah! I can’t hear you!(Cathia)

I don’t like to hear anything, even if it’s not about me.

「Fu~. Inexperienced, right.
…Could you tell me one thing that I want to hear then?」(Sieg)

「What is it?」(Cathia)

No, the country that we founded,…
Does it still remain?」(Sieg)

What a peculiar question.
Even though it was a momentary encounter, I am already attracted to this person’s charm.
It’s strange.

All four races have never had a big civil war,
There is still a vibrant country」(Cathia)

The difficulty of having people with different cultures and different appearances together.
But that was achieved by this king.
Embraced by the grace of the great king, we have lived to this day.

「I see, well then――」(Sieg)

Sieg disappears.
He said something at the end, but I couldn’t hear it.
He leaves a satisfying smile and the light shines quietly.


「Stunning (splendid)」(Great Spirit of Fire)

The voice of the Great Spirit of Fire resounds.

Is it finally over?

For now… we will devote… ourselves. Make your soul a Yorishiro(依代) and spiritualize that soul(Great Spirit of Fire)


Yorishiro, in Shinto terminology, is an object capable of attracting spirits called kami)

「Make my soul a Yorishiro? Why?(Cathia)

「Your soul… is immature.
If it’s swallowed… by the waves of our thoughts… the ego will collapse.
Take it… sublimate it… to pure power.
(Great Spirit of Fire)

「… In other words, using my soul as a filtration device? (Cathia)

But if you can’t endure it, you’ll die, are you ready?」(Great Spirit of Fire)


I’m ready.
I don’t have anything to fear.

「OOOOOOOOOOH~hhhh」(Great Spirit of Fire)

The great spirit roared.
The torrent of power is raging.

Fires came from the Great Spirit into my body one after another.

――“I love you (Aishiteru)”


……Is this the thought of the spirit?

The first feeling I felt was a warm affection.

Is this okay? I was off-guard.

…I was off guard. (the word is repeat)

――Difficult, difficult, difficult, difficult!

……I regret it right away

――More, more! More and more! Still fighting.

――Hot, hot, hot, hot! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

――Not yet~ttttttttttttttttt!

――Ahahaha! Hahahahahahahaha!


――Damn you~uuuuuuuuuuuu (Ki-sama)!

――Kill, kill, kill, kill kill kill (Korosu).

It flows in.
Burning emotions, positive or negative.

Affection, hate, fighting spirit, pain, passion, disgust, warmth, anger, jealousy, laughter, madness…

It spins around and swirls.

Burning, life, heart.

My head feels like to break.

My soul is also about to break.

Hot, hot, HOT…

Ego, so many Ego…。


What’s this… a voice other than those thoughts…?


Ca~thia? Whose name… is that…?

Thoughts… I can’t sort it out…

「――~thia, Cathia!
Will you leave again?
This time, let’s go!
Seeing those fireworks, she cried…
…was crying!」(???)


What are fireworks…?

「……Grandfather, her pulse is… It’s getting weaker…!(???)

「Cathia, don’t let it end in a place like this!
how could I explain this to Tim?!」(???)


Who is that? my head is painful.

But I wonder why I feel so relieved hearing that name?

「Cathia… Cathia!
Don’t go!
Open your eyes!
I will never forgive you if you are going just like this!
Even those three people have such an ending…
If you want something, just do it!」(???)

Those three people……?





Cathia! Cathia!
Please, get up …
Even if I want to brew it myself, I can’t brew herbal tea as well as you do…」(Rumia)



「…Rumia-san is… a crybaby…
Even though she’s already eighty years old …」(Cathia)

As I did that night, I also gently wipe Rumia-san’s tears this time.
I heard a much more murky voice than I had expected.

My body is as heavy as lead.
My throat is dry and hurt.

…Idiot, it’s because you do something that makes me cry…」(Rumia)

Oh, Cathia! Welcome back!(???)

… when you shed tears of blood … I thought you were gone…(???)

Uwa! What is this?!

The palm that touched my cheek was dyed red.
My blood that was about to clot also falls off.

「Extraction」(Great Spirit)

The Great Spirit, whose size has become smaller, said so.
I finally got up from the floor where I was sleeping.

「What happened?」(Cathia)

「You… already… have power… in you(Great Spirit)

It’s certainly there when I’m conscious of the inside of my body.
A crystal of power that is neither an aura nor magical power.

「With how… you are now… you can perceive… another soul」(Great Spirit)

Even deeper than the crystal of power.
There is a small, ephemeral flame that is about to disappear.
So weak …!

Bring your power… closer… Sharpen your consciousness… and gradually assimilate(Great Spirit)

I do what he said, give her a crystal of power.
Slowly, slowly, carefully …

「Ah, eh?」()

It’s a strange feeling, like when something you had was sucked into a vacuum cleaner.

My power is lost.

「What’s wrong, Cathia?」(Rumia)

「No, some of my power got sucked ……」(Cathia)

*Dokun!* (SFX)

My heart beats loudly.

Cathia, your body is on fire?!(Rumia)

As Rumia-san says, my body is wrapped in flames?!

I don’t feel the heat like when I was with the great spirit of Fire before…

「…Did a head just come out of your stomach…?」()



I can see the red-haired head with déjà vu feeling.

However, she is much shorter than me and is translucent …?

「Cathia, calm down… breath in…」(Rumia)

No, Rumia-san is the one who should calm down! I’m not giving birth!(Cathia)

The flames on my body disappear.

She appeared completely separated and younger than this body, but she is a girl with a similar, translucent body.

Ah, I see.

Finally, we finally meet.

The girl quietly opened her eyes.

When she sees me, she blinks, one, two, three times.

I don’t think it’s because of my mind that her expression changed from astonishment to joy.



I was in agony when I was struck.

Why is she transparent but the impact is real…?



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  1. So I went to read the first a few chapters from vol. 1 but I couldn’t find any chapters the links are dead. Could you please re-upload them?


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