Taru Novel Chapter 57: Sage’s Drama.

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Taru Novel Chapter 57: Sage’s Drama.

The Sage instantly erased the lower Demi-god soldiers in the area.

Misora has no interest in the devastation of her destruction.

She looks the same as usual and she smiles at me.

And she spoke to me with the same cheerful voice as usual.

「Taru-chan, are you okay? You are still doing fine, right?」(Misora)

Just like her sudden appearance, Yuuki and I were stunned by the power of the absolute destruction from her.

「Taru… You seem to get acquainted with a ridiculous person, right?」(Yuuki)

Yuuki, who recovered from the panic state earlier than me, calls out to me.

「…What… what was it just now?」(Kouya)

Slowly, Kouya stood up, perhaps in response to Yuuki’s voice.

Next to him, Mina pats her knees to clean the dust, and immediately clung to my arm, and she raises her face.

Of course, Mina immediately realizes Misora-san and calls out.

「Ah, it’s Sage Mirosa-san」(Mina)

「What did you say (Nandatte)?!」(Yuuki)

「What (Nani)?!」(Kouya)

At the same time as Yuuki and Kouya raised their voice in surprise voice, they stare at me.

「Sage Misora, you said…」(Yuuki)

「The rumored hermit who dwells in Misora Forest, Sage Misora?」(Kouya)

When did you get acquainted with an NPC whose existence is only recognized by such rumors?

The eyes of my friends seem to ask me so and it makes me muffled.

「Ah… that was…」(Taru)

Moreover, Misora-san, who is the center of the topic, is approaching me.

I don’t know how to explain it to everyone, why did it happen, what happened or what to say.

Besides, the mercenary players, who were lying down on the ground, are gradually getting up.

It seems that there are many mercenary players who haven’t fully realized the situation yet, and most of them are still looking around.

However, this situation is very bad. If they knew that I had a connection with Sage Misora-san, it would be a storm of questioning.

「Well well, Taru-chan.
I just come to see my friend, Taru-chan, you know?
Right, Taru-chan?
I wonder if I need to have some greetings?」(Misora)

「Friend, she said…」(Yuuki)

「Friend with NPC?」(Kouya)

She doesn’t seem to care about the questions from Kouya and Yuuki, Misora-san put her hand on my head without any hesitation.
And she gently taps it.


In the middle of the fierce battlefield which relaxation was not allowed.
While my friends stared at me suspiciously, the Sage went for skinship.


Various things accumulate and something is about to break down within me.

The touch of Misora-san stroking me was strangely pleasant and for a moment, a beautiful flower field came to my mind.

Recently, People have been stroking my head pretty often. A strange feeling seems to sprout but now is not the time to have a relaxed feeling.

I was about to give up my thoughts to relax, is it somehow real? 

I shook my head and took back my consciousness.

「Wait (chotto), Misora-san.
It was such a great thunder??
I was surprised」(Taru)

「Aru~re Are~re (Ara-Ara)
So, Taru-chan was also surprised.
But I’m glad that Taru-chan and the fairies seemed to be fine.
That’s a relief.」(Misora)

I and Misora-san laugh cheerfully.
Our PT members stare at the two of us with an indescribable expression.

I think they are asking for an explanation about Misora-san …
What should I do?

「My hand slipped and I dropped it by mistake but it couldn’t be helped.
There were some troublesome people next to my dear friend who I have to say hello after all.」(Misora)

Misora-san brilliantly ignored Kouya and Yuuki, then she turned her face to a certain person.
For the time being, we follow suit and look at the same direction.

It was Kaguya Morpheus, the Ashen King, whose escorts, the lower Demi-God Soldiers were instantly eliminated.

He stood up from his chair and grabbed the ritual sword.

Then, he walks toward this place from the higher stage.
Of course, Duke Theary, who is waiting next to him, also follows suit.

The king, who had been guarded by dozens of lower Demi-god soldiers, only has one aide left by his side.
He seems to have lost his Force all at once, but such a thing doesn’t matter, he still gives off plenty of dignity from his whole body.

Suddenly, a person who tried to stop the steps of the Ashen King suddenly sprang up.

「It’s my chance (Chansu~dazo)!」(Player)

「Take this!」(Player)

「Michelangelo’s control is ours!」(Player)

Perhaps those players thought it was an opportunity because there was no lower Demi-god soldier left, several mercenary players, who have recovered from the shock from before, tried to attack the king.

「Your Majesty, let me handle this…」(Duke Theary)

The Ashen King holds out his hand to stop Duke Theary from pulling out his sword. Instead, the King swung his ceremonial sword in one flash, two flashes, and three flashes.


「One blow!?」(Player)

「No, no way!」(Player)

The Ashen King’s legs are still moving, he continues to walk at a slow pace as if nothing had happened.

All that remains is the screams of the mercenary players who recklessly challenged the king without any tactics.

Of the three mercenary players who jumped in, two were killed by the king’s blow.
With just one blow, the two first-class mercenary players at the moment are losing all HP.

Speaking of the one who survived, it seems that he blocked the King’s sword attack with his weapon in his hand.
However, that power was immeasurable and he was blown away like a rag.

「Such a foolish thing to say, children of human…」(Morpheus)

Ashen King muttered so and stepped down from the stage.
He stopped his foot and looked around at the mercenaries.

「Brothers(諸兄) who don’t even have the blood of God.
The barbaric courage of those humans… deserves praise.
I will praise you and end you here.」(Morpheus)

Even though he doesn’t have any escort left, he still has a dignified appearance.

Everyone responds to his words but the strength of the king that he showed earlier seems to overwhelm them.

However, to reach this place, they have bought an expensive carriage even if it’s all they had.

They are the first-class mercenary players who have entered the venue. The King’s intimidation won’t stop them.

The way we look at Ashen King, Kaguya Morpheus is neither frightening nor embarrassing. It’s just exciting (awe).

The boss is finally here.

Yes, it was full of exhilaration.

Many people gaze at Ashen King, saying that he is a boss who boasts an offensive power that can kill the top player with a single blow.

But that’s it.

Our next thought is how to attack him? How to defeat him?

Then, how can you defeat the thoughts you have with you by attacking them? How can I capture it?

It’s us, Players.

My sister and her friends are looking at each other.

The mercenary players around me are also retaking back their weapons and shields.

They quietly change their standing positions so that they can see how Ashen King appears.

It seemed that they were forming a so-called formation that was easy to cooperate with.

Everyone on the spot found a common enemy (goal).

「Aru~re Are~re (Ara-Ara)
I wonder if God’s blood was such a great thing?」(Misora)

Misora-san stood out in front of Ashen King as if to tear through such a tense atmosphere.

「What a surprise, isn’t that Misora-dono, the guardian of the Sky, the Elf, and the Witch (Majin)?」(Morpheus)

The Ashen King responds to her with no expression.

「Yaa~haa(Yahoo), Ashen-King-kun (Young Ashen King)
No, you had turned everything into ashes including the “Eternal Silver Nation, Luxem Harden”, which was the glory of intelligence and divine power.
Shouldn’t I call you the Abandoned King? Isn’t that right?」(Misora)

「It’s an old story ……」(Morpheus)

Hearing Misora-san’s words, the Ashen King’s eyes slightly disturbed (twisted).

「God’s blood is certainly flowing to you. Yes, it’s flowing.
But half of it is human blood.」(Misora)

The stage of Clan-Clan, “Moon’s Tear”.
The supremacy of this world has been transferred from the dragons to those called gods.
I think the game settings were like this.
Ashen King, Kaguya Morpheus professed himself as a god at the beginning of the ball.
Then, judging from the flow of conversation between Misora-san and the Ashen King, this god may be an NPC who inherited half of “God’s blood”.

「In other words, you also have the blood of the assailants, the human blood flowing in you, isn’t that right?」(Misora)

At first glance, it sounds like a question, but this is confirmation.
The Ashen King is silent on the question of the Sage.

However, the strength of Ashen King’s will is apparent, and shining eyes under his thick eyebrows became sharper.

「Are you perhaps upset, I wonder. Do you really intend to become a god while being a demigod, don’t you?」(Misora)

Even if you say that they still belong to the defined genealogy of the gods,
Wouldn’t I still be one at the end?」(Morpheus)

The Sage laughed at the Ashen King, who showed a slight repulsion.

「Aru~re Are~re (Ara-Ara)
I see. I see…
You can’t read my thoughts as long as your name is in the genealogy, isn’t that right?」(Misora)

Misora-san tells Ashen King something that I don’t understand.

「Only you alone can make this different, I can easily read the thoughts of any humans」(Morpheus)

Ashen King is jesting to the Sage. However, only his eyes aren’t laughing.

Just like me, he wants to know what exactly does Misora-san want to say.

The Ashen King has the eyes that seemed to be a combination of such doubts and vigilance.

「It’s hard when you can’t read your opponents and everything is unpredictable, isn’t it?」(Misora)

For some reason, Misora-san closed one eye and smiled a little.

Unlike George, she made a lovely wink, but at the same time, it was confused because I couldn’t read the meaning of the conversation between them.

「What do you want to say… just straight it up…」(Morpheus)

「Aru~re Are~re (Ara-Ara).
Do you think that I will fight you, don’t you?
I won’t do that」(Misora)

Misora-san speaks terribly happily to Ashen King, who begins to unable to keep his anger in check.

「Then why did you do that to my Lower Demi-god Soldiers…」(Morpheus)

「That was a little mistake, yes, a mistake because my hand slipped」(Misora)

Misora-san said it unshakably (clearly/without blinking).

「You showed me enough power.
It’s a solid strength.
With that strength, your past crime of selling fairies to humans will never be repeated, it seems unlikely to repeat.」(Misora)

「In that case」(Morpheus)

Ashen King said something to Misora-san, the Sage interrupts the King’s line and gives priority to her own words.

「But that’s what I judge that from the strength side, then what about the mental side?」(Misora)

Hearing the Sage praised him with a smile, the King changed his expression for the first time here.
Kaguya Morpheus, the Demi-god and King of Michelangelo, looked down, seemed to think about something.

「Forgiveness, right…」(Morpheus)

Misora-san nodded to the answer that Ashen King came up with as if she was confident.

「Well then, if you quietly accept my conditions, I will also quiet withdraw, yes, withdraw」(Misora)

The Sage hit the cracked ash stone floor with the tip of her cane as she approached the king for negotiations.

Will you listen? You will listen, right?(Misora)

The Ashen King was silent again.
He then glanced at the King ritual sword and then slowly turned his gaze to Misora-san’s wand.

It seemed like he thought about the result of his sword technique and the magic that the Sage cast. Just what kind of result would be brought when both sides collided and the pretense of predicting the future.

「Very well… Just tell me.
Whether or not I will listen to your wish will depend on the content …」(Morpheus)

「1 hit (一撃)」(Misora)

Upon seeing the King’s approval, the Sage immediately puts out one index finger and says only that.

If these children could give you a blow. How about letting these humans return this time? In that case, I won’t do anything. Nothing(Misora)

「Then, it would make sense for me, who is your Majesty’s right arm, to participate in the war as well, Misora-sama.」(Duke Theary)

Until now, Duke Theary has killed (suspended) his emotion and stayed quiet without disturbing the conversation between his King and the guest.
But then, he comes to this place and offers.

Misora-san sighs and shrugs her shoulder at Duke Theary.
As if she doesn’t want him to interrupt, the girl makes a moody voice.

「Of course, you will be the only one for this.
Abandoned King, Kaguya Morpheus.
I forbid anyone but you to fight, mark my words.」(Misora)

It’s the role of the servant to help the lord.

It’s the role of the senior vassal to line up with Ashen King.

But the Sage cut off the offer of Duke Theary like it’s natural.

「But… but」(Duke Theary)

Misora-san, after saying those warning words, also glared at Duke Theary.

「Young Theary.
Would you prefer me to erase you? Would you?」(Misora)

Three times, Misora-san’s wand taps the floor of the venue.

The sound wasn’t particularly loud.
However, it echoed strangely deeply among us who quietly watched the conversation between the King and the Sage.

「…Very well, I will do it」(Morpheus)

「But… your Majesty… is it okay to do it that way?」(Duke Theary)

Duke Theary asks the Ashen King a question with hidden/unknown meaning.

In that state… only at this time, without each person’s shackles,
The hearts of all the mercenary players at the venue must have come together.

We had only one concern

Is there still something?

「That’s right.
Even as I am, I won’t lag behind the like of humans, they won’t able to reach this body even once」(Morpheus)

After a brief conversation between the master and the servant, the Ashen King changed his ceremonial sword from his right hand to his left hand.

And everyone who was paying attention to the king noticed.
The characters displayed on the King’s head have changed.

『The King of Ashen Dust, Kaguya Morpheus』

I didn’t see any change in his appearance.
As soon as I thought so, something like Ash Sand began to swirl from his right arm.

He hung his right arm and placed his left-hand high.
He pointed his tip at Misora-san with the beautifully decorated ceremonial sword in his hand.

「I want to ask you just one thing」(Morpheus)

「What is it, I wonder (Nani Kashira)」(Misora)

「The Sage, the guardian of the sky and the fairies. Why (helping) human…」(Morpheus)

After saying one beat.

I felt that the sharp eyes of the King of Ashen Dust were directed at me.

「Why? Maybe because I believe in a Human Child」(Misora)

Deep inhaled, then the King of Ashen Dust looked up at the heavens.

「The only thing, that we have been commanded by heaven, is to watch the transition of humankind with these eyes.
Is it enough to study coexistence, mating, and possibility?」(Morpheus)

「You’re right, but that’s not the scope of the authority I’ve been given, It isn’t.」(Misora)

What is she talking about?

Maybe in Clan-Clan, each NPC has the authority, and the range of the Sage is better than the Ashen King?
Or did she want to say it’s wider?

「I see, there was such a branch/way」(Morpheus)

The King of Ashen Dust laughed with a daring smile as if he was confident.

The log suddenly flowed as if the smile was a signal.

Limited quest triggered
[Quest name] A compromise between the Sage and the Ashen King
[Quest achievement condition] land a hit on the Ashen King, Kaguya Morpheus
[Quest failure condition] Mercenary side annihilation
[Quest reward] 150,000 Eso for each mercenary player who received this quest, regardless of whether he was dead or alive.
[Bonus reward] Only those who hit the King will be given the title “The Rebel who defeats the King”
[Quest Occurrence Condition] When a mercenary player with sage Misora’s favorability of 60 or more faces the Ashen King and is judged to be defeated. Triggers only once

This is amazing. 150,000 Eso for everyone in this place. Isn’t this quest so generous?(Player)

「is that so?
Well, the carriage purchase burns our pockets, it will affect the market.
Actually, I didn’t feel like buying weapons and armor for a while.
Isn’t this also a countermeasure for that?」(Player)

「Well, if we can make money, can’t we be purely happy?」(Player)

「Besides the money, the highlight is the title “The Rebel who defeats the King”.」(Player)

「Aren’t we all rebellions because we point out weapon against the King?」(Player)

「It must be a title with a special effect.」(Player)

While they are delighted with the limited quest, the mercenaries are still wondering about the conditions to trigger the quest.

「Hey hey, does this mean that there’s a mercenary player who is close to the sage Misora?」(Player)

「I’ve never heard of an event like deepening friendships with NPC.」(Player)

「In the first place, where can I meet the Sage Misora?」(Player)

「Also, how to gain the favorability from NPC…?」()

Then the girl’s voice echoes like a crack of that commotion.

「Humans who want power. Listen well. All of you!」(Misora)

Misora-san’s voice is powerfully resounding, and she has jumped into a small cloud floating in the air before I know it.

And as she rises into the sky, she speaks.

「If you want to know me, try to reach me with your own strength and wit!
I have restrictions on my friend to keep my information secret.
If that promise is broken, I will disappear and your quest will be in dire straits!
It will be, mark my words!」(Misora)

Hearing her remark, everyone calms down again.

But soon the mercenaries begin to express their views.

「I see……
I wonder if it’s a kind of quest that can’t be judged as valid unless you discovered by yourself」(Player)

「To cut a long story short, even if you buy information from someone else, it will be detected in some way.」(Player)

「Clan-Clan… is so strict」(Player)

Three of our PT members also turn to me with a convincing face.

「Then I will leave my friend and the fairies to you, protect them well.」(Misora)

At the end, Sage Misora-san, who dropped the bomb (metaphor), flies away into the sky like a wind.

I think while watching her small figure.

What should I do to deal with the line of sight that concentrates on me?

To be precise, everyone is staring at the tiny people (fairies) who bounce around while grabbing my shawl.

I feel the atmosphere of the mercenaries around me are raising as if wanting to say something to me.

This moment of silent curiosity is similar to the pressure about to fall or the ballon on the verge of exploding.
The mercenary players soon realize that now isn’t the time to be trapped in such concerns.

「Come on! Let’s attack the King of Ashen Dust!」(Player)

Someone’s cry shifts the gaze that was on me to the King.
Of course, I also hurriedly look at the King.

He is wielding his large ceremonial sword in his left hand.
He simply threw the large ceremonial sword that he wielding in his left hand.
However, it was clear that the throwing power was extraordinarily powerful.

First, the mercenary player who initiates the attack on the King of Ashen Dust becomes the prey of the sword.
The sword pierced his chest and easily penetrated his back.
The momentum of the sword doesn’t stop there, many mercenaries behind him are also skewered.
It’s like a skewer dumpling that the large ceremonial sword is the stick that pierces through 5 or 6 people.

And worst of all, that dreaded sword is flying straight to us.
In other words, the king’s first move is breaking through the meat wall like nothing.

「This is bad (Mazui)!」(Yuuki)

「Dangerous (Yabai)」(Kouya)

Yuuki, noticing it, shouted and held the shield in front of him.
Kouya also tries to carry me up with a compelling move.

「Wait (chotto), Kou」(Taru)

「You won’t make it in time」(Kouya)


“Super-Charge Release(EN)”!(Glen)

As he flips his cloak, he speaks loudly and utters some ability name.

「Holy Flame lightens up, shoot, Burn and Slay the enemies」(Glen)

Then he fluently chants.
The time required to solve the Math problem is as good as none.
He activates magic in no time and he holds his wand in both hands.

Ignite Cerberus (EN)”(Glen)

What came out of his cane was a one-meter-sized three-heads purgatory flame.
The flame in red detonation was shot head-on at the king’s sword as if they were spinning.
It didn’t take long for the king’s sword and the magic flame to collide.

A few moments later, both sides brilliantly hit each other, creating a small detonation.
The power of the flame greatly deviated from the direction of the King’s sword.
However, the sword’s momentum didn’t stop right away, it pierced several mercenaries and finally stopped moving with a violent sound on the cobblestones.

It is no exaggeration to say that we were protected by Glen-kun’s magic.

「Wasn’t the speed from chanting to actual magic extremely fast?」(Player)

「Was it possible to adjust the magic aiming point according to that speed?」(Player)

「It’s a trick that can’t be achieved without knowing the timing, fully understanding the characteristics of magic, and making a perfect trajectory prediction.」(Player)

「Who is that guy?」(Player)

Glen-kun, who brilliantly knocked down the King of Ashen Dust’s first move, looked back at us.
And, with a dignified appearance, he pushed away Kouya who was trying to protect me.

He stood in front of me with a smile.

「Oh beautiful princess, if we can finish this battle safely, would you please become friends (add Friend?) in Clan-Clan with me?」(Glen)

Before the decisive battle, he speaks in a playful tone a flagged line that makes him very unlikely to be my friend later.
And Glen-kun kneels as if he proposes.

「Your hand, please…」(glen)

Glen-kun stretches out his right hand toward me.
I wonder if he plans to give me a useful item before the final battle.
Or is it a rare material?
I stare at his extended hand but there is nothing.

「…… my princess.
Please take my hand and make a promise to be friends」(Glen)

Glen-kun is slightly blushing but he speaks fast, he says something that I don’t understand.

Mina suddenly knocked down his hand.

「It’s disgusting (Kimoi-desu)」(Mina)

The line of sight of the blonde girl towards Glen-kun is terribly cold.
This is bad.
I might want to die if Mina looks at me like this.

Speaking of Glen-kun, whose hand was knocked down by the little priestess.
He *Pokan (dumbfounded)* stared at his own hand as if time had stopped.
Then, looking in the faraway direction, he stood up flutteringly.

「Well well, Glen-kun. Don’t be so depressed」(Yuuki)

「To cut a long story short, there are still opportunities」(Kouya)

Yuuki and Kouya tried to cheer on Glen-kun.
But Glen-kun laments “You can only say that because you are already friends with the princess but I can’t afford it.”

I see.

He has a wonderful talent for a Chuunibyo …
No, did Glen-kun, who suffers from a Chuunibyo, want to be friends with me?
Yup yup (Un Un うんうん), I don’t care about Chuunibyo habit.

「Uhm… actually, about being friends…」(Taru)

Immediately after I tried to put a follow-up word on Glen, who had lost his tension.

「Tenshi-chan, can I be your friend too?」(Player)

「Tenshi-sama, I also love it as well!」(Player)

「I also want to become friends!」(Player)

「If I could become a friend with a loli (Jou-chan 嬢ちゃん), it will be fun!」(Player)

「Me too! You’re a friend of Misora-san after all.」(Player)

「Moron (Baka)! Isn’t that what the promise for?」(Glen? Player?)

「It’s an operation that no capture site has ever succeeded!
You might investigate what Tenshi-chan talk and do for a clue!」(Player)

「If you can’t meet Sage Misora, it’s your responsibility!」(Player)

「Anyway, be friends with me!」(Player)

「Seriously, be friends with me!」(Player)

I can’t allow you to get ahead of me!
Tenshin-chan, make friends with me!」(Player)

「Fu~ fu~ fu.
Young people, isn’t it a good idea to give priority to the old people first?」(Player)

A great number of mercenary players rushed in.
Misora-san effect is terrifying.

Maybe Mina was also (scared) surprised at this momentum and she clung to my arm.


However, when my sister behind me cleared her throat, the crowd quickly took a step back.
In retrospect, she narrowed her eyes and quietly threatened her surroundings.


Glen-kun’s sorrowful howl echoes.

Following that, the front mercenary player, who had already fought with the King, showed a difficult fight.

「Ashen Dust King, damn it」(Player)

「Uu~ooooo! This is bad (Yabe)」(Player)

「Someone, please help」(Player)

The mercenary players around me, who had forgotten about the opponent to fight for a moment, were surprised at the scream.

I wonder if it’s okay for the mercenary player side to be in this state.

While some of them are fighting the Ashen Dust King beyond oblivion, the mercenary players who gathered at me are a little disappointed.
The Sage Misora-san’s effect is so great.

… Is this really the Sage Misora-san’s effect?

If it isn’t then, Lolico…

No, that shouldn’t be the case.

And we should go toward that direction any further.

I shake my head in front of the experienced mercenary players.

Before the final battle, I somehow sighed a lot.


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