Cathia Chapter 6-1: Unicorn Castle

Cathia Imouto

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I have other chapters readies but I will release each day to stall time.

Cathia Chapter 6-1: Unicorn Castle

The royal castle is made of stone, and they often used white stone.
In a word, it’s like a giant castle in chalk. And there is one tall tower in the center which makes it look like a unicorn.

My memory is vague, but I wonder if the royal coat of arms was also a unicorn.

「Here it is. Good job following me」(Spike)

I had a free pass through the castle.
In reality, it’s natural because we are currently going with top power.

The faces of the guards who gave up when looking at Spike-san were impressive.

「Cathia, how is Tim doing these days?」(Spike)

「Uhm… Can we talk while walking?」(Cathia)

There are guards and scholar-look-alike people walking around.
It’s not the grandeur and quietness image castle that I had.

I don’t know how it looks normally,
Is it due to the spirits or the influence of the fighting tournament?
Just like I heard in advance, it is in a busy state.

「I don’t care.
I will talk about trouble things after entering the room,
I want to hear about Tim right now」(Spike)

He is impatient.
Oh well, he doesn’t have to bother waiting for guests himself…

「Please give up, Cathia-dono.
Spike-sama is this kind of person」(Midir)

Midir-san muttered with a sigh.

「Jii-sama (Gramp) is healthy except for his waist. He is living in the village mayor’s house now」(Cathia)

I will not give the name of the village.
Jii-sama lives in hiding his whereabouts.
He will be in trouble if someone hears it.

「On the other hand, that man tries to do anything alone to take care of people.
No, Tim isn’t lazy, but he rarely writes about himself.」(Spike)

「Then, what kind of things he writes in letters?」(Cathia)

「It’s almost a childcare diary.
Hey, Cathia just stood for the first time. She just started learning how sword skills. She just cooked for me, etc.」(Spike)


Jii-sama… I’m happy but I’m so embarrassed right now.
It feels like the video of the athletic meet when I was in elementary school was shown to others without permission.

「I say this, Cathia-dono. Spike-sama’s letter is similar.」(Midir)

「Midir, hold it right there! Don’t you dare say it.」(Spike)

「The exchange of letters by these people is just taking pride in their grandchild. Political exchanges are more of a bonus」(Midir)

What has he been doing?
He said that he was still exchanging letters with a serious face, so I thought that political affairs were the main thing.
The reality seems to have been the opposite.

「Midir! How dare you expose my information!?
My dignity will be lost!」(Spike)

「No matter how you try to show up, something that is zero from the beginning will remain as zero.
Spike-sama, why don’t you remember the time when you were reigning?」(Midir)

However, you should sugarcoat as much as before my old friend’s grandkid.」(Spike)

「I don’t think the plating that peels off immediately will be worth it」(Midir)

What is it?
Midir-san may have a personality that he doesn’t hesitate to say anything but Spike-sama must be a very friendly grandpa.

「Uhm, does Spike-sama always look like this?」(Cathia)

Spike was arguing with Midir-san, so I asked the two acquaintances who have met Spike-sama before.

「I went to see him at first, but I didn’t need it at all.
An impatient, well-decided, but funny person full of gaps」(Rumia)

「Oh, you can talk to me, that old man (Oyaji-san) is…
The only thing that he looks great is his wording」(Lior)

「He~e. Neil-san, what do you think?」(Cathia)

「I was surprised too.
I heard from Midir, but I thought more than half was a joke.」(Neil)

I see.
This would have been difficult for a straightforward and serious old gentleman (Jii-sama) …
I finally realized when I met him.
There is no doubt that he is the type that people would love to have as a leader.

「Midir is too audacious. Do you know you can be punished for being disrespectful with Royalty?」(Spike)

「Spike-sama wouldn’t do that, right? That is why you are loved by many people.」(Midir)

「Mu? Huff, is that so? You should praise me more!」(Spike)

He was fooled and happy easily.
Is he aiming to be a new Moe character? This grandpa.
It’s interesting to watch, yup.

「*Ahem*, anyway, Tim is still healthy, right?」(Spike)

「Yes, alive and kicking.」(Cathia)

「Then it’s good.
Oh right, that’s right, Fina.
The picture of that person is displayed here.」(Spike)

「Ah, is that true?
…Uwa, I really miss it.
Was it 5 years ago?」(Fina)

After climbing the wide central stairs of the royal castle, there are several paintings drawn with a familiar touch.
Is it an example portrait that Fina-san drew before?
There are three of them.
Are these two pairs of unknown people portraits of King Alan and his wife?
A brown-haired man with a nervous face and a silver-haired woman with a mysterious face that looks like a doll.
And the other one is Spike.

「Eh, that hair」(Cathia)

The person of the portrait has fluffy brown hair.
I spoke out unintentionally.

「It’s gone…
Both my son and my hair are gone …」(Spike)

「It’s hard to comment. What about this woman?」(Cathia)

「She is Sylvia, the princess of my son, Alain.
Not a bad woman as my son’s wife, but as a mother of those children…
She wanted to mourn Alain for the rest of her life, so she isn’t in this castle anymore.」(Spike)

It’s even harder to comment.
Is this a state that it can be said that it’s better that she is still alive?
What about leaving three children alone?

「Wasn’t it better not to touch it?」(Cathia)

「I don’t have any hair left to touch.」(Spike)

「Not that, I ask about this topic」(Cathia)

「dont ‘worry.
Thanks to this Sylvia, all three grandchildren are blessed with good looks.
Things aren’t all that bad」(Spike)

「By the way, Princess Lili, (the grand-daughter) who King Spike is paying particular attention to, is the same as Queen Sylvia.」(Midir)

「Ha~a. She is such a beautiful woman (Bijin)」(Unclear who speaks)

「Do you want to hear? My grandson’s pride.」(Spike)

「I shall pass」(Cathia)

It seems like it’s going to be long if he starts talking about it.

「Too bad.
Mmm, Kyoka! What happened to Lili’s guard?」(Spike)

A slightly panicked black-haired woman walks towards Spike-san.
From how Spike-san talks, she seems to be the princess’s escort.

「Spike-sama, Rumia-sama came to see her, so I came to look for Spike-sama.
The Princess is with Rumia-sama now.」(Kyoka)

I wonder if she used the carriage and it seemed like she has overtaken us before we knew it.
Does it mean that when the title-holder is nearby, it doesn’t matter if the escort leaves?
For a moment, I wondered if it was dangerous for the princess.

「What’s the. This is bad. Kyoka, guide these people.
Midir, you are coming with me」(Spike)


「Excuse me, everyone.
See you later, Neil」(Midir)

「Ussu. Later Midir」(Neil)

Leaving the woman stood their, Spike and Midir-san walked away in a hurry.
The black-haired woman is probably the same age as Fina, around 20 years old.

「Nice to meet you everyone.
My name is Kyoka and I am the princess’s escort.
It’s been a long time, Great sensei」(Kyoka)

When she said that, she bowed politely.
Calling Lior-san the great sensei…

「Oh Kyoka, you have got a career. A princess’ escort no less.」(Lior)

「Uhm… Lior-san, maybe she is…」(Cathia)

「Ah. Mizuho’s older sister (Ane) from my dojo」(Lior)

Just as I thought.
I thought she was when she also has black hair.

「Ara? You know my sister (Imouto), don’t you?
Did my sister cause you any trouble, Great sensei?」(Kyoka)

「No, she often helps out as a coordinator of the same age. Your sister is polite」(Lior)

「Li-os-san, letter, letter.」(Fina)

(T.N: In case you forgot. Fina didn’t call Lior with respect as Lior-san but as Li-ossan which is a pun = Old man Li)

Fina-san pokes Lior-san’s flank.
By the way, Mizuho-san asked to send a letter to her sister.

「Oh, that’s right. Kyoka, a letter from Mizuho」(Lior)

「Honestly, that girl would use Great Sensei to deliver letter instead of a Hikyaku.」(Kyoka)

Hikyaku? What is it?
Certainly, the person who carries the letters in this world should have been called a delivery person.

「No worry」(Lior)

「Thank you very much, Great Sensei」(Kyoka)

As she said that, Kyoka-san held the letter.
Then she turned to me.

「Are you Cathia-san?」(Kyoka)

「Yes. Nice to meet you/first time meeting (Hajimemashite)」(Cathia)

Maybe because she is the princess’ escort, she knows about me because my special position.
No wonder.

「If all goes well, you will be my colleague.
I’m looking forward to the fighting tournament.
…Well then everyone, I will guide you to your room」(Kyoka)

She started to guide while looking at me.
Well, her words are polite, but somehow it feels like a wall, or something that seems to reject me.
If she did that when we just met then I could understand. Was I overthinking it?

I have other chapters ready but I will release it each day instead of batch and have many days with no update.

I need to stall some time for other long series like Taru.


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