Taru Novel Chapter 59: Beautiful girl coming out (1)

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T.N: One more Taru chapter is coming in the later day (because this chapter is short, 1950 words)


Taru Novel Chapter 59: Beautiful girl coming out (1)

(T.N: 美少女カミングアウト = Bishoujo Kamingu Auto = Beautiful girl coming out)

The day after the “Fairy Ball”, which was a series of wars and surprises, ended.

I got up early, had a light breakfast, and cleaned my “apartment(EN)”.

(T.N: Don’t ask me, the raws have the word “apartment” there when it’s supposed to be his home)

After entering the summer vacation, I spent ten days immersed in Clan-Clan in a cold room with an air conditioner.
I was like I have been living a life of extreme self-degradation (T.N: Taru means NEET life, perhaps)

The clothes, that I took off, are left messy around.
The food I ate was mainly cup noodles, but the containers were put together in a plastic bag and left unattended.
What’s more, the garbage has accumulated here and there.

「Uhmm…, Not yet, it’s still dirty」(Taru)

I want to explain (make an excuse) first, it was difficult to cook and do laundry after my body became this small.

I’m glad that the cup noodle is still easy to use.
Even if I didn’t wash the clothes that I had been wearing, I didn’t feel sweaty or smelly, so I didn’t mind leaving them on the floor.

Why is that, you ask?
The reason that I had been skipping housework from the first day of the summer vacation and then working desperately from the morning today?

The answer is simple.

My sister will come home in another hour.

「At this pace, I won’t make it in time …」(Taru)

When my sister sees this situation, she will decide that it’s impossible for me to live alone. And there is a possibility that she will stay here forever.
I have to show that I can live as usual even if I have such a body.

「I wish I could get a passing score」(Taru)

My sister was reasonably free-spirited when we were in Clan-Clan but I think she would be overprotective when I was within reach.

That’s how my sister is.
If she sees me like, I’m scared that she will say she won’t go back to her apartment.
The university my sister attends is far from here, which can be a nuisance for her to commute.

Just like the case at the Fairy ball, thanks to the fairies’ accompany, I got a lot of attention.
But then my sister kept an eye out and prevented weird guys from approaching me.

I’m very grateful for that, but I also want her to refrain from doing the same thing in Real-life (EN).

「I might be able to afford it…」(Taru)

I’m muttering to myself as I’m looking away from a certain thought.

「For now, I shouldn’t worry too much…」(Taru)

As I said those words to myself without anyone hearing, the washing machine sounds “Peep Peep!” and tells me that the washing was completed.

I squeeze my shivering hands and hold the laundry basket containing washed clothes.

I go out to the balcony, search for the hanger hung on a raised clothesline.
However, now that my height has shrunk, it’s hard to say that I can grasp it safely.
Can I reach it by stretching myself?
I don’t know if I can reach it.


If I injure myself before meeting my sister, it would make things more complicated.
I sigh and drag the table, that my little sister Michelle used when she was little, under the clothesline and climb on it.
Then I reach for the hanger again.

「Geez, I can’t delay it any more than this」(Taru)

I picked up the hanger with my solidifying determination and putting something important in my hands.

I did the housework silently until my sister came.



Lastly, I was doing a final check on the neat house so that I thought it would be okay for his sister to come.

『Ping pong!』(Intercom SFX)

As a housekeeper, I must be the one who answers to the sound of the intercom that informs the visitor.

Then slowly approach the monitor-equipped phone and pick up the handset.

The monitor installed in front of the entrance projected the image of my sister.

My sister carries a bag in her right hand and casually strokes her hair with her left hand.
Unlike her in-game ponytail hairstyle, her long-haired has a more innocent feel than neat and pretty.

I felt a little freshness from the little change in my sister.

When My sister was in high school, she said “Because the school rules are strict, I just have long hair tied up. And I can’t cut it easily because of my work”, or so I remembered.
That said, she has maintained her ponytail all the time.

My sister may have changed a little since she entered college.

From the familiar ponytail to straight-long hair.

I just witnessed such a small change.

The handset she was holding had slipped out.

『Ping pong!』(Intercom SFX)

Again, the inorganic sound of the intercom echoing in the quiet room.

Even if I knew in my head that I should reply or go to unlock the door, my body wouldn’t move.

As I just react about the slight change in my sister.
How would my overprotective sister think if she sees me in this state?
I’m terribly scared of how my sister would react to my changes.

The lid, which I have been using to bottle up all my emotions until now, was about to burst.

『Taru? Are you there?』(Shin)

My sister on the screen, calling out over the intercom as she tilts her head pondering.
After she twisted and knocked on the doorknob, she took something out of her backpack.

It’s a copy key of this door.

There is no time left.

My sister inserts the key and turns her hand into the knob.

Should I stay in her room?

My determination up to that point was turned into dust that would be extinguished if the wind blew.

Being agitated by the anxiety that fills my heart, I take a step back.

『Gachari』(Open door SFX)

The sound of the door opening echoes.

Although it was supposed to be a small sound, it echoed so loudly in my ears that it made me feel as if it was echoing in the cave.

「I’m home (Tada~ima~tto」(Shin)

While listening to my sister’s voice from the front door over my back
I quietly enter my room and close the door.


I lean on the door and exhale.

Strange sweat is coming out to an unusual degree.
However, the feeling of the door on my back is cold, and it gives me a strange discomfort.

While listening to the sound of my sister going around in the living room, I closed my eyes and recalled my sister’s actions and behaviors so far.

My sister has protected me, always.

I’m sure that my sister knew from the day I played Clan-Clan for the first time that I was having trouble with something.
A sound reason is that she was patting my head “good boy, good boy” that she had been doing since when I was in elementary school.

Always dignified, somewhat scary, but a very gentle big sister.

And the said big sister isn’t in the game but right next to me, just one door away.
I have to face her.

It’s alright. It will be fine with my big sister.

I recite the words I have spoken to myself many times in my chest and put a lot of effort into my lower abdomen.
I tapped my cheeks with both my hands to get more energy.

She called out from the living room from the other side of the door. Perhaps because she heard the noise.

「Taru? Are you there? Did you sleep just now?」(Shin)

When my sister asked me, I swallowed my spit.

I stepped forward as if I hesitated no more. I turned the doorknob vigorously and pushed it.

My sister was standing and was taking out something like changing clothes from her bag.
Naturally, as the door of my room opened, her gaze moved from her hand to me.

First of all, I think she looks at my legs and toes, maybe.

And then to the knees, hips, hands, chest and arms, neck.
Slowly from the bottom to the top.
At least for me, I felt like she was looking at me for a long time that could be said to be eternal.

At the end, my sister’s black eyes turned to my face.


My sister was about to say something but stopped halfway.

Then, she carefully started observing me, who had become a beautiful silver-haired girl, again.

I could see a little upset in her expression.
I quickly came up with the answer to why my sister had such feelings.
At the same time, I became sad.

It’s natural because a strange little girl is in the house without permission, her parents’ house after a long absence. Furthermore, the little girl comes out of her little brother’s room, of course, she will feel suspicious.
Even she is my big sister, but she’s also a woman, and it’s reasonable for her to be scared.

More than that, the little girl’s appearance closely resembles the character of her younger brother that he sees on a daily basis in the game, she will surely be afraid.

I know.

I know, but I can’t control the vortex of emotions that are coming in.
I couldn’t explain anything to my sister
The saltwater was about to overflow from my eyes.

「Ta… Taru…?」(Shin)

However, thanks to the words that my sister suddenly gave me, I was able to recover at the last minute.

「Uhm… the in-game Taru is here now, in other words, aren’t you Taro?」(Shin)

Then, she mumbles and asks herself. She is staring at me as if there is a hole.

Then my sister stood up and approached me, step by step.

「I have a question, Taru」(Shin)

My sister lowers her knees, adjusts the height of her eyes to reassure the young child, and asks in a soft tone.

I was so happy that my sister decided that the little girl in front of her was “me” even before asking a question. I couldn’t stop the liquid from coming out of my eyes and nose.

I was really afraid to face my big sister before but now I have a feeling of gratitude that cannot be expressed in words.
And I haven’t cried silently since I confessed to Akane Miyanouchi before.

So, I have cried twice in just ten days and so on.
Still, this time it wasn’t misery, sadness, or regret. The saltwater came from the feeling of pure joy, so I looked back at my sister without worrying about it.

「What… is… it, Aneki?」(Taru)

The voice, that I could finally speak out, was trembling.
But I think those words should have reached my sister’s ears.

「Taru in my memory is taller…
No, there might be something weird… but I don’t really care」(Shin)

Her words are crisping as if were caught of with something

My sister may be desperately pondering her thoughts so as not to get confused.

It’s a mystery that I can calmly look at my sister’s appearance.

Perhaps because she had seen my unfortunate appearance to the point where I can’t help it anymore.

Even though that’s how my sister is, I’m impressed that she can respond calmly without panicking.

「As I always said…
Taru is cute, of course, but that is that.
According to my memory, Taru must have been a boy but is that memory of mine a mistake?」(Shin)

As expected, my sister uttered some confusing lines.


挿絵(By みてみん)


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  1. Your memory is indeed a mistake Taru is always a beautiful silver haired Loli , Aneki.
    The Male Shuntaro is just your fantasy of wanting a lilium brother.
    Thanks for the Chapter

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  2. “T.N: One more Taru chapter is coming in the later day (because this chapter is short, 1950 words)”
    coming in the later day? What exactly does that mean? A new chapter later today? A new chapter coming tomorrow? A new chapter coming at a later date? The ‘later day’ is some kind of event and the chapter is coming out in that day?


  3. “in the later day”
    Might I ask what this means?
    Like I just learned last week that fortnight means 14 days, instead of the “night” after tomorrow.

    Or is it just written wrong?

    Super stoked about the next chapter


  4. Thanks for the chapter.

    (T.N: Don’t ask me, the raws have the word “apartment” there when it’s supposed to be his home) <- language variant barrier; what japanese people mean with "apartment" is each one of the living units within an "apartment complex", so it would be equivalent toa "flat" or a "condo": a living unit with several rooms, often including bathroom and kitchen that's part of a bigger building with multiple such units.


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